Saturday, 8 December 2012

Whole30: Day 8

WEEK ONE! SUCCESS! Feeling awesome...ok lies...feeling sore as hell from CrossFit yesterday morning with my better half. My lower body is mostly fine because yoga involves not only a squatting motion but holding all your body weight in a weird squatted position for like minutes at a time AND I stretched after CF. But my upper body feels like I got beat the fuck up specifically my torso and chest. I winced putting a shirt on!

Our CrossFit experience was ok. I am not entirely sure that the place we went to was equipped to handle newbies very well. I felt bad for the other people in the workout because husbie and I just needed so much direction for proper form. I now totally understand why different boxes have "on ramp" programs for beginners. I couldn't for the life of me figure out the sequence of movements for the clean and jerk and I have no idea if that is because we had to do it with a medicine ball instead of a bar because they didn't have enough 15lb bars for all the newbies there (there were 3 of us, husbie and I included) or if I am just a spaz.

I got a good workout and I dominated with the speed rope, but I do a lot of jumping rope in my own circuits and using the speed rope just made me fly EXCEPT after about the first 40 jumps I could feel my shorts and underwears falling around my buttcrack with each jump. My medium shorts ARE TOO BIG! I am having trouble understanding this. Never ever in my whole life have I been able to wear a small size shorts, even in high school. This information almost does not compute in my brains.

This deliciousness is broccoli slaw/chicken salad. The last of the shredded broccoli stems mixed with mayo, diced cooked chicken, celery, red peppers. chives, s&p. I ate my portion straight from the bowl with a spoon. I love easy lazy mayo salads like egg, chicken and coleslaw except I hate cabbage which is why I use the broccoli stems instead.

Husbie decided to use his portion in an epic salad. I am lazy and I don't really like a lot of things in my salad. I consider a bowl of lettuce to be a salad...he does not. His salads have over 10 ingredients but this one had over 20. I weighed his portion before he started eating because I wanted to know how big his big ass salad really was...ALL FOR SCIENCE! Plus I have an awesome food scale.

Before weight.... 3lbs 7oz


Finishing weight a.k.a just the weight of the bowl... 2lbs 2oz. He ate a 1lb 5oz salad!! Another great example of how the scale is only giving you a tiny fraction of the picture. My husband technically GAINED a pound in an half hour last night. Of course he didn't actually gain a pound but this is why the Whole30 people advocate ditching the scale.

Now it is blizzarding and our vehicle has a flat tire so it looks like we are hermitting ourselves away for today. Maybe this damn Christmas tree will actually get decorated since it's been up for a week nude and I owe our neighbour some kind of goodies for helping husbie change the tire to the spare (thank you Gary! you are awesome!) This also seems like the perfect time to crank out a bunch of stuff from the test kitchen!

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  1. I am gonna try your broccoli stem slaw. I usually just use them for veggie stock but if I can eat them raw, bonus!