Friday, 28 December 2012

Whole30: Day 28

So apparently I forgot to show you all the crap we got from the froufrou food store. I got more Sea Snax in toasty onion flavour AND they are large sheets. The last ones I got were the little sheets. I love them, husbie hates them. They ARE strangely addictive.

4 very non-creepy pronounceable ingredients

These were husbie's picks....spice mixes. I am so going to make my own based on their ingredients list. We are going to use the game rub on the massive elk steaks we have.

This didn't come from the health food store. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free tea. I hadn't bought a new tea in awhile so I figured we would give this one a go.

3 ingredients!

Husbie opened the box, squinched up his face then passed the box to me for a smelled like flavoured tobacco! We bought thought so...tres bizzare. I made us up some cups and while it tasted better than it smelled it still has a tobacco-y hint to it (we are both former smokers). I just asked him to describe the tea and he said "not very good". We won't be getting this tea again. Who wants to come over for tea?

We ordered some coconut aminos online just before Christmas because it is no wheres to be found in this whole city, I called all the froufrou store and no one had it. Well it finally arrived today! I really do love my mailman, he leaves our packages by the front door if we aren't home to receive them which is awesome otherwise he has to leave a tag and we can't pick it up until the next day. I'm impatient dammit! It was waiting for us when we got home from produce shopping. I was kinda worried since it's a liquid shipped in a glass bottle across the country but it was packed mega mega well with lots of indication on what was inside and tons of foam peanuts. must be Italian.

This is the deliciousness. I poured a small amount in a pinch bowl so we could try. Verdict...delicious and similar to soy sauce but not and not nearly as fact totally compliant. MIL got us a g.c for sushi for Christmas. We usually go for sushi on our anniversary but since that will be during my Whole100 we will just push it back a month or so. We are saving money on not eating out, not that we ate out a lot anyways but we would have sushi every couple months or so. Now we will bring our own aminos to have instead of soy...we are totes going to be "those" people.

 One of the big differences between Canada and the U.S is the amount of eating out that occurs. I am sure there are exceptions to this but eating out in the U.S is NBD, happens like 5 times a week at the minimum if not more (usually more). Maybe I grew up poor (I did) but eating out was always always a big deal and it still is. My grandfather was the only one who took us to McDonald's at that was a  rarity. I recall going to a sit down restaurant when I was younger, nothing uber fancy but since we never did it I always thought it was mega swanky (I always ordered chicken fingers). Living in the states opened me up to the huge cultural difference in food. Interestingly enough, when I lived in the States that was the only other time in my adult life where I lost a huge amount of weight (30lbs to be exact). There is a culture of fat that exists there, eating at home is more the rarity instead of vice versa.

Now what the hell was I talking about? OH RIGHT! Look at mah new chapsticks! I know're thinking "MJ, you have a problem...that's 4 since October!" Yes yes it is, thank you for counting. I blame it on my Mama, she had the one on the right so I needed to have it. I couldn't find that specific one at the store I was at so I bought a different one but wasn't satisfied with that one I NEEDED MORE...MOAR!!! (I am fully aware of my addictive personality, please don't come over with an eight ball thanks). I love the cool circle sphere shape...lip chap IN A FREAKING SPHERE! I need to shake someone's hand. Mmmmm minty.

The Aquafina one is so crappy it doesn't have a flat base and I had to rest it on a spice lid....stupid crappy lip chap. This one is for the beasts so they don't slobber all over my good one.

Just for feces and chuckles I decided to round up as many chapsticks as I could find. BEHOLD!

They all have different functions...the DCT Blistex has SPF20 and I wear it while tanning, the Rosebud salve is good for hands, lips and cheeks, I never liked the Olivina's made with olive oil and smells waaaaay too much like it and leaves a weird taste in your mouth (not that I am eating it, but a tiny bit does get in your mouth), Burt's Bees is awesome, I like the original minty flavor.

If you thought I had a chapstick problem, my chapstick problem PALES in comparison to my to-go vessel addiction. The last one I bought was the kiddie David's Tea one and that was like 2 months ago....2 MONTHS! I was getting shaky and sweaty I NEEDED A FIX! There were a few that had caught my eye but nothing I pulled the trigger on until this one. It was ON SALE too! *angel music*.

The best part of this bottle is the fact that you can unscrew the top part to add ice or to clean all the moldy junk out of it. I love a to-go vessel with a gimmick. Of course husbie didn't deny me but he insisted that I clean out my to-go vessel cupboard because it is getting a bit crowded when he tries to put the glasses away. In my defense, I did buy an awesome cup in the fall that I thrashed in about 6 weeks so that one doesn't even really count. This one will not go to yoga with me because I hate having to open a lid to get a drink in the hot room. I prefer a straw cup or my David's Tea kiddie mug (Bodum brand) which has a twisty lid that I just leave undone for easy sipping. Lazy hydration at it's best.

Speaking of yoga,  I snapped these on the way to yoga. Yin was so restorative last night (awesome class Leslee!)

Totally taking down the Christmas tree tonight...I am so over Christmas until the insanity starts next October. I am ready for the new year, I have a feeling it is going to be a good one and I am working on my Top 10 of 2012 to share with y'all.

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  1. Where did you get the vaseline lip stuff? I can't find it! HALP!