Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Whole30: Day 25 (Christmas!)

Ahhh Christmas...8 weeks of hype for one day of my whole house being thrased. Yoga was closed and so was the gym but did that stop me? FUCK NO! I workout on Christmas Day....LIKE A BOSS! I live in a massive concrete high rise which means there is a built in work out system..the stairs. I have done the stairs before but I cacked out on one round (this was 2 years ago). I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed before the sun was up, I also got hubby to move the Bowflex weights into the living room so I could damage my arms after the stairs. I didn't fail because I had a plan. I knew I wanted to work out on Christmas morning so I made a plan and stuck to it. I had my water and my mp3 player and I was ready to go. I always work out first thing in the morning so I never worry about what my hair looks like (see: a squirrely mess). Hello stairs!

Hello me on the stairs early in morning while the rest of the block snoozed with visions of sugar plums. I wore long sleeves because I thought it would be cold in the stairwells, it was but I was sweating after 5 minutes (note squirrely morning hair)

I started on my floor which is past the mid-way point and went to the roof then down to the basement, then back up to my floor. That was one round, where I cacked out before but I dominate now so I did 3 full rounds of that; from my floor up to the roof down to the basement and back to my floor. I was feeling it by 1 and a half round and my legs were shaky by the final round but I did it because I fucking rule. 28 flights one way and I am no good at math so do it on your own....hmmm let's see...a fuckton of stairs!

An awful awful picture of me but check out the sweat! I was dripping! I usually sweat a lot when I work out no matter what the work out is. I left my DNA on those stairs!

Sweaty shirt and tanned, toned shaky legs

After the stairs I pumped out a quickie arms circuit quietly while my house slumbered, I was feeling the tiger blood! As I sit here now the one part of me that never hurts no matter what I do be it yoga, a killer legs day, Barre, swimming whatever is sore...my calves are sore. I will be feeling the stair love tomorrow morning....bring on the buuuurn bitch, I feel you and fear you not.

I napped for almost 2 hours in the afternoon. I napped yesterday too. I am thinking this is just a phase so I am letting me nap while I can because all this free time with husbie around isn't going to last forever so I need to yoga and nap it up while he is still here.

Now for my SUCCESSFUL or should I say OUR successful Whole30 100% compliant Christmas dinner recap. We brought our own food which is why we were successful. Chicken, sweet potatoes, salad, raw veggies, mayo, nuts and raisins for the beasts. There was a fucking delicious looking danties spread which I just totally avoided. I didn't even go into the kitchen while it was out. There was no reason to subject myself to that so I didn't. I took pictures of my cutie niece and enjoyed family time.

 At dinner there were guests that asked polite questions about the paleo thing. One was pre-med so I informed her and she seemed to nod along with all the points I made. No one said anything weird but my MIL did wonder why husbie wasn't eating her "special meatballs". I was so proud of him, not a sweet or pop or meatball or anything non-compliant passed his lips but I caught him eyeing up the danties tray AND the Turtles which probably have all 5 non-compliants in them but he never wavered and stuck to his commitment. I am sooooooper proud of him. We enjoyed our healthy and colorful dinner and felt great afterwards. No bloated, tired or fat pants feeling. I could have gone for a run right after if I wanted to I felt fantastic. I only felt a little tempted by the sweets but I am in control now so it was easy to avoid them. I was happy to share the paleo word and my SIL is so sweet she had a raw veggie spread and she was so cute when she said "LOOK, IT'S COMPLIANT!" She's not paleo but she totally tried and I love her for it. I even snagged 2 big spoonfuls of the cooked carrots for us before she did them up for everyone else.

I made a chicken bone broth with my heritage chicken carcass and chicken bones we save and throw in the freezer. I am not crazy about bird bone broth but if I have bones and carcasses I am not going to waste them. When we were out doing out meat shop last week I came across a bag of chicken feet! I was stoked! Chicken feet are great for making your broth more jelly like. So I chucked a few in my bird bone broth so I am hoping it will be more gelatinous than my last one. Husbie was not sold on the chicken feet, he doesn't like organ meat or chicken feet or other "strange" things. His loss.

$3 for 4lbs....less than a $1/lb! What a steal of a deal!

A foot in the broth. They were very strange looking but I haven't seen disembodied chickens feet often before now but of course that is changing.

I hope everyone had a happy holidays and you didn't indulge too much. I am looking forward to a photo shoot with my Mama tomorrow. I am OVERDUE for some decent pictures of me looking slim, healthy and foxy. My Mama knows her way around a camera and brought her tripod just for the occassion, I am a lucky gal. I am also headed to yoga tomorrow on what I assume will be very very sore legs.

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  1. oohlala! you guys did so AWEsome and having your mama around is the best! i can't wait to see all your foxy shots