Monday, 17 December 2012

Whole30: Day 17 (WARNING: you might get offended)

The best thing about this blog is that it's my blog and I can do whatever I want here. It's my platform to inform and bitch...mostly to don't like it, don't read *wonky face* I have opinions that might be unfavourable with some people but just because you are offended doesn't mean you are right.

Since this blog has been all about food, health and nutrition lately I have been pondering those topics a lot, how physical health is tied into mental health and other things. I think the main thing that I have come to internalize as truth (for me) is that if you are fat it's your fault. If you are an adult YOU control your own life, no one is holding a gun to your head and force feeding you Olive Garden, twinkies and Starbucks. If you *truly* believe that you are genetically predisposed to being obese (which is another cop out IMO) don't eat crap! Being overweight is a choice unlike mental illness which is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Meat, veggies, eggs, nuts and fruit are all located in the same store as the CheezIts and cookies.

Realize that corporations do NOT have your health or best interests at heart only profits...they profit from keeping you fat and unhealthy, realize that things like the food pyramid are written by people with an agenda (seriously 5-10 servings of do grains usurp vegetables?). Most people know what is bad for them yet they still eat crap and have a WOE IS ME ATTITUDE...and I am sick of that. I have never been accused of having compassion so I am not masquerading . I believe in hard work, I believe in dedication, I believe in discipline. I believe that "I don't have time" actually means "I don't make that a priority" because you always make time for what is important...period...full exceptions. I was fat, it was my choice. I like(d) beer, donuts and easy foods. Totally my choice.

The food you eat either makes you health or unhealthy, there is no food Switzerland...these are Melissa and Dallas' words...wise wise words. I believe that grains, sugar, dairy, soy, legumes and obviously prepackaged foods all decline ones health, not improve it. Period. Being overweight is a choice a choice you make by sitting in front of the computer instead of doing burpess, a choice you make when you fill your shopping cart with packaged frankenfoods, a choice you make when you need a latte or a glass of wine or a trip through the drive thru. This things are all in your control. I like people who are in control of their lives who own up and take responsibility. Like I said, I really doubt that someone has a gun to your head. Then people say "I eat whole grains and low fat dairy and still LOOK!" Those things are obviously not promoting good health. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

If your weight problem is caused by unresolved mental with your effing mental problems. Do you tuck into a pint of ice cream because you feel lonely?...GO TALK ABOUT THAT SHIT! I can for sure say that my want of unhealthy food was totally tied into the mental problems I was experiencing and repressing. Been yo'yoing your whole life? Go see a psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor...get that shit dealt with. An unhealthy mind breeds and feeds unhealthy body with all the abominations of food products available. No one reaches for a carrot when they are depressed or after a fight with your significant other. Your body is your responsibility but now I will show you how basically the whole world is trying to work against healthy eating. When I was at Dr.H's office I skimmed a magazine that had an article by that stupid quack doctor from Oprah...Dr.Oz.."Oh he's a doctor ON TV...he must have allllll the answers" *sarcasm font*. I read through the article and I was flabbergasted at what he said.

"...we're not even built to handle so much animal protein..."

Oh really doctor? Does the shape of our teeth not matter? We have teeth that more resemble the teeth of dogs with canines and inscisors not the teeth of ruminant grass eating animals (cows, sheep etc) that have flat teeth meant to be used in a circular grinding fashion. Our teeth are made for tearing and chewing meat. Had we evolutionarily been eating less meat and more grains our teeth would have evolved as such. The domestication of agriculture is a much newer phenom, we ate meat for a loooooong long time evolutionarily speaking.

"'s not even a bad or unhealthy food (speaking of ICE CREAM!)

