Thursday, 13 December 2012

Whole30: Day 13

Close to the 30 half way mark....woopwoop! I am feeling awesome, clear headed and strong. Physically I still have a few scattered itchy bumps and husbie has started to have a few spring up so I am almost 100% sure that they are itchy little detox bumps, nothing major just something I noticed. I have almost felt a little sleepier these past few days.  I laid down to have a nap yesterday afternoon and was almost out when the mailman knocked....ain't that some shit. Needless to say (is in fact needless to say...) there was no napping of which to speak.

It's still freezing out here and I am of course still yogaing it up. I walk to the studio every time I go. It's about a 2k round trip which means looooots of bundling and layers now. This my yoga gangsta look. Keeping it real: my winter coat is too big for me. I have to wear more layers underneath to not be cold because it's too loose which is sad because I love my winter coat, it was a gift from husbie many winters ago. I also NEVER wear mitts, ever...even in -40 I just don't do mitts of any kind.

Sweet yoga goodness! Check out this offer... I can bring 2 people in for free yoga every time I go from Dec.15-26th....*squeee* this means Miss Em, my mama and a few others I have my eye on will be hitting the mat for the first time (p.s the man at the bottom of the poster is doing a vinyasa sequence...downward dog to core plank to chattarunga to updog....we did 30 24 repetitions of that flow sequence on my 30th bday yoga class)

While I was at the yin class the other day (YIN is a non-heated class...Moksha is hot yoga but different than Bikram...yin is in the non-heated room and it is a long hold class, meaning you hold poses for up to 5 minutes with aids...aids can be bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets and foam pads. Moksha is an Iyengar derived form of yoga which uses props/aids to help you get into the right position if you are not currently flexible enough to do so. In yin everyone uses the props/aids help you hold the positions "comfortably" for long periods of time.) so when I was at yin...and I only go to one specific instructors class because I love her style...we were getting into a long hold of lizard pose

(this is lizard pose)

and she came over and scooted my foot WAAAY forward and said gently "you should be working on your splits"...huh? ME? splits? I was so happy and proud of myself. I am never offended when my form is corrected or an instructor pushes me a little further. They are they to help and have been watching my practice grow for months now. If she thinks I can and should go further, I will!

STREET ART! I carry the baby camera all the time but it gets so dark so fast and it's so freaking cold I am usually just walking my buns as fast as I can but these manatees are new within in the week. Brave street artists braving the cold. I am surprised their wheat paste stuck in the minus a million.

This is on the other side of the telephone booth as the manatees, BEEF is a common one I see around. There is obviously much less street art in the winter, I can't wait until the summer when I can ride Drake around freely taking pictures of street art.

When only your eyes poke out and you use your breath to keep your face warm, tiny ice crystals form on your scarf, toque ('s a Canadian thing) and your eye lashes...and your nose gets snotty too.

Then MORE snow fell over night, like another half a foot...yay just what we needed *sarcasm font*

The creek that runs by the special meats store, Wednesday is meat day.

Part of lunch...look at this most perfect avocado! So beautiful, then I NOM'ed it...the whole damn thing...

I bought some coconut waters to try. You probably won't see many of the hilarious installments of us trying weird stuff because we don't really eat anything that comes out of package anymore, but there were 2 different coconut waters at the grocery store I picked em up to try em. Husbie modeling the waters.

Giving it the old sniff test, it doesn't really smell like anything not even coconut...CoCo Libre was the first one we tried

The sip

Ewwwwww....look at his crazy hairs

Meeeehhh...we were both not crazy on this one, it has a distinct taste but it doesn't really taste like weird

The Zico was up next...a large case of Zico was the reason I wanted to try out the coconut waters to see if we liked them. Look at him reading the label like a good Paleo monkey....READ YOUR DAMN LABELS PEOPLE!

The agreement was that the Zico has "a much more rich flavour" (to quote husbie the foodie) than the Coco Libre BUT both were just meh and I will not be buying this again (bone broth simmering away in the crockpot behind the Zico)

DRAGON FRUIT!! My red seal chef SIL said that it would taste like a certainly kinda looks like the innards of a kiwi...don't eat the outer rind were her instructions to me.

Ground meat for dinner

I was inspired by all the food chatter on the Whole9 forums so I made deviled eggs! Hollowed eggs and I love these tiny tiny pans that I bought when I got the Breville and they are the perfect tiny size.

The devil in egg form...topped with HOMEMADE BACON bits, paprika and chives....Martha ain't got nothing on me bitch!

*sigh* the light in the kitchen is awful and it confuses the camera hence why the eggs appear to be 2 different colors...the real color is somewhere between the two.

These little thingies were in the inside of red pepper that had a bunch of little baby peppers growing on the inside. I loved the color fade.

Our Christmas tree still isn't decorate and I have all my out of town Christmas cards to send. Normally I am so on the Christmas cards but this will be latest I have ever sent them out...hopefully the out of town ones get there before the 25th.

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