Monday, 3 December 2012

Whole30: Day 3

Day 2 in the books and I still feel great. I went to yoga yesterday for the always lovely Hot Hatha with Leslee. Today I start back up training with a lot more intensity than the previous week. I FORCED myself to take it easy last week as prior to that I was working out at least 2 times a day more like 3 and I was pretty sure I was causing MAJOR adrenal stress and being counterproductive. So I relaxed, I skipped my morning workout all week (gym rats you know how hard this can be with the stupid internal dialog making you second guess your every single move...or not move), I went to yoga only a handful of times, I sewed some cute things, I read...all in all I just tried to relax and recharge. Over training is something that I for sure need to be mindful of because I can admit that I get addicted to the working out 3 times a day then feel disgusting, gross and shameful when I don't. Healing the negative self talk is something I am really really working's becoming vitally important.

Now for GREAT NEWS precious darling husband is so wonderful and amazing. Yesterday he committed himself to his own Whole30! I am so so so proud of him and I am his biggest cheerleader. We are both recovering candy addicts...candy is actually how we first bonded on the night we met. We bought a big ass load of candy and ate it together while flirting. Food is more than has all these crazy impacts and hooks in us that we don't even know. But he survived day 1 fully compliant with good balanced meals. He is struggling with all of the hallmark withdrawl symptoms (cravings, headache, lethargy, lack of focus) so I tried to help him with a tea, or a distraction and even a great moment where we really broke down his craving and talked about what he wanted, how he was feeling, was it a real hunger cue (I always use Melissa's benchmark for true hunger cues "Are you hungry enough to eat fish and steamed veggies?" NO? it's a craving"). He loves most veggies and did eat a lot before (in addition to pepsi and candy) so it's not a mega struggle and bless his heart he ate sweet potatoes (one of his dislikes) after I told him they would probably improve his mood (around 3pm he started to have more obvious withdrawl symptoms).

This was his breakfast (he ate a banana first, eating your fruit BEFORE your meal is sooooo important. Fruit is digested almost instantly so when you eat it AFTER a huge meal like so many people have fruit for dessert, the fruit just sits on top of all the other food fermenting and causing bloating I learned this years ago and this is the only food combining principle I follow...PLUS eating fruit after your meal just reinforces the idea that you NEED to eat something sweet after your meal...slay the sugar dragon!). We are working on killing the word breakfast and just going on Meal #1 that way we don't pigeon hole certain foods for certain times...broccoli for breakfast? yes please! I told him he needed a fat with his breakfast especially since his 1st meal contained no meat and he opted for a serving of almonds over what I usually pick, 1/2 an avocado (I love those little silicone bears and wish I would have bought more when I saw them in the summer, so cuuuuuute!)

A sweet potato in the shape of a seal! That was the only reason I bought this sweet potato

MASSIVE local, free range turkey breast, my hand for scale then I checked the package....1.77lbs! holy 'eff! This fed everyone with half leftover for today. This breast was sooo tasty, like grocery store turkey on flavorful steroids (no hormones, steroids or other crap in this bird) also note to self....paint nails and stop slacking on your beauty

We put the Christmas tree up! With my husbie home at last it just felt like home so we hauled out the tree. We managed to put the tree up but never got around to decorating it, today perhaps.

This is one of favourtite quotes and sits on my dresser, but I really looked at it yesterday and it resonated with me all over again. I want to fucking ASTOUND myself! Also....BABY CARROT!

On the stroll to yoga. The Batman has been up for awhile and I have been meaning to take a picture of it because Batman always reminds me of my baby cousin ('s a teenager!) because she looooves Batman! I had to stand in a snowbank soaking my fake Uggs to take this shot. It is also before 6pm in this picture...waaaahhh sunlight I miss you!

Post-yoga dinner... I try not to eat after 7pm since I go to bed @ 10pm and I follow an ayurvedic principle for my dosha (I'm a Pitta!) to not eat 3 hours before bed time (this idea is not specific to ayurvedic medicine) Sweet potatoes roasted in s&p and evoo, turkey, cucumber and sauerkraut. One of my Whole30 goals is to eat more fermented food since of the 4 things that all cultures of the world eat, it is the one I am the most slack on. FYI... 4 things all cultures of the world consume
1.raw/whole foods (check)
2. organ meat (check)
3. BONE BROTH!! (check and loooove!)
4. fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha etc) working on it! I don't love the 'kraut plain. I prefer to hide it under YUMMO homemade mayo and tuna on a lettuce boat.

This is the tea that we are loving right now. It smells kinda like Froot Loops and it is very tasty cold

Caffeine free and a non-creepy ingredients list

This one was in the cupboard and I thought it was good...

NO BUENO! sugar on the pineapple... read your labels peeps!

David's Tea teas are so good but most of them have artificial flavouring...tear

This one is AH-MAZING and part of their winter collection

Check out my cute pink socks! These bad boys are my Lulu Method socks. Have you heard of Pure Barre or The Bar Method?? no? It's all the rage (apparently) one of my baddest bitches in the States is a PB junkie. Well my studio is going to be offering Bar Method classes starting at the end of the week. I am sooooper excited. I want that bar to!

The best part of the sockies...the bar WILL make you shake

But the writing is backwards so you can read it in the mirror...genius!

One of my goals for the Whole30 is to up my lean muscle mass so I will start a heavy lifting routine tomorrow.

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