Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Whole30: Day 4

Woohoo 3 days down and doing great. Husbie, 2 days in and doing great too. I am so so proud of him for doing so good despite his "symptoms" of headaches, cravings and feeling blah. He is going for his own BIA today to get his stats. Confession: we don't own a scale, we never have, so these tests are waaaay better than just weighing yourself since they give you all this crazy data that reflects so much more than the actual numbers on a scale. The number on the scale can't tell you body composition, it can't tell you that your pants are looser, it can't tell you that you are sleeping better, your allergies have improved, your hair is shinier, you have more energy.

Picture this....you do a Whole30 and you start at say 150lbs and when you step on the scale at the end you are STILL 150lbs. If someone told you that would stay the same weight as when you started you would probably not want to undertake something where the number on the scale didn't budge. BUT if you got a BIA and it showed that you went from 7% lean body mass to 13% lean body mass with a corresponding drop in body fat % I bet you would be pretty darn happy even if the number on the scale was the same. You can also take measurements and before pictures as a great marker of progress. The scale just continues to keep us locked into unhealthy patterns. Hell, you could take a 5lb shit and be lighter but all you did was empty your bowels. The scale doesn't know the difference between a turd and your muffin top.

Better ways to measure progress than your overall mass as dictated by a square electronic device:

- How do your clothes fit?  I have/had a large box of clothes that I had become to big for. After doing yoga for a month I started to try the on clothes. Even if they didn't fit at that time I still had a bit of a marker ("this hoodie almost zips up" or  "I can at least get these pants over my ass even if they don't zip up"). I would try the clothes on every couple weeks or every month. I now can fit into that box of clothes (which is awesome since it was full of some of favourite clothes) and some are actually too big!

- How do you feel? Are you sleeping better? Waking easier? Is that nagging pain in your knee/shoulder/back starting to go away or is it gone? When your body is healthy these things are all a natural by-product and better indicators of overall health than number of mass. Husbie just mentioned he doesn't feel bloated anymore, he hasn't had heartburn, no gas...out either end. This is HUGE for him in just a few days (and truth be told his stomach is basically flat now...asshole :)

- If you are doing a Whole30, how are your cravings? At the beginning they are going to be bad but they will get better over time. How is your relationship with food? Are you still turning to a bag of M&M's when you are stressed? (we were big M&M fans in this house)

- If you work out are you lifting more? Running faster? Able to get into a yoga position you couldn't before? (I can get into 3 that I can think of off the top of my head that I couldn't in the beginning) Even if you don't work out...are you still winded when you climb the stairs? Maybe the grocery bags or your toddler don't feel as heavy. Do you generally just have more energy? Those are all very good indicators of health.

- For ladies...hip to waist ratio. Google it and you can find easy calculators where you put in your waist and hip measurements and you get your ratio. The hip to waist ratio is a much better measure of health than say a BMI. Grab a soft tape measure or even a piece of string (dental floss would even work!) and measure yourself.

Enough of that...check out this cutie I saw on the way to yoga

Carrot nose, olive eyes...love it!

He was a snow-dino built on a tiny tiny patch of lawn outside an apartment building

What is this? HOMEMADE MA-YO-NAISSE! So freaking easy and so freaking tasty. If you're not lazy stop buying mayo and make your own! (yes it has raw eggs in it if you are big vagina about those things)

Perfect, delicious and one week's worth of mayo. Yup, this container only lasts a week, eating full fat mayo and still gettin' slim. On tuna salad, on egg salad, on a spoon right out of the jar I heart mayo!

We got some new teas on the suggestion of some lovely ladies. The Bengal Spice came highly recommended. I fucking hate it, husbie loves it. It tastes like those little red hearts which I have never liked even as a kid.

Non-creepy ingredients

Sleepy tea...I had a crap sleep last night and the husbie slept for 9.5 hours...he drank the tea, I didn't.


More non-creepies


 And a peppermint which is uber minty!

I am all over that ingredient list!

Bone broth round 3! I liked the flavour of my first broth the best so I went back to the simple version. A simple broth is a good broth...it's a good thing (do I have to pay royalties if I say that?)

Check out who was keeping a watchful eye!!

I signed up to be a model in a charity fantasy hair show in January. I am super excited. I have done about 6 or 7 hair shows in my day. It's always long hours but always a fun time and I love getting my hairs did by professionals fo' free!! We even got measured for costumes/outfits. EXCITED!

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  1. I am so gonna try the Sleepytime Tea. I have suck-ass nights sleep unless I'm TOTALLY EXHAUSTED. Sorry you didnt like the Bengal Spice tea. I LURVE those lil cinnie hearts so yeah... You need to post the recipe for yo ma-yo! Sharing is caring!! Who is hosting the hair show??