Sunday, 2 December 2012

Whole30: Day 2

I am happy to report that day 1 was a total success! I feel great and focused. I should note that I don't intend to feel "carb-flu" or like "kill all the things" because I slowly changed my diet over the course of a month and I stopped drinking cows milk years ago (icky!). Most people on the Whole30 go from a SAD (standard American accronym EVER!) to the Whole30 which is a massive shock to ones systems if you have even moderately been consuming grains and dairy, not to mention everyone's favourite legal crack  INCLUDING MY OWN....SUGAR! Oh and caffiene...which isn't specifically banned on the Whole30 but I gave up coffee a month ago (Tim Horton's you are going to be significantly poorer) and now only drink plain green or black tea occasionally. I drink herbal tea like it is going out of style.

I'll admit that I was slightly stressed out yesterday but not for Whole30 reasons rather, the husbie has been working out of town for almost 2 months and his return home yesterday just kept getting delayed and pushed back and I was asleep by the time he got home so that was stressing and bugging me out. But he is thankfully home for good now AND I *might* have him convinced to start his Whole30 today but of course it is totally his choice...or the illusion of choice since I do all the food shopping and the cooking and threw out or gave away everything that wasn't compliant. If he does decide to do it he will be going from a SAD (working out of town and living in a hotel = bad food choices) so I will extra mindful of how much harder it will be for him if he does choose to do it.

Morning bone broth warming on the stove. I freeze one cup portions in mini mason jars (leave about an inch off the top to allow to freezing expansion) then pull one out of the freezer for the next day as I heat up the day's broth. Very good system, no wasting and spoilage. One crockpot lasts me about a week.

My standard breakfast...I might just stop taking pictures of it because I am pretty sure I will eat this every single day for breakfast because it's fast and easy. One thing I will note: this was 3 cups of food NOT including the avocado and that is too much food. It took me a long time to get hungry again which isn't really smart. I didn't feel like eating again until mid-afternoon so I need to be mindful of portion size simply for hunger cues. I want to make it clear that there is NO counting, sizing and manditory portion control on Whole30, you eat as much as you want when you want but eating like this for awhile has made me more intuitive and I know that this breakfast was about a cup over what I need to keep my hunger cues coming at appropriate intervals. That said, I ate it all and felt full but not stuffed. I never get that stuffed feeling anymore just content and full because I am eating food that sends the appropriate signals to my brain.

I slacked with my camera yesterday because the stressing about husbie had me in a funk but I am out of it now that he is home safe so lots of pictures tomorrow and he is my prep cook in the kitchen doing the veggie washing, dishwasher loading all the crappy stuff that I hate doing on top of cooking and everything else. And since he is home, the good laptop is home with the Grinch on it so I am feeling festive and want to put the tree up while watching all my Christmas cartoons.

Now since I feel bad for short changing y'all on pictures here are a bunch from my very very massive archives that stretch back over 4 years. These are all the things I am missing now that the snow is on the ground.

*sigh* I love fall

This is the cornerstone of a really old church they are turning into condos. On the other side of Love there is a stone that says and trust, 2 important corner stones.

Local, picked by me berries...tiny berries, want to NOM

I love this picture and actually husbie took it, this was loooong before we ever owned the big mama jama but still a Canon...always a Canon

Farmer's market produce haul...these pictures are waaaay old since it appears to be in the kitchen in the old house...the counter space you see was literally all the counter space I had only about a square metre. I am getting all drooly just looking at these pictures of delicious local veggies.

' won't ever see me cooking with tomatoes...I hate tomatoes, always have,  I try them often just to make sure that I still dislike them. The rest of my household...tomato fiends!

These berries are Saskatoons and they only grow here and only for a very brief couple week window in July. I love love love these berries so much. They are kind of like a cross between a blueberry and a blackberry but not really sweet.

I love asparagus despite the smelly pee

I am missing the cabin!

The eensyweensyteenytiny wild strawberries that grow on the back of the property

This is one on my favorite pictures of Uncle Hutch, sitting on the beaver dam cleaning his riffle like a good Canadian redneck, this just now reminds me that I printed this picture off with the intention to give it to him and never did...Hmmm, I wonder where it is? (as always no Photoshop EVER on any of my pictures, these are all the special fun settings on the baby camera)

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  1. Your comments about tomatoes made me laugh. I do the same with watermelon every year, just to see if I still don't like it. Year 54 and still counting. I don't like watermelon!