Monday, 10 December 2012

Whole30: Day 10

Double digits...awww yeah! I am a third of the way to a Whole30 although I will most likely be doing a Whole60, but I am just worried about tackling the first chunk right now. Nice and methodical, day by day, working hard, never slipping, never giving up. I have noticed I have some small scattered itchy bumps, smaller than a mozzie bite and they are in random spots. I am assuming this is part of my body's detox as I have read that rashes are not uncommon in the detox phase.

I took zero pictures yesterday but I did a lot of reading and went to yoga. The internet can sometimes be a magical place for people who like to read lots lots of varying opinions on certain things. So I am going to give you a bunch of websites that I love, lots paleo some not. the website from the creators of the Whole30. This website gives you the Whole30 plan, it has a blog and my favourite part...the forums. You can read and join if you like. The forums are a great support center and I suspect that the activity there is going to blow up in January. The forum is actually where I got my liver pate recipe.  this is a great fitness and nutrition website that is done in a super cute way. The owner (can you own a blog, I guess so) uses lego dudes and video game analogies to keep you interested. Ladies, read about Staci's story and tell me you don't want to pick up weights after reading that. this is one of the most popular paleo blogs. Always tons and tons of great information, news on nutrition, though provoking articles and success stories. His is more primal than paleo...primal is a larger sub-heading that paleo falls under. another invaluable resource. This site has lots of older articles and I like the ones that tend to focus on the eating habits and traditions of indigenous cultures (Miss Em I am looking at you for this one!) I read this article yesterday and just silently nodded along with it. The article is titled "Guts and Grease" had to know I was going to love it! another paleo blog by 2 ladies full of articles, recipes and podcasts! I am totally new to this pod casts thingamagiggies since you should know my stance on Apple anything a similar format to the balanced bites website just another great paleo resource the website of a doctor who approves of the paleo diet (DIET AS IN WHAT YOU EAT NOT "I WANT TO FIT INTO A BIKINI)

Now for some cooking! These are a few of my fav paleo cooking blogs the kitchen ninja herself nomnom. She works full time shift work, has 2 little boys, does CF AND still has time to crank out amazing paleo dishes. Totally inspirational, if she has time YOU have time. the queen of paleo-ified treats (suitable for POST WHOLE30) like freezer fudge, chocolate chip cookies, cauliflower pizza ( fucking good!) and compliant fried "rice"

Non-Paleo but still awesome blogs this is NOT a paleo blog, this is a vegan blog I have been reading for over 3 years now. She's a good old Canadian girl and this was the first ever "health" blog that I started reading with frequency. Some of her new recipes are gluten-free but still contain grains like oats but she is so sweet and her photographs are lovely this is DEFINITELY not a paleo blog but rather a raw food blog. Like I said I can read about nutrition until the world ends (which is in like a couple weeks right??) and there are similarities between paleo and vegan/raw life styles...such as an emphasis on whole fresh veggies and fruits and fermented food. this is personal blog and journey of a formerly overweight woman who decided that it was never too late to stop being unhappy with your life and change it all. She lives in New York and I will admit her blog was a big influence in me getting Drake (she has a Hello Kitty fixed speed!). Not paleo but I love stalking her life.

More pictures tomorrow, apologies but it has literally been in the -30s here (that's celsius y'all...but when it gets that cold it's also jealous) so you probably won't see many outdoor pictures until like April.

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