Sunday, 30 December 2012

Whole30: DAY 30 *happy dance*

VICTORY IS MINE!!! I don't think it's a bit premature to celebrate my 30 (or the 1/3rd of the way point in this W100 adventure). It's not like I will be face planting in Mt.Dew, Funyuns and donuts tomorrow. This is just my chance to be proud and recap my Whole30 because tomorrow y'all will be getting the husbie's success story (I am so excited to interview him, he really is a funny guy...if you know him IRL, you're lucky). I have decided to do my BIA at the end of my Whole100. I wish I could do one now but you I don't even know where I could weigh myself. I am curious but honestly, it doesn't really matter how much I weigh. Whole30 isn't about weight loss...which a concept that seems to be completely lost on all the fatties that have made their way over the forum. People listing their goals with weight loss being the #1 goal...not health...not an improved relationship with food, but weight loss. Whole30 isn't a diet, it is a complete lifestyle overhaul. People doing it just to drop pounds or fit into jeans are the same people that will post "WOE IS ME...I back slid right after my Whole30 and now I am eating shit again" treated it like a diet not a permanent lifestyle change and thought you could have "X" in moderation. All those failures show that there is no such thing as moderation as most people just end up binging their faces off what was the point of working hard for 30 days just to go back to your old unhealthy ways? Oh right...because all you wanted to do was be skinny, not healthy.

So without further slander of most of the population....


Why I was Sucessful:

- I was successful because I was conscious of EV-ER-Y-THING! To me the basis of a W30 is consciousness. Every.single.time a hand with food or drink goes to your mouth you should be thinking "Am I hungry?" "What is in this?" "Is this a good food choice?" Consciousness and responsibility, 2 sides of the same coin. This is your life....person up!!!

- I was successful because I didn't abuse nuts and fruit. This might be the single biggest problem I see with W30ers...binging on "compliant junk food" just because nuts and fruit are compliant doesn't mean they still can't be food without brakes. I think they are HEAVILY abused and really should only be eaten sparingly. Eating fruit when you are craving sugar is doing nothing to change your relationship with food. You are just replacing something bad with something compliant which is not what a W30 is about.

- I was successful because I went in with a plan. I wanted to change my life so I did, I didn't wait until a month long parade of shit food was over, I just fucking did it AT THE HARDEST TIME OF THE YEAR! fuck yeah there were cravings but I dealt with them like a fucking boss instead of caving like a bitch and letting shit food win

- I was successful because I didn't make excuses...not a one. You either find a way or your find excuses ("I don't have time to _______", "I don't have the money to ________, "I could never give up ______" excuses excuses excuses)

- I was successful because I made this priority #1 in my life...not convenience, not partying, not holiday shit. This was always priority #1

- I was successful because I did it as an overall health and lifestyle change...not some "kick" or fad

- I was successful because I planned and planned and planned

- I was successful because I read fucking the fuckers!

- I was successful because I knew what to look for while reading those labels. Going in without knowledge or a plan is a sure fire way to fail fail fail hard. I don't fail. Make a plan or as a smart lady once said "failing to plan, is planning to fail"

- I was successful because I found my tribe, my supportive community of like minded individuals. This doesn't exists IRL for me so I found it elsewhere (love you paleo interwebz fam!)

- I was successful because all the people closest to me switched over as well. I had the loving support of my husband who was also very successful and I switched our whole family.

- I was successful because my motivation and will power is strong. That shit comes from within. You can't buy it, you can't borrow it, you need to nut up. I didn't eat "a tiny bit" of something just to spare someone's feelings. STOP BEING A PEOPLE PLEASER. No one will die if you say no to something.

Happy Changes:

- Decreased cravings for shit food...they still happen but they are few and far between and I know how to deal with them...nothing controls me but me

- I eat 3 only times a day and can go long stretches between meals

- One of my goals was to eat at the table more, I am a "counter eater" and I have been successful at eating at the table more often (still needs work, but I am on it)

- I eat tons but never ever have I felt that stuffed full fat pants feeling...not once, just happy full even if I have eaten slightly more than I should have.

- I look forward to my morning shot of coconut oil instead of needing to dip fruit in it or cringing as I take the shot

- I am in ketosis most of the time now...horray for running on fat!

- I have slayed the caffeine beast. Tim Horton's is a thing of the past and green and black teas will only be occassionals. The only caffeine I consume now is the small amount in my 3oz daily glass of 'booch. This is amazing considering I was T-Ho's addict.

- I am well on my way to slaying my sugar dragon and I have come to the realization that sugar is a drug for me. I am a sugar addict and I will always be. There is no room in my diet for sugary treats, not even "in moderation" (I have talked about how "in moderation" is a crock of shit)

- Being waaaay more in tune with my body....this helped me realize that nuts are no good for me

- I have seriously branched out on the foods me and my family eat. Organ meat and bone broth are staples in this very happy, healthy paleo house.

- I am slim slim approaching buff skinny. Not my intention but definitely a result. I am a 26-27 waist in jeans and an extra small in yoga shorts. Clothes that were too small are now too big!
Things that were different for me:

These aren't failures just things that I experienced differently than most on a Whole30

- The rage monster...I have mentioned this before but an unexpected side effect of MY W30 was unleashing a rage monster. This is not typical just what I experienced. I know that I need to move myself vigorously twice a day to keep it in the cage.

- Sleep...Most people report a vastly improved sleep. Me, not so much. I do get about a 4 hour uninterrupted stretch now but that's it. The only time I sleep like a baby is when I swim for 75 minutes before bed (I cannot WAIT for my pool to reopen)

- Nuts...nuts and me are not friends.They make me feel bloated, gross and "heavy". I only eat a small portion of nuts maybe once every 2 weeks.

- skin did not get better or worse. Hot yoga gives me all the benefits that others report on a W30, dewy, glowing...whatever the hell those things mean.

- Hunger cues...I am only ever hungry in the morning, after that I know that I need to eat around noon-ish and then dinner-ish but I never feel physical hunger cues past my morning ones. I thought at the beginning when my hormones sorted themselves out that the hunger cues would come on appropriately, they do not. This is fine I just need to remember to eat (sounds nutters, I know!)

This is all I can think of right now. I am super pleased with my 100% compliant Whole30 and I am looking forward to really feeling the magic in the coming months.


  1. I thought I saw some rage when I was reading your posts. I hope this does not happen to me. I am waiting for approval from my insurance company. I have to get approval for any 'diets' or changes in my eating habits as I am a diabetic, have been since I was 9. Hereditary.

    I like reading your posts, well most of the time, but sometimes your choice of words make my toes curl. Being from Utah I am not used to hearing it and reading it very much.

    I am single so won't have to convert anyone to my changes (crossing fingers that it is approved). Should hear in early to middle January. Until then I continue with my exercise and yoga and also with my approved diet right now.

    I am looking forward to reading your husband's take. Hopefully he is upfront and doesn't *sugar* coat it for you.

  2. Interesting thing about hunger cues eh? When I'm at work I am hungry when it's approaching lunch (1pm) and when I get home. If I am off work on holidays, I'm pretty sure I would never eat past breakfast because I don't think about it. It's funny what a clock does to your brain.

  3. Hi Tabitha!

    Sometimes I think I should put a cuss word advisory on the blog, honestly I don't really think about it, I type like I talk...oops! Not a lot of Mormons in Canadialand.

    I hope you get your green light to Whole30 it up and watch for husbie's interview tomorrow (he cusses less than me ;)