Saturday, 22 December 2012

Whole30: Day 22 (toxic people)

Entering the home stretch for the 30 leg of my adventure. I will only blog daily for the 30 days but continue on the journey through 60 and then 100 making notes as I go along depending on what come up (like feeling the magic near the 60 mark) but fear not, the blog will be up almost everyday anyways for your reading pleasure.

I really am not looking forward to January.1st when people make a bunch of half assed promised about health and fitness. I will just need to go all zen monkey and let my continued commitment to health just keep shining through. I am looking forward to journeying with A.C for her Whole30 but she eats pretty clean already so I think she will just need a kind word or a recipe here or there (I got yo back lady!) But what about those people in your life that are toxic? Come on....admit it.....we all have them. People that are NEVER on time because their time is much more important than yours. People that don't keep promises. People that wallow in a woe is me attitude. People that exhibit self destructive behaviors. People that are passive aggressive with you. These kinds of people are all toxic and DO in fact have an impact on your life and your health. Clearing out the toxic food and things from my life has made me realize that there are toxic people in my life that need to go. Some I care about, other less so but both need to go so "...that's when I decided to say...good bye good bye to all the fake people in my life..." (bonus points for getting the song reference!)

Stress is a huge factor in getting healthy and in what most people only care about...losing weight (which is dumb but I digress). If you are stressed you might lose weight but constantly elevated cortisol levels will make damn sure that isn't a lasting change, just another up or down of the yo-yo. I read something about a month ago about certain people being a lot more sensitive to passively absorbing other peoples stress. It was an AH-HA moment for me. I know most people wouldn't call me a "sensitive" person in the sense like weeping at commercials and being a big vagina and shit but I am highly in tune with people, their emotions, nuances, social interaction etc. I am great at reading people and can interact with anyone in any situation.

My family is especially toxic, not my Mama she is my pride and joy but other members who really don't merit much more than this sentence. I think tons of us are stuck feeling obligated to keeping toxic people in their life "because they are family" FAMILY SCHMAMLY. I want people in my life that love me, care for me, support me and are there for me unconditionally. I have said recently a lot that I am free of the burden of family. I believe that family is what you make it and you teach people how to treat you. If a family member treats you like shit and you stay with them "because they are family" or a better wording which just popped into my head "the burden of blood" then you are teaching them that is ok to let them shit on you because you'll always be there due to the burden of blood. Most people aren't strong willed enough to cut family out of their lives with excuses like "family is complicated"...things are only as complicated as you make them out to be. Rid your life of toxic people including family and watch your life change. Stop talking to these people, block them on Facebook, worry about YOU and your health before bow and scraping to toxic people. This is more in the vein of owning up and taking responsibility for your life. In my reality the familial unit in modern society is fractured and one doesn't need the huge family structure like we would have as cavemen. The reality is the single family unit is the unit that dominates typical North American culture.

Need a tribe? Find or make your own and in the age of the internet this is so much easier that it ever has been. Surround yourself with loving supportive members of the tribe that thinks and feels like you. The tribe will cheer your victories, help you during your struggles, cuddle you when you need a cuddle and just be there for you (a lot of people find this supportive, loving, hardworking tribe in CrossFit)

The truth is you are only obligated to yourself. Free yourself from your burdens and toxic people and watch yourself soar!

Now for something completely different....I had ANOTHER non-compliant food dream. I was eating a pink Starburst, just sucking on it. Of course I had another candy dream. I always wake up feeling relieved that it was all just a dream. No amount of pink Starbursts are worth sacrificing all my hard work.

Now for something completely paleo and 100% compliant....ELK STIR FRY! We got stir frying elk meat from the NEW meat store and husbie was so gung-ho to make a stir fry for lunch.

Mmmmm fresh-a-licious...and my tribe informed me that water chestnuts are indeed compliant...thank you paleo family

My freezer bursting with compliant meats...I am so happy we have this little chest freezer

Mmmmmm meat....vegans cower!!!

Local caught pickerel, the only fish I will eat other than tuna out of a can and shrimpies.

Miss Em came by for one last visit before she continues home to the West coast. I miss her so much but I always enjoy whatever small portion of time we get together. She came bearing gifts...HOMEMADE GIFTS which are some of my favs.

Her partner's mother makes goat's milk soap from her own goats so she got all the "reject" soaps that are slightly too imperfect to sell. They all looked good to me. Husbie thought the bottom ones looked like chicken know...the boobie kind.

This was my favourite, the mint poppy seed. It smelled EXACTLY like the experiential shower at the spa...I was huffing it all night it smelled so fantastic (notice the natural light! the sun came out for the first time in weeks yesterday)

 She brought preserved goods she made herself with produce from her garden. This is apple butter

Pears and apple jelly. I say it all the time but I really do have the best friends ever. I would love them to the moon and back even if they didn't bring me amazing handmade goodies.

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