Saturday, 15 December 2012

Whole30: Day 15

HALF WAY! Or actually a quarter of the way since I have decided to do a Whole60 but that is incidental right now. I am celebrating my half way mark. 100% compliance thanks to diligence and FUCKING LABEL READING...this is really starting to brass my ass. I think I will become even more angry in January when the forum is flooded with Mean Girl-esque questions like "Is butter a carb?" I understand the program is confusing but do some fucking reading on your own accord. Buy "It Starts With Food' it...READ IT AGAIN to know and internalize what the program is truly about so I don't hear your dumb asking on Day 7 if you have to start again because you "didn't know" there was sugar in your salt (yes, this happens...READ THE DAMN LABEL!) Set yourself up to be as successful as possible. I truly respect the people who have tiny "accidental slip ups" (this is a total oxymoron to me) and start again at Day 1...kudos to you proper plan following peeps!

I had my first non-compliant food dream last night. I had eaten some chocolate covered peanuts...gross! I didn't even eat those pre-paleo (now chocolate covered almonds is a different story...nomnomnom). I woke freaked out then calmed was only a dream! whew

Our Christmas tree finally got was only up for like 2 weeks before I finally hauled out the big ass Christmas box and decorated. Husbie poo pooed putting on the tinsel on the tree and that's man's work so the tree is tinsel-less which is ok. We have lots of decoration, probably enough for 2 trees so I only put on my most favourite decorations and now you get to see them (lucky y'all)

These are husbie's and mine 80s Baby's First Christmas ornaments. I love that they are so similar, I bet they came from Sears or The Bay or some shit

I made this ornament when I worked at a daycare years ago. That was the best daycare I ever worked at, they had money and they treated the employees really good.

 Because of the above ornament husbie MADE this for me 4 years ago...he made it himself following a tutorial on the web. I love stars and the fact that he hand sewed this for me *mushmush*

More handmade love! K.P made me some super cute decorations last year this snowman (the Cat in the Hat hat was a gift from a good friend years ago)

The blue and white pine cone is my favourite of the 5 she made

The funniest of the 5...a half eaten gingerbread man...bahahaha

A bow...and check out the gifts under the tree!

And of course a jolly Santa...ho ho ho

Tiny squirrel ornament, a gift from husbie

The Christmas chicken! This became a weird random tradition when the place my mom was working at awhile back had all these rubber chickens in stockings (??? so random) so now there will always be a rubber chicken (or 2!) in my tree.

This is husbie's ornament from when he was really small

This is one of my favourite decorations that was in the box of Christmas stuff when husbie and I combined a week after we met. He came home with me one night and honestly never left (his living situation was shit at the time so I wanted him with me instead of where he was)...9 years later I'd say life is good. IT'S A MUTHERFUCKING SKIING MOUSE! He can't figure out why I love it so much. He's vintage and creepycute! This guy ends up on the tree every year.

I am cooking up my bison hear today so expect a full recap of that tomorrow....Mmmm organ meat

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