Saturday, 29 December 2012

Whole30: Day 29 (on the eve of 30)

So close and so 100% compliant. I'll try to keep my smugness to myself....or not. I'm damn proud of myself and my husbie and I have no problem shouting that from the roof tops. I am already starting to feel my eye get twitchy with the impending start of the new year when people make a bunch of half assed health and fitness promises that don't actually mean shit. Every single person has the ability to start changing their lives right this second but most people don't have the balls or ladyballs to follow through with any meaningful, lasting change (hello yo-yo dieting!). Or people are all "I'll start on the first" then commence binging away until then....ummm hello? haven't you been eating poorly for a long time and stuffing yourself with shit the whole Christmas season? Thought so...good luck with your fad diet.

I have felt the twitchy eye while perusing the forum with all the ridiculousness that is already being posted. I have had to step away a few time from giving someone the proverbial bitch slap. Whatever, it's their Whole30 to bungle....not my life. I just keep on keepin' on with 100% compliance, being healthy and looking fine.

I'm not getting paid to say this shit (I wish I was!) but if you really are interested in a Whole30, I HIGHLY recommend reading "It Starts With Food" (lovingly abbreviated as ISWF). I devoured the whole book in a day and I plan on reading it again before the 1st just to make sure I am 100% sure on program (I am but I'm a keener!). Buy it, borrow it... but don't steal it. Reading the book helps you internalize the science and psychology behind the program and why it is exactly the way it is. I think 75% of the dumb ass forum questions could be avoided with a little self-knowledge adventure. Why would you undertake something without knowing what's up? Because you just want to be skinny, not healthy...wrong mind frame will yo-yo...good luck with that!

This is the book...GO...NOW... GET IT! And no you cannot borrow my copy. I no longer lend any of my books out.

Alright alright *UNICORNS POOING RAINBOWS* laaaaaaaaaaaa happyhappyhappy

Check out this super cool adult coloring book I got from Indiana for Christmas...NOT ADULT LIKE THAT...get your filthy filthy minds out the gutter you sick monkeys! A shoe coloring book!

A whole book of shoooooze for me to color! I love it! Indiana, you are da best lady. I plan on doing some serious coloring soon!

We had elk steaks for dinner last night, they were HUGE 1.5lbs for just 2 steaks....MEATNOMNOMNOM!

 We used the lamb and game rub on them, it was good but a little too heavy on the rosemary for my liking. I like to taste the gamey-ness of the meat but I might be in the minority here. I am still bbqing in the dark and doing a lot of guess work. It is super easy to overcook elk, so DON'T! I just barely didn't but it was close. Don't you love my old lady plates? they were also recused from the trash...don't judge!

Check out the freaky mother on the top of my 'booch. It looked like someone sneezed on my drink. The bottle says not to shake it but all the mother-y strands settle to the bottom so I have no idea how to get them into every glass instead of having a mega mother-y final glass. FYI: this stuff is fine to drink and it is where the magic is.

I have been practicing my hand wraps so I can hit the heavy bag. I want to start doing some boxing inspired workouts. I'm already awesome with the jump rope now I just gotta get my Rocky on!

I convinced husbie to do an interview style recap about his Whole30 adventures...that should be extra special and entertaining so watch for that in the next few days.

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