Sunday, 16 December 2012

Whole30: Day 16 (bison heart)

So much to talk about! Grab a tea or a bone broth and settle in lovers. First in happy news...well it's happy to me...I shook my wedding ring off! 4 good shakes when my hands are cold and the ring comes flying off! That is totally crazypants!!! What is also crazypants...or crazy shorts....I had to buy new shorts for yoga, old medium sized ones are waaaaay to big....this is the tag off the shorts I bought.

Ex-squeeze me?? baking powder... EXTRA FUCKING SMALL?! WHAT THE FUCK BALLS? Yes I am wearing extra small shorts. I am actually flabbergasted. I also LOVE the Joe yoga short from Superstore more than the lulu boogie shorts (crazy right, I love lulu!). They just fit better and are awesomely cheap....EXTRA FUCKING SMALL....crappity.

So with my new shorts on I went to a special yoga class yesterday...a 90 minute Freedom Flow class with one of the owners of the studio. It was an amazing class that had live music....yes live music in a hot yoga class...a lady with a beautiful voice and an acoustic guitar playing things like Bob Marley. We had a dharma talk at the beginning about freedom (duh it was a freedom flow class) and how we can be free where ever we are. He had a few points on how we can find freedom but the one that stuck with me was freedom through discipline (acceptance and forgiveness were 2 others). Freedom through discipline really resonated with me. I feel freer and more alive that I have felt in literally years and I have the most discipline now than I ever have. This shit comes from within but so many people are stuck being mediocre.

After the yoga I had my final meeting for the year with my psychologist, Dr.H. I am working really hard to break down stigmas about mental health so I am freely admitting without any shame that I NEEDED to talk to Dr.H. I was unable to "unstuck" myself and remaining stuck kept me physically and mentally unhealthy. Having the courage to find and see Dr.H was HUGE for me. After going to see Dr.H yoga came into my life then paleo. Without the strong healthy mental foundation the yoga and paleo might not have rooted, or may have rooted but not too deep and certainly not for this long as a lasting lifestyle changes. Seeing Dr.H gave me a place to talk, to cry, to say all the things I just hadn't been able to FOR 4 FUCKING YEARS. Please...I beg all of you, if you want/need to talk to someone like Dr.H please please please do so. I feel like I have been reborn. I have lost 30lbs since I first started seeing Dr.H and I think that is no accident. When we are mentally healthy and strong everything else melts away and physical health naturally follows.

Then I took pictures of the pretty frost on everything, it looked way prettier in person and from my sweet vantage point in the sky.

I attempted a bunch of times to get a mega close up of the frost on a the branches...
Fail #1

Fail #2

Fail #3...I give up

A rusty mailbox that caught my eye...*sigh* I miss walking around outside.

Making food! These are from the other day when I got home from yoga and the whole place smelled like spaghetti sauce. Husbie made attempt #2 and it was even better than the first...super yummo and it never lasts more than a day.

I believe he is licking off a bay leaf in this picture...waste not want not.

CHUNKY! It went through the Cuisi-y after this...too many chunks for my liking but so tasty (and garlicky!)

This was dinner last night....all you big vaginas look away now if you fear organ meat...BISON HEART! Look at the valves in all their glory! Thinking organ meat is "gross" all cultural conditioning. If you think this is gross it's because you have seen it infrequently and never tried it. This things are all learned reactions. If you grew up eating heart you would think nothing of it, which is exactly what is happening in my house. Organ meat is now the norm. Oh and I wager that my house is waaaay more healthy than yours...not sayin', just sayin'.

It looked like a baby heart within the heart. This local, hormone free, antibiotic free heart at 2.5lbs was less than $6

All dressed up and ready to go! THIS is the recipe I barely all fit in my slow cooker...big ol' bison heart! And since we couldn't find compliant canned tomatoes or tomato sauce WE MADE OUR OWN. Husbie is now the king of blanching tomatoes and he says he has it down to a science...his secret is silicone tipped tongs. We used 5 tomatoes in place of the 28oz can of tomatoes and I made tomato sauce by adding water to compliant tomato paste...worked like a charm! I also *of course* since I can never follow a recipe I added 4 garlic cloves, garlic powder and omitted the tamari (still made with soy!)/aminos (hard to find here). The sauce was amazing. I saved it and froze it in 1 cup portions to use in other things. The beasts devoured this...they are organ meat fans.

Then I made the mistake of going on Pinterest to scope out recipes and BOY OH BOY was that lesson in making my blood boil....People posting pictures of their Whole30 breakfasts including pancakes and smoothies...BOTH ARE NON-COMPLIANT ASSHOLES! Even if your pancakes are made with compliant ingredients paleo-ifying your old diet and trying to squeeze it into a new box is a big fucking no no and just shows that you have no idea what the fuck you are doing or you haven't read ISWF. Smoothies are also a no no on the Whole30 EVEN IF IT'S KALE AND ALMOND MILK because liquid food isn't interpreted by the body like food you have to masticate (chew, idiots chew!). Husbie has started calling me the Whole30 police. I just don't get it, if you are going to do something, know what you are doing and do it fucking correctly because I don't want to be lumped in with idiots and pancake eating fools. Discipline as a way to freedom. I also don't eat fruit or nuts more than 3 times a week. I hate seeing people just replacing shit food with mass amounts of compliant food then wondering why they aren't "seeing the results" a.k.a losing weight. NEWFLASH (keeping it real) if you are doing this to lose weight you are treating it as a in the sense I want to fit into those jeans not *diet* as in this is the array of foods I eat. Weight loss should be a happy side effect not your preoccupation. I bet all the people who are bitching they are not losing the weight they want to (hello, 30 days can't fix a lifetime of abuse) will yo-yo back the other way within a year.

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  1. Grew up on it as a Russian but became Americanized and hard to think I ate these things... I am squeamish about all meat but this just made me want to do veggie again. i love that you guys are going for the gold though. I really like your blog, it's excellent.