Friday, 21 December 2012

Whole30: Day 21 (the end of the world!)

I want to clarify that I don't actually believe that it is the end of the world or even that it's the dawn of a new era or whatever bullshit people are spouting. It is simply 4 days before Christmas and winter solstice...nothing raining meatballs, no zombie apocalypse, no return of the Zuzel so I hope you didn't stuff your face with cupcakes and I hope you paid your credit card bill.

WHOLE30 update type stuff: Nuts and me are no good. I have cut out enough crap that I am mega in tune with my body now and eating nuts makes me feel gross, like fat, bloated and sluggish and I am not talking about eating a crazy amount either...I am talking less than ounce. It's nice to come to these realizations so I can tweak my diet accordingly. Nuts and I...we... are never ever ever ever getting back together.

I also will be extending my Whole30 to a Whole60 which I have already mentioned in solidarity and support of A.C who starts her Whole30 in January. There has also been some talk on the forums of doing a Whole100! CRAZY! No, not really...especially since one of my favourite forum members has just finished Day 60 of his Whole90 and has said he has only recently "started to feel the magic" I am totally inspired and I am convinced that the sugar addicted (Hello, I'm MVJ and I'm a sugar addict) need longer than a Whole30 to heal and starve the very patient sugar dragon.

Moving forward. Miss.Em and I went to another glorious morning yoga. I have loved sharing my practice with her and I can't wait to share it with my Mama (she's en route!). We also had a mini reunion with our friends last night at our old divey bar hangout that I actually used to work at. We played some pool and K.P had a drink that was only orange in color, more like tang not OJ...coming from that place I am not surprised...but it was more about the company than the orange drink. Of course husbie and I were drink-free. We played pool and in true divey bar fashion it's very dark in there.

More end the of the world foolishness R.I.P Twinkies

We made sure to leave before the divey bar switched over to it's Thursday night dance party that specifically caters to all the hipster douchebags. It used to be called ReadyMix but now it's called Milk & Honey....different name, same douchey clientele.

And since I have such awesome friends, we were given the heads up on a DIFFERENT meat store. Right after yoga we checked it out. I have been DYING for elk and I was not disappointed. A huge freezer full of elk

They also had bison and goat, local fish, lamb and heritage chickens...why was I not informed of this store years ago. And's closer than our Wednesday meat store.

 The store had a bunch of vintage items on heart went pitterpatter. My typewriter isn't as old as this one

The owner Ken was a total sweetieboo. Big huge smile, very welcoming and cracking jokes with the customers. I was super super impressed with this bright and cheery store and Ken really made the experience. I was so caught up speaking with him and being overwhelmed with local meat choices that I didn't think to ask if I could take his picture. I doubt he would have refused me and his smile was infectious, you can tell he really loves what he does and I think that is so rare nowadays.

I grabbed some hand fliers for all their meats....Bison tips. I am sad for people that don't have access to this wonderful meat.

The hand flier advertising their delicious assortment of meat. If you live in the 'Peg go visit Ken and like his Facebook page because that's where you will get the heads up on what meat is on Beef was. How he chooses what goes on sale (6% off) is a customer picks a ball from a can and each ball has a different animal meat on it then the little ball is stuck with sticky tack on the register. Had I been more with it I would have taken a picture of the "beef ball" on the register.

Mmmm's all farmed elk, not wild game which I have no problem with. He says he never runs out of elk and always has it in stock....and he had oxtail and beef bones for bone broth goodness!

Elk tip...don't over cook your elk people!

I finally got around to painting my nails all festive and shit! That glitter is going to be a bitch to take off but Christmas is all about sparkly glitter.

I bought plantains! My FIL thought they were huge ass bananas...silly man. I plan on slicing and frying with the double squish method I was given on the Whole9 for a full picture spread on that soon (makes it sound waaaay sexier than it is)

New hair elastics...I know...not mega exciting by my old ones were reaching way-too-stretched-out-to-use status. They could fit over my bicep not snuggly around my wrist. I like a nice tight elastic and the colors of these ones are totally up my alley. Apparently all of Canada thinks they rule.

SEE LOOK! Mega stretched out. I am wondering if I just got a bad batch because these were all from the same package and they all got mega stretched really quick. Look at how tight the new ones are.

Then I found this 50 things to make with bacon pamphlet when I was cleaning up my desk hoard the other day. Nothing was compliant so I will just give it away.

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