Thursday, 20 December 2012

Whole30: Day 20

Ahhh the eve of the end of the world (as we know it...I feel a song coming on). I don't think I am going to shave my pits since we are all going to die in a firey apocalyptic blaze tomorrow anyways. Feel free to join me hairy bliss!

We spent a large portion of 2 days burning up the dead dinosaurs driving all over the city trying to source specific work clothes for husbie (hence why I was wearing a pink hard hat the other day). We were exhausting sources fast but there was a store on the way to the special meat store (Wednesday is meat day!) so we stopped. I had never been in this store but I was instantly smitten. The store was a freaking time capsule, nothing had been renovated since the store was built in I bet the 50s ( old is that store really?) and the old man owner was a total hoarder. This is why I bring the baby camera everywhere. The store formerly sold mens suits and uniforms but has recently branched out to selling industrial work wear which is what we were there for. I abandoned husbie and wandered to capture the gloriousness.

Sessy ladies wearing hi-viz coats and no pants...I am pretty sure I pioneered the sans-pants movement

The whole interior of the store was beautiful wood legit real wood not that fake crap you can get now a days.

This font, the letters...all vintage love...I was totally borned 20 years too late *sigh*

This was not a set up. I just moved the fox pelt slightly to the right. Ironically the fox pelt was next to the animal control patch. I will also freely admit that I love real fur...specifically vintage fur. I have a gorgeous vintage mink coat that still has the dead old lady's initials on the inside. I love that shit. The fox pelt was just one of the many many random things in the store.

More handmade vintage signs. I think the strange man helped husbie thought I was totally insane.

I love this sign and I love even more that it is still on the wall, it for sure out dates me.

There was a very large selection of hats of all kinds in the store. Being that it's winter now there was a large selection of furry and ear flap hats.

Vintage filing cabinet that looks like it could be the cousin to my big 4 drawer filing cabinet that my friend called "Soviet-esque". The whole reason I bought my filing cabinet is because I wanted a sturdy old one.


An IBM typewriter! I am sure this was bought brand new back in the day and was at the peak of technology. Now we carry powerful computers in our pockets and use them to take duck face pictures. I have a gorgeous vintage typewriter with case that is much older than this one.

 Symbols of Canada...the majestic Canadian goose


 I could have spent the whole day photographing embroidered patches

Ancient hangers...

...hanging up ancient coats. My guess is just based on tags and labels, that some of the stock in the store has been there a looooooong time (I am aware London Fog still makes coats but not in some of the styles I saw. It was like looking into my stylish deceased Grandpa's closet).

More old signage... do you really see anyone wearing a brown or OLIVE suit anymore? And what the crap is "colourmated"...sounds kinda saucy

More random things like this cool old ashtray which I also remember being my Grandpa's house...the man smoked like a chimney and when I think of him I can smell his cologne and cigarette smoke in a comforting not gross way. I randomly catch whiffs every now and then and I am instantly transported back in time when I smell the right combination.

Hasn't been used in years

Now for some pics that I found while combing my archives looking for the birthday penis straw pictures. I am sure I took them with the intent to put them up here but then that was in my yoga obsessed first month of going (not to say I am not obsessed still I am just a better multi-tasker out world!)

Tea is so hot right now, literally and figuratively...I know most people don't have access to b&m David's Tea but you can go to their website and get ALL THE TEAS!! The boutique stores near me always know what is hot and current and always have super quirky things. Check out these super cute tea infuser...Tea Rex BAHAHAHAHA love it

A loose tea to go cup....y'all know my "thing" for to go vessels of any kind and this one is glass too. I really really wanted this vessel but I was talked out it (then promptly bought probably 3 more a couple weeks really in an addiction)

Robot tea infuser....mega cute!!!

More tea luuuurve.....anthropormorphized inanimate objects always slay me, especially if the face is a simple smiley

A squirrel flask!

I bought this lip balm mostly because I loved the tiny tiny replica Vaseline tub...soooooo cute! It comes in regular and cocoa butter flavours....flavours?...I mean you aren't eating it....whatever. I got the cocoa flavour and it smells like chocolate!

Sooooooo cute! Mini anything and I will pretty much buy it. I have always loved teenytiny mini things.

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