Friday, 7 December 2012

Whole30: Day 7

On the cusp of the first completed week of the Whole30, husbie has been home all week and hanging out with is good. We are actually today taking the big plunge...into what you ask... WHAT?! CrossFit lovers, CrossFit. Admittedly when I first heard of CF over a year ago I thought it was like cross training (not the same thing) but I came to know what it was and was rather interested in checking it out. That was a year ago and now we are finally heading to a box (CrossFit "gyms" are always referred to as "boxes" as the focus is on fitness, not decor the buildings are typically very sterile concrete rooms, simply a place to get your WOD on....WOD = workout of the day). I am excited and mega nervous. AC who is a CrossFit all-star has been urging me to try it and saying all the right encouraging words...too bad her ass lives a billion miles away and we can't physically workout together but I know she will be there in spirit.

Produce shopping is always fun, especially since this store carries a lot of what I would deem strange produce as it caters to the very large ethnic populations in my city. These look like large, prickly green mice to me.

Eating clean has opened me up to the possibility of eating different and new things simply for the fact that I need MOAR VARIETY! I cannot wait for the farmer's market in the summer. So since I was eyeing up weird produce I selected a lovely dragon fruit to try. I have never had a fresh one and I think it's almost too pretty to cut open. A note on my I own personal Whole30...I eat very little fruit. Fruit is totally ok but I just don't really like fruit, I would have said I did before but I am sure it was just the sugar I liked. I eat about 3 servings of fruit a week. Currently I eat half a banana dipped in a tablespoon of coconut oil as the first thing I eat after my bone broth in the morning before my breakfast scramble. I do looooooove medjool dates but only have a serving once a week typically after working out and ALWAYS with a meal. Fruit can be a dangerours, slippery slope/gateway to the sugar dragon for some. I don't want it or crave it so I don't eat it much.

This sign is posted by all the conventional meat in the chain grocery store. I no longer buy meat at the grocery store but I always check out their "variety meats" section.... a.k.a the garbage meat section. Half the time they have oxtail, this time they had a lot of beef hearts and liver. Husbie asked "what is that white stuff?" It's tripe which he gagged. I think I draw the line at tongue and tripe but I would probably eat it if someone who knew what they were doing prepared it.

Cute Christmas plates shaped like ornaments and what looks like teapots wearing sweaters behind them


I left my camera in the vehicle and husbie graciously offered to go get it. This gem was among my photos when I uploaded my pics. BAHAHA! I am sure he will not be pleased about it's inclusion here but his beard looks extra burly in this picture and also don't take pictures on my camera and NOT expect me to share them. I mushmush <3 him!

Check out mah new kicks!! GLITTER BITCH! I got a mega mega mega cheapo deal on these and I loooooove the sparkle...ignore my long underwears, they are a necessity in the North

Dinner! One very unexpected and pleasantly loverly surprise of husbie doing a Whole30 is it seems to have maybe sparked a little interest in cooking in him. This is his homemade chili. He even blanched the tomatoes before hand all by himself. I am so proud and I love eating food I don't have to cook. I laid the chili over cauliflower rice and topped it with a big scoop of mayo....YUMMO!

Although the downside of him cooking is he is still figuring out what spices go with what and in what amounts. This chili was deliciously spicy...he does not like spice at all. :( poor guy. So I made up some quick burgers for him. I think my cast iron is perfectly seasoned now and I have figured out what range to keep the element on so the pan doesn't smoke and set off the detector.

Of course I was wearing my new glitter Toms and making dinner. My lulu pants are hiked up to the knee with long underwears underneath. I totally won the dinner cooking fashion award! Also, I HATE that our stove in snugged right up again the wall. The stove is double the size of the stove at our old place (it's one of those awesome stove's from the 70s I am soooo happy they haven't replaced it) but the stove at the old place had access to both sides. I have FWP (first world problems).

This week has been crazy busy and I have had plans to make a few things in the test kitchen that haven't gotten made, so my fingers are crossed that I will have enough time this weekend to make some things....specifically GHEE! and I want to cook my chicken livers.

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  1. I am struggling with variety also. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.