Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Whole30: Day 18

So yesterday's post ruffled some feathers...good...I'm glad. Like Miss Em said getting people talking is a very very good thing! I want to clarify that I am NOT here to inspire, I'm not here to be your guru. I can't make anyone do anything they are not ready to do on their own time. This is simply MY journey documented as I go along...nothing more, nothing less. The more I talk about it the more I come to another internalized truth that honestly popped up a year and a bit ago al beit in another form (sort of) and that is


People don't like seeing your health because then your good choices show their bad choices, just like the alcoholic doesn't want to be around a non-drinker.

So enough of that, I'll be a unicorn shitting rainbows for the next little bit...yaaaaay happiness! I have a ton of positives to report on behalf of my better half. Hubie is a day behind me so he is past the half way mark and every couple days he randomly remarks on how he is feeling...usually along the lines of "Hey, I haven't felt/had _______ in awhile". He always had chronic stomach/GI issues. I will now run down the list of things that have stopped since he started his Whole30

* BLOATING....gone...he always felt bloated

* HEARTBURN...gone...he always (I mean ALWAYS) had painful heartburn, NO MORE!

* GAS...mostly gone...gas from both ends is a thing of the past unless he is eating a ton of cauliflower

* CHEST PAIN/WEIRD BREATHING THING....gone...he would have these weird bouts where he would have chest pains and feel like he couldn't breathe, they were infrequent but still occurred consistently.

* POOP TROUBLES...gone...again I am not sharing all of this to embarass him but rather to show off the remarkable results from eating just real food and I bet he is was not alone in these troubles...not by a long shot.

Other non-GI transformations in my precious:

* HEADACHES...gone...he would get very painful headaches about once a week

* IMPROVED RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD....a work in progress...like I have mentioned before we are both sugar addicts and while he still admits to craving pop and candy (he's only on Day 17...give him time) it's definitely getting better...so proud of you babe!

* HE'S LOST WEIGHT! Alright for clarification...you are NOT supposed to weigh yourself during the Whole30. M&D make it clear that the scale keeps us locked into unhealthy patterns with food. We don't own a scale but he had to have a physical and a fitness test for work which involved being weighed. When he had his BIA on Day 2 he was 172lbs...not morbidly obese or anything and looking at him no one would have ever said he was overweight per se but on Day 16 he was 159.2lbs. The man has lost 13lbs in just over 2 weeks...that is about a pound day! A lot of that was probably water weight but still! He is also NOT working out, this is all diet alone induced. He is wearing shirts he hasn't worn in awhile. He put on a pair of jeans and upon realizing the looseness in the waist he exclaimed "These are supposed to be the skinny jeans" (dudes have skinny jeans too!)

I am so so SO proud of him and all his hard work. I am beaming with pride and he has taken a more active role in the kitchen, who cares if it's because he thinks my food is boring, he's cooking! And he is also internalizing a lot more of the science and psychology behind the plan. He gets SWYPO, why you shouldn't eat fruit if you are craving sugar, what creepies are why label reading is fundamentally important. He also gave up caffeine for his Whole30 which I did too but it is not a requirement. No coffee and pop. What a guy!

Miss Em is back in town which makes me happyhappyhappy. We did the Monday double header yoga of Hot Flow/Hot Hatha. She did great. I love sharing the practice with my loved ones. I think that yoga is for everyone and I have made myself an unofficial yoga (specifically Moksha hot yoga) spokeslady. YOGA FOR ALL!

I have been slacking with the camera and not making a bunch of stuff in the kitchen that y'all haven't already seen (lots of burgers and baked sweet potatoes.....booooring!) but I promise to be more diligent because as much as I love reading, I am a very viz-ual person and I love looking at pictures.

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