Friday, 14 December 2012

Whole30: Day 14

14 days! (yeahyeah I know this post is later than normal) So is that 2 weeks or is 2 weeks tomorrow...argh...whatever 14 days fully compliant and by this point it's easy and intuitive. I know what is good and what isn't and I am grossed out by certain things that I formerly loved. I don't think I could physically drink a large double double without being sick after the first sip. Th double double is a widely accepted Canadian addiction. It's a large coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugar...but the kicker on the sugar is that it is liquid HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which goes by the much more benign name glucose-fructose in Canada but it is still the same thing with all the shitty shitty health implications attached to it. Some people especially in the construction industry can drink 3 EXTRA LARGE TRIPLE TRIPLES a day and for some of these guys this is their only liquid consumption other than beer. TERRIFYING. There is also an urban myth that they put nicotine in their coffee which is what makes it so addictive but I don't think that is the case...the HFCS is really what is addictive.

Alright enough of vilifying the modern diet. We went produce shopping and I always check out the meat for interesting things. Check out this Silkie chicken...Mmmm silkie chicken.

Head and feet intact, Buddhist exemption (whatever that means)

So I have wanted to buy some balsamic vinegar but I am concerned about the sulphites in it. Shitty brands have sulphites added afterwards but apparently the "good stuff", the sulphites are naturally occuring. The sulphites alone have me NOT buying balsamic until post Whole30 (when it doubt, leave it out!) This little bottle was $12, aged and it had a 4 leaf rating. There were other bottles with 2 and 3 leaf ratings. I think I shall be buying this bottle post Whole30 AND the same store now carries avocado oil...Ooooooo!

No mention of the sulphites being naturally occuring or if it's added in after

FREAKY POTTED MEAT! The ingredients list is terrifying and it's so bad they don't even put a nutritional label on it, you have to call a number to find out. Right beside this was those freaky little hotdogs in a can *shudder*

Mr.BunnehLuv!!! I HEART YOU! This is not new, this was just the first time I was able to get a good picture of him. This one is in a random spot that is kinda only seen from the vehicle.

My darling being silly with his load of tea...TEA WAS ON SALE SO WE BOUGHT IT ALL!! (mega bonus points for getting the reference!) It really was on sale so we really did clean them out of this flavor. This is husbie fav and we were out.

4 boxes of "tiger tea"...he drinks like 3 teas a day and this is the flavour he sticks too, creature of habit he is.

Making dinner! Apparently a slab of meat and some veg isn't good enough for husbie, he wants legit meals. I'm lazy and have no problem with a slab of meat and veg so he has taken it upon himself to scout recipes and make stuff (what a guy!) Sauteing uncured bacon and and onions.

Exactly one cup of my homemade almond flour for the recipe. A note on almond flour...acceptable Whole30 so long as it's used in a NON-PALEO-IFIED meal/recipe...making muffins, pancakes etc. with almond flour...A BIG NO-NO. In our case it and 2 eggs were the binding ingredients in.....

SWEET POTATO MEATLOAF!  I know they look at little sketchy but trust....You wanty the recipey...CLICK HERE FOR MEATY LOAVES We changed the recipe quite a bit and I am too lazy right now to give you our hack but it wasn't a complete divergence from the original...we I am in capable of following a recipe..."Don't boss me around recipe, I do what I want!!"

2 loaves a'bakin'

While dinner cooked I whipped up another batch of mayo. The 2 cup jar I make only last a week. Look at how freaking thick that ma-yo-naise is, you can see the blade outline perfectly. Homemade mayo might be my serious big win of 2012.

And then there was loaf. It smelled AH-MA-ZING!

It tasted even better. This recipe is a keeper and we have already planned out our next hack to the recipe (spoiler alert: bushing the top with tomato paste before cooking...Martha I already told you I got my eye on you!!). It made 2 perfect loaves. We ate one...just cut it in half, half for me half for husbie and we froze the other for a quick lazy easy meal. Husbie dipped his half of the loaf in tomato paste and I dipped mine in a mayo/tomato paste hybrid that tasted a lot like fry sauce (ketchup and mayo mixed together) FYI...most tomato pastes are compliant and just one ingredient...tomatoes... but any other kinds of canned tomatoes (stewed, crushed, whole) typically all have creepies in them. We couldn't find canned tomatoes in 2 different store without freakiness so we are sticking to just tomato paste and real tomatoes for recipes now.

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