Monday, 31 December 2012

Whole30 ROUND 2! Day 31

Here it is! The interview with the husbie about his Whole30 adventure. We were both successful and 100% compliant for our adventure. He is lengthening his Whole30 to a Wholewhatever (basically whenever he leaves for work). I had fun doing the interview but not transcribing the damn thing and doing the interview made me realize that we could do a pretty funny podcast or whatever the hell those things are called he has such a lovely deep voice and he sounds quite Canadian at times (although I don't think he said "eh" at any point during the interview). Anything in * * is my notes on what was going on in the interview or a clarification of something he said and the whole thing is verbatim. So without further ado, the interview.


MVJ: Just so you know, you are on record and anything you say can and will be used on my blog.

Husbie: great

MVJ: So, give the people an idea of what your diet was before starting your Whole30

Husbie: One word says crap, otherwise... I was working out of town for 2 months that said I was eating lots of fast food primarily A&W and restaurants like Smitty's in fact I was eating lunch at Smitty's everyday....greasy ass eggs and bacon and I was getting rye toast with butter, it was never dry...anyway

MVJ: And what were you drinking?

Husbie: Oh I was going through I would say the equivalent of 4 litres-ish of pop in a week ummm and I was probably going through about 7 large double doubles in a week as well as water would have been maybe a litre of water a day... maybe.

MVJ: So it's fair enough to say that you were doing the Standard American Diet?

Husbie: Sure...but I'm Canadian

MVJ: right

Husbie: I don't give a shit about them Americans *he's lying, love you America!*

MVJ: Did you have any preconceived notions about what the Whole30 was? I mean I kinda forced it on you but...

Husbie: I don't know if I would say preconceived, I just was pissed I came home and all my shit I had bought was I didn't really have a....I had a choice but I didn't really have a choice so....I didn't really have any views on it. You were slowly hinting to me about it before I came home after about me being gone for a month that things were going to changing around here so.

MVJ: What was the hardest thing for you to give up?

Husbie: Uhhhh control...control over just not being able to freely eat anything that I wanted like...I mean I love veggies right, I used to take upwards of like 4lb of vegetables a day for lunch when I was working in town so veggies have never been really been a concern so that at least is good but giving up control...sugar, loosing it obviously sucks, like all sweeteners but...

MVJ: What was the easiest thing to give up?

Husbie: *munches his salad thoughtfully* I dunno...I wouldn't say anything was really easy...yeah

MVJ: What things were helpful for you or what could you have not been successful without?

Husbie: Mayo

MVJ: Mayo....ok....anything else?

Husbie: Celestial Tea *he means compliant Celestial Seasonings teas*. The teas helped me transition from pop and get me off of it. Whenever I felt the need for something flavourful I went to  he herbal tea and I drank a lot of it but for me it satisfied the crave like I could.. even right now I could even  feel Pepsi going down my throat and it being a good thing even though I know it's not but like whenever I got that kind of a feeling I would have hafta...I would hafta have a tea...tea saved me as far as sugary beverages go.

MVJ: You really seem to have internalized a lot of the science and the psychology of the Whole30 so what is "Sex With Your Pants On"?

Husbie: You're not supposed to quiz me were just supposed to ask questions....not quiz and test and give me a final passing mark *munches more salad* Enjoying something like from your old style like pancakes made with...uhhhhh....I guess there's...Is there dairy in pancakes? *pauses* Well there is definitely wheat or grains of some anyway...but like taking...oh what did that person say? *pauses* something about eggs..... and bacon or something like that and mixing it together *he is getting confused about a conversation on paleo-ified pancakes on the forum* and it is basically working out to pancakes *pauses* it''s bad *laughes* cuz it...what you're doing is're not really defeating anything you're just morphing a new meal into your old stuff so when you go off your "Whole30" quotations the haven't really fixed anything you are still eating the same food, you're just not having sugar.

MVJ: A+...What are some of the changes you have experienced? Be it physical or mental

Husbie:  Oh I wouldn't say anything mental *bowl scrapping, salad finishing* heartburn is to date I'm uhhhh...what day am I? 29 or 30?

MVJ: 30

Husbie: so on Day 30 I haven't had heartburn once, where as before it was regular ocurance at least twice a day sometimes it was more than that I would to go through a lot of Tums, extra strength...lots of them. My headaches are almost completely gone and those were pretty, pretty regular... now I just think that I'm not drinking enough water and that's why I'm not...that's why the headaches are here when they come. I think...I can count them there were at least 3 occurances, that I've been on that I've had a headache, but that's fine.

MVJ: 3 headaches since you've been on a Whole30?

Husbie: yes

MVJ: Ok. What would you have...What is your advice for others beginning a Whole30?

Husbie; HA! *laughs* get ready to spend some money! *laughs again* I was...I was warned that by Day 21 to 25 life is going to suck basically. Unfortunately I didn't I didn't go through that *I think he meant fortunately*. I didn't struggle with that, my struggle was on day 1 and 2 or it was day 2 and 3 but those were by far the worst. After that it's pretty much been, I've been the same...I had maybe around maybe day 9 a bit of a sluggish but whatever. The basic gist is like anything else, if you want to do it, just do it. When you go through your downs.... I mean you're not the only one and remember why you're doing. If I had caved I would have caved on day 2 so far that had been my worst day so...I got nothing else to say.

MVJ: Awww I love you mushmush. Thank you hubbie for sharing your experience with me and the MVJ Diaries readers. I love you and I'm so proud of you.

Husbie: Thank you...can I have a Halls now?


Watch tomorrow for my "Best of 2012" post where I recap all the best crap that happened, I did or bought in 2012.

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  1. I did a Whole 30 in September. I think for me it was around day 7 that was the worst - reality kinda set in. All the sudden I realized 'I have to cook this much' 'eat eggs this much' etc and I wasn't feeling any better. It wasn't day 17 or so that I really started feeling better.

    And oh, the money! Who knew organic, grass fed, etc is so expensive.

    I'm starting a Whole 60 on Jan 4.