Monday, 24 December 2012

Whole30: Day 24 (Christmas Eve)

Oh the festivus for the rest of us!! Christmas Eve is here. Now granted all the sparkly magic is gone out of Christmas and has been gone since about the 8th grade AND my nail polish is chipping pretty bad but I'm not being a mega scrooge. The tree is up, the presents are wrapped and husbie and I spent 3 hours making dinner for tonight, Hungarian goulash....paleo and compliant of course we LOOSELY followed THIS recipe and of course hacked the shit out of it suit our own tastes. We added about 5 extra cups of veggies since it basically had none. This might end up making it a beef stew but whateves. We made the paleOMG meatloaf (loaves?) again and added raisins and cinnamon this time like it called for and I have had cinnamon in 2 savory dishes (meatloaf and chili) and I don't like it. Cinnamon has waaaay too many strong holds to sweet goods for me and while it's not a trigger or anything I just don't like the flavor of cinnamon with meat specifically. Cinnamon is spicy cookies, cakes and buns. The meatloaf wasn't awful and it was devoured by all but I will not be adding the raisins or cinnamon the next time we make the loaf which is turning out to be like once a week. And I added 100g of pureed liver to the loaf and it was totally undetectable. If you want to start your foray into organ meat I highly suggest adding a small pureed (since I don't have a meat grinder) or ground up portion of liver to anything with ground beef (meatloaf, burgers, meatballs etc). Then you can work your way up to heart, pate, tongue etc. Let 2013 be the year YOU dive into organ meat (not literally of course).

We cooked up our heritage chicken so we didn't have to do it tomorrow (so we can nap the whole afternoon away). We are bringing our own waters, teas, food and snacks and speaking of snacks I still feel snacky and blah! I am patiently waiting for this phase to pass because I know it will but I TOTALLY believe in the 4th week "sugar extinction phase" (I can't take credit for that phrase) which is basically your body's last ditch attempt to get you back to sweet sweet sugar. Sorry brain, not gonna happen I love you so I don't want to keep you addicted plus we are fat adapted now so let's not fuck this up (I got this brain, no worries)

One thing I want to keep real with y'all since I keep it real is my increased rage. I didn't know if I even wanted to share it with y'all but I'm not here to blow smoke up your ass. I have always been an "angry" person. I don't know why, maybe it's just me but since doing the Whole30 I feel my rage increased exponentially. After not going to yoga for 2 days and not working out on those days either I figured out that I need to work out and/or go to yoga twice a day to keep my rage monster at bay. Another life time ago I smoked pot (and did a bevy of other drugs but I digress) which calmed the rage monster but living clean for me personally has unlocked the rage. I tell you this because I want y'all to know of all the shit that has happened to me during my Whole30. I want to be clear that this is NOT a normal side affect of the program and in fact most people report feelings of calm and chillness. Not myself but everyone and every body is different. I am hoping that the chill will happen eventually or I might just need to move my body twice a day everyday as a vent to the rage or risk flipping my shit. Don't judge me....I just keep y'all up to date on my PERSONAL Whole30 and this is what has cropped up for me.

Now for some lovely fall pictures that I never shared with you. Fall is my most favorite season all crunchy leaves and hoodies.

I love love love this picture. I got poked in the butt by some grass to take this picture and I was on a serious incline

There is a random pagoda in this park and when when I got my SIL's Christmas card for this year, she had her family pictures taken here in the fall...great minds.

Another failed tree berries shot, it was kinda windy...yes, windy that's why the shot sucks

 FIRE LEAVES! I was smitten with these and their colours

Can you spy the pecker?

I had a hitchhiker

Tree fungus waaaaay up high

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