Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Whole30: Day 26 (you're so vain)

Only 4 more days until my Whole30 is over (just rolling into my Whole60 but I am still going to celebrate). My calves are lovely and sore today which is awesome since I never feel like they get worked out since they never get sore. I like my calves and never have to work on them, my triceps on the other hand are awful and I need to beat them into even the most remote semblance of muscle and not jello.

I changed the pictures on the right hand side! But apparently blogger is lame-o and has changed the size of the picture on the side bar to balls. So the picture is itty bitty but that's me, now like very recently within 8 hours of posting this. I was overdue for some decent pictures of me at my current size AND I even straightened my hair which is a total rarity now as my hair is usually soaked from sweat and just done up in a "yoga octopus" (a half pony right on top of my head, it looks like a bleached octopus).

I forced hubby to take a bunch of pictures of me. I am so damn picky that we take like 150 to get 1 or 2 decent ones. Thank god for 32G memory cards. Now for fabulous current pictures of myself. My Mama said as we took the pics "Have you ever heard that song "You're so vain?" Yes Mama, I love Carly Simon. If you don't feel like looking at a few dozen pictures of me just voguing look away now...y'all have been warned.

Ignore my 2 toned hair, the hair show is at the end of January so only another month and my hair has grown almost 6 inches in a year which is crazypants. Shirt is a medium Dickies with thumb holes (LURVE THUMB HOLES!) and large AA zebra leggings that are too big now. I  have bad ass posture now...thank you yoga!

Downward dog action. I love seeing what I look like in various yoga poses. I always (still) feel like a spaz in some poses but my heels fully touch the ground so that is awesome.

I'm not even sure you can call these "roots" at this point when they take up almost half of the length of my hair

Look at my baby bicep! These guns are a work in progress, I want to be ripped!!

Smooch the bicep, it actually looks like I am kinda smelling my own armpit but whatevs

This shortie hoodie vest is a small and is only for style, not warmth. I got a few bucks knocked off of it because it was missing a button.

I have no idea why I was scowling but it got captured...thanks babe!

Collar bones! So stoked to see these bad boys all the time.

These are my 27 inch waist jeans that only fit me for a short time before being banished to a box then given away to K.P last summer when I was fat. After I exhausted all the tiny clothes in the box I asked K.P if she still had them, she did and she said I could have them back since they never fit her right...fucking score!

Pay attention because this will be the only time I will ever say this on here...I have had 2 babies rather recently. Having babies is not your excuse to get and maintain a fat ass and if you haven't had kids, I have no words for your abuse and neglect of your body.

And now because y'all are bored of staring at me...stare at my sexy sexy better half

ONE LOOK!!! dear lord will I weep when that beard has to go away (no joke, I'll cry big fat crocodile tears)

And his sexy sexy stomach...I'll probably get in trouble for posting this but whatevs....he's sexy and flat tummied!

If you didn't like this post you can kiss mah sexy grits!


  1. I have been reading your posts over the holidays and your commitment is wonderful. I don't have a sweet addiction but have a salt addiction. Chips, pretzels, etc. I am hoping when I start my venture into Whole30 I have the will power you have.

    I was just wondering are the bags under your eyes and your husbands from the diet or just lack of sleep over the holidays?

    Love your tights.

  2. Hi Tabitha!

    I think everyone has their own vice mine is sugar and it sounds like yours is salty (crunchy!) things.

    The bags under my eyes are sadly genetic on my paternal side. My dearly departed Grandfather had the same ones and remembering that is the only thing that keeps me from wanting costly, scary plastic surgery. Husbie just stays up too late playing video games...typical guy! My sleep now is better than it ever has been. I sleep about 6 hours solid from 10-4 then a broken 2 hours from 4-6am which is a HUGE improvement for me considering I used to be the night watchmen up every hours ever since I was little.

    Hope you had a good holidays!