The good doctor would have you believe that ice cream is a great source of protein and calcium both of which can come from meat and broccoli not a heavily processed, sugar laden, food that people NEVER eat just a serving of (Melissa and Dallas' call this "Food Without Brakes"). This doctor is condoning ice cream as a benign food choice to an increasingly fat population and this is exactly what is wrong. "Well the doctor said that ice cream was a good source of protein and calcium" said the person who ate a sugar filled processed oatmeal for breakfast, had a low fat latte for a snack, a grain and legume filled lunch of quinoa and beans (AND I AM BEING OPTIMISTIC HERE) and then a dinner of fast food. ICE CREAM NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL BE A BENIGN FOOD CHOICE EVEN OCCASIONALLY....without even mentioning how dairy affects most of the human race and how North America consumes the most dairy out of anywhere in the world but has the highest osteoperosis rates in the world (newsflash: calcium does NOT make bones strong, it actually leaches minerals from bones making them wary of any food that requires lobbyists)

"Preserves and jams without added sugar can be a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium and whole-wheat bread is high in fiber, selenium, manganese and more"

"...we have redeemed that great, guilty American staple: the PB&J."

My head might have a damn piece of fruit.... apparently the good doctor thinks jam is another benign food source for the fat populous. JAM!!! And a PB&J is good to go. Peanuts are a legume not a nut a they are not digested in the body and can cause a host of auto-immune responses in the body... sweet Zuzel save me...a doctor is telling obese people to eat PB&J freely.

Then he goes on about moderation...except we as a society really have no clue what moderation is. There is nothing moderate about our society. Starbucks and Tim Horton's everyday is not moderation. Ice cream once a year is moderate, not after every meal not even once a month. We have lost the ability to objectively determine what "moderate" is and thus people are eating themselves in poor health and death and complaining the whole way.

Now after is a picture of my fantastic breakfast that is grain, dairy, soy and legume free. It does contain sugar in the banana but eating a piece of fruit does not compare to a poptart. Homemade bone broth (chalked full of magnesium, selenium and a host of other vitamins and minerals that don't come from anywhere else), half a banana which I dip in coconut oil, a whole avocado and a breakfast scramble with 2 eggs, oxtail meat and a whole zucchini.

Good fats....check....protein...check...vegetable (and fruit) carbohydrates...check. Exactly what a body needs in the morning...not oatmeal and coffee, then people wonder why they feel like shit. Eat shit, feel like shit.


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  2. I started reading your diary just yesterday. I was reading it because the Whole30 really interested me. Although you have some really interesting points and some that others may disagree with, I don't agree with what you are saying about Dr. Oz (he is a licensed and practicing doctor in the USA). Sure he is on TV, but he still has a practice here in the US. This one I don't understand. Why all the really harsh words. It seems you are really angry about something. Hope it is not the affects of the Whole30. I also love hot yoga and go 4 times a week and run 3 times a week.

    How long do you plan on staying on Whole30. Is it a life time choice of eating now?

    I read your post about your husbands heart burn. 2 of the major stimulants for heart burn, GERDs is coffee and soft drinks. Hope he can keep it up. He doesn't sound committed to exercise.

    Hope you were just having a bad day. :)'s are really cheap.

    1. Hi Tabitha, thanks so much for commenting.

      I have a deep distrust of medical doctors in general and strong distaste for the all the "coddling" that goes on in modern society (a good friend of mine is a nurse and she is required to take obesity sensitivity joke!). I think I am a crotchety 80 year old man on the inside who believes in the hard work and pulling up the boot straps of generations gone by (and coincidentally generations gone by weren't fat). I definitely have a ummm...strong personality and am never afraid to say what I am thinking.

      I will be extending my Whole30 to a Whole60 (and possibly even a Whole100!) but eating paleo is now my family's lifestyle even when the Wholewhatever# ends then following M&D's 80/20 guidelines.

      My husband can be stubborn as a mule and drank pop DESPITE knowing it caused him distress and he also has no need to work out because he works a very very physically demanding job which basically has him "working out" 12 hours a day. This is probably how he was able to eat candy and fast food for 8 weeks prior to his Whole30 and still only weigh 172lbs at the start of it instead of 50840lbs.