Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Whole30: Day 11

Alright so you know that I always keep shit real with y'all (and not in the "I'm a bitch way but I am going to hide behind the facade of keeping it real so I can be a bully kinda way")...the realness? I hate that picture of me on the right hand side of the blog. The first time I came back to this blog after abandoning it for yoga, I was actually shocked at how I looked in that picture.

Like most chicks I have spots that I hate on my body (keeping it real: my arms and my stomach) and I am unfortunately still using those maybe not so lovely parts to keep measuring my progress. I still don't have a 6-pack and I am slowly coming to the realization that genetics are huge part of this and that I will mostly likely never have a 6-pack. Does this mean I am a disgusting blob like I have been telling myself through all the negative self talk in my head? No it doesn't. Does it mean that I haven't been working my ass off and being so diligent and compliant? No it doesn't. But despite the fact that I can fit into my long buried size 4 lulus and medium sized baby ts, I am still squeezing the flesh under my arm and using that to determine my health and my worth. I don't want to anymore. I want this lifestyle to be about more than that. I am working towards wholly loving ALL of me...the great parts (keeping it real: I have fucking amazing legs) and the parts that maybe aren't so great in my eyes. I am no where near full love and acceptance but I am working on it.

I took this picture yesterday at the gym...not the greatest and those shorts lay weird but are great for working out in. Random people are noticing the changes in me. A middle aged lady at the gym who hadn't seen me for a few weeks said "You are starting to look really FIT"....FIT! not skinny! I was beaming!

I owe a large chunk of my success to the Whole30 but where I think this all came from...well before yoga...was going to see someone, to lay on the couch in the summer and talk. Having the courage there-dare I say- changed my life. I had been hiding and not dealing with a lot of things and when I had the courage to finally "let go" by talking to my awesome psychologist (I am blowing up all the stigmas of mental health here...admitting you need to talk to someone is NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS but rather a sign of strength) things just started to melt away. And because life is awesome like that, about a month after seeing the good doctor (as I call him) yoga came into my life. So sweetly, perfectly and innocently and I latched on like a hungry baby. I made time for yoga and yoga made time for me. Then a few months into my yoga journey the Whole30 came back around to me. The first time it came around I was not in the proper mental state so I of course thought it was ludacris ludicrous but when it came around the second time, the timing was right, my mental state was good so it was perfect. Life is funnyawesome like that.

FOOD PICTURE! A shrimp and spinach scramble topped with chopped tomatoes and fresh ground pepper....I did NOT eat this, this was husbie's lunch

Start panicking only 15 14 days until Christmas. Husbie and I never buy for each other so I am done SUCKAS! My mama is coming into town for Christmas and that is the best gift ever since she lives so far away and I haven't seen her in almost 2 years!!

At the grocery store I picked up some liverwurst just to gross myself out with all the creepy ingredients... yucky! I see 4...FOUR! different kinds of sugar in this (glucose, honey, dextrose, sugar vanillin)  I'll keep my homemade delicious pate thank you very much.

TRIPE!! "They don't expect us to swallow that tripe do they?" (bonus points for getting the reference)

I made poultry bone broth. We had a chicken on Sunday...no pictures of it because the chicken finished cooking when I was at yoga so husbie dealt with it then and only realized I probably wanted a picture of it AFTER he had stripped the carcass..I didn't want to just waste the carcass so I made up a quick chicken bone broth. If you are doing a fowl bone broth DO NOT cook it for as long as a beef one. The fat in poultry is high in PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids...not the good kinda fat) and those PUFAs are broken down much more quickly than the saturated fats in beef. You don't want to eat compromised fats so I only cooked it for 12 hours. I did everything else the same though (vinegar, veggies, spices etc.)

Finished broth was about the color of green tea and it tasted super bland to me. After drinking rich, meaty bone broths this just lacked all the kick I love in a bone broth, but I am still drinking it.

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