Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Whole30: Day 19

You know those blah days...days where you just feel icky...that's me today. BLAHHH! I am sure it is a combination of factors the biggest being that I didn't drink enough water yesterday, of course my own fault. The crimson wave is to be surfed soon (ewww TMI, sorry!) AND I had nuts 2 days in a row. Less than a small handful over the 2 days but that is a no bueno for me. Nuts make me feel yucky when I eat them back to back like that. I haven't had troubles when I eat nuts on say a Monday then a Saturday. I also didn't work out yesterday OR this morning so of course I am spiraling down with all the bad, counter productive self talk in my head. Physically I feel yucky and my mind wants to counteract that feeling with hours of compulsive cardio which of course is silly but this is the feedback loop in my head. I am positive that I am not the only one who has these harmful conversations in one's head and part of my journey is to heal those thought and emotions. I am a work in progress as are you!

I went out for a tan yesterday...tanning might be the last unhealthy thing I do other than using conventional bath and beauty products (natural toothpaste is groooooooss and DO NOT get me started on the Diva Cup *barf*). Someone lost a mitt...this would be me if I wore mitts...I am totally not good at keeping all my shit together.  I hope you found your mate poor lost mitten.

The new Shoppers! I usually am not out in day light since I go to yoga after the sun sets AT 5PM! but here it is in all it's massive corporate glory. It was more fun before they boarded up the windows and you could spy on the construction guys working on the inside.

"Premium Adult Boutique" SisterWife actually had her bday party here in October, they rent it out for private passion party type events. There was plenty of inappropriateness with a penis straw.

HAHA I knew I took picture so I went back and checked the archives and this was the only appropriate one, that would be said penis straw.

Alright alright enough penis foolishness. This store always has cool stuff in their window display and their props are lots of vintage things like that sewing machine on the right.

Look at these strange little decorations. I love the weird Santa and the balls.

I did NOT love this outfit that looked like it was for a 75 year old woman, this store caters to 20 somethings... I never approve of young ladies dressing like geriatrics. I like how the reflection of the lamp post makes the manequin look like it has a head.

The crazy Asian store that supposedly all the stuff comes out the Japanese equivelant to Walmart. I love this pink skeleton hand clutch

Another manatee! I am loving these guys

These hyroglyphs are how the transients communicate with each other. They all leave before the snow comes hitchhiking or riding the rails back to Van City for the winter. They return in late spring/early summer

The monster IKEA sign. The intersection that leads to the store has to be the biggest one in the city.

This is the tallest things for miles (except for that Ikea sign) and it's just a MASSIVE pile of snow. This is one of the city's snow dump locations and the worst part is you can't even go sliding on it. What a waste of a huge pile of snow.

We went to the work wear clothing store...they had pink hardhats! I have my own hard hat and it's not pink, it's white and very muddy.

I loved the rainbow line up pouffy vests

I spent an hour and a half shelling walnuts and this is the amount of nuts I came up with. This is why nut butters and preshelled are dangerous. Someone with no self control could eat this amount of nuts in a few minutes. It took me the better part of 2 hours and lots of strength and tedious work to get these. Nature naturally limits how many nuts you should eat. I have said it before but nuts (and fruit) are both heavily abused by some W30ers. Eat nuts responsibly y'all...and if they make you feel icky like me, limit your nut consumption.

GIFTS OF WONDERFULNESS! When Miss Em passed through about a month ago on her way to the East coast I asked her to look for raw honey when she was on the island. This is what was brought back for me. ACK! Want to eat now...this post Whole30 deliciousness.

The clearer the honey the more processed and refined it is. Raw honey naturally crystalizes after about a month of being in the jar...totally normal. This stuff is thick and not clear at all. I might just eat it with a spoon but for now it is hidden away. Thanks Em!!

And I keep forgetting to tell y'all about my Barre Method experience. The traffic was horrendous on the day I went so I *just* barely made it to the class on time...I was quite flustered but once I realized we would be working out to dancey music I immediately got pumped up. I believe my studio has hacked the method to suit their clientele. It's more of a mix of yoga, pilates and ballet stuff. They start with 15 minutes of abs which is killer but I rocked it out unlike the waif chick beside me who had practically no muscle. I OWN PLANK! The only part I had to stop for a 2 second breather was some of the leg moves. My bum was sooooo sore the next day but it was a great, fast workout. The hour flew by and I still dripped sweat like I was in the hot room. I did a hot hatha class immediately after the barre class because I am hardcore like that! The beginning of January is when the classes start up for real with a full schedule but I can see myself working that into my regular routine just to keep things spicy and awesome...I get bored easily and I am DYING without access to my pool right now.

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