Sunday, 23 December 2012

Whole30: Day 23

GRRRRRRR! Today has been awful. I don't know if it is the approximate Day 21-25 "sugar extinction" phase or if I am overly PMS-y or a really shitty combination of the 2 but I have felt mega snacky all day. Doing the W30, I eat 3 time a day now and I can go looooong stretches between food where as before I was a weepy messy after 2 hours of not eating. I guess this means that I am fat adapted now (your body is SUPPOSED to run on fat, not sugar). But today for some reason ALL THE SUGARS called to me, whispered sexysexy sweet (ba dum chhh) nothings to me. This paleo warrior OF COURSE held fast and firm and didn't cave...come on...y'all didn't think I would cave on Day 23 did you? I have a serious iron will now and I am in control of my own life. I didn't snack but I did eat some extra mayo, like an extra tablespoon... don't judge. I think the next couple days will feel like this....this is just my hunch. It will suck but it will be ok and I will keep on keepin' on rolling into the second quadrant of my adventure.

We are going to my SIL's for Christmas dinner so we are bring all our own food. I love what one forum member says "failing to plan is planning to fail". So I am going in with a plan....a huge cooler bag full of our own food. My SIL is a red seal chef but not paleo so I do not expect her to know the fine nuances of W30 cuisine and I also don't expect her to cater to just us. I do know she has been making danties....I fucking love danties of all kinds and could eat a whole tray to myself....scratch that....I USED to be able to eat a whole tray of danties to myseslf, not anymore...patient old sugar dragon you are slowly starving and I am slowly regaining all control MUHUHAHAHA SUCK IT! We are cooking a whole heritage chicken we got from the new meat store, tons of veggies, nuts and Perrier (fancy ass!). There is no reason for any kind of "accidental slip up" when I am planning to succeed Christmas Day or no Christmas Day.

My Mama is in town FINALLY! She spent 2 days driving to get here and she arrived safe and sound last was a big sigh of relief when I got the phone call from her last night saying she was here. I have so many loved ones traveling on the road this holiday season and I worry about crazy irresponsible drivers. Miss Em is headed back home to the West coast so I am wishing her safe travels and K.P is driving out to see her parents in small town Manitoba.

My mom's partner wanted to go to TRU to spoil the beasts...of course he did. I happened upon this awesome display in the dino section. I swear I didn't do this but I totally could have.


Oh my, the poor old Smurfy

All the T-Rexs in the line up were noming on some poor creature. Someone was bored in the dino section and I was very amused.

After TRU 2 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS (yes, we might be insane) we hit up the massive chain grocery store to produce shop since we usually shop on Wednesday, I am not insane enough to go out on Boxing Day food shopping. It was crazy like I expected but we got it done. I found some "interesting" preserved duck eggs. I have shopped at this chain grocery forever and my parents shopped here too when I was little so I remember these from waaaay back and I always thought they were creepy. That of course is all cultural. I am sure they are tasty al beit and acquired taste. I bet they also have creepies in them.

I roasted some brussel sprouts for dinner last night. Lots of people don't like these but I think they are good. I bought them to make brussel sprout chips but never got around to it so I had to roast em up before they went funky. I just coated them in tallow, a little s&p then tossed them in the Breville.

More roasted sweet potatoes. Part of my routine is to peel, chop and roast a sweet potato or 2 in the morning so there is always a bowl of cooked sweet potato in the fridge for lazy easy meals. Lots of people complain about the food prep aspect of the W30...duh, you are supposed to be eating real food...real food requires prep, stop bitchin' and get in the kitchen (haha I'm awesome)

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