Friday, 27 July 2012


More daytime adventures with K.P. It is so fun having her off or working half days but with the Fringe coming to an end so will our daytime dates. I have been meaning to take this picture forever of the lady skeleton cameo. I went to take it today and guess what? Because of the new method of uploading pictures from the baby camera to computer, I left the memory card in the computer. Fack. We weren't far from home so I ran back for it.

Brand new shiny green and yellow rollin' through downtown. It looked so pretty and new.


K.P liked the fact that their was a question mark . I asked husbie the expert and blue spray pain means water (orange is hyrdo) apparently those little buttons are "curb stops" which is how the city can turn the water for a building on and off with a "key"..says the expert...then he rambled on about property lines and fancy gardens.

Speaking of fancy gardens. I love those climby vines.

Bike besties! Locked up lovers...check out the rainbow tape

Up close, so neat

It was so freaking gorgeous! Pants in July! Lots of people were capitalizing on this novelty myself included.

This is was a highly confused mess. There were people for a full city block grouped into groups like some kind of American Idol auditions. I think it was some kind of open job interview or something because I saw one lady clutching a folder that said "economic opportunities" or some bullshit. Whatever. All I know is they were monopolizing the sidewalk.

The Burty. I saw Teagan and Sara here. Super gorgeous inside with crazy steep upper balcony scary steep.

Sandwich boards set up with posters and handbills for shows.

The outdoor stage. Oh contentious outdoor stage. They tore down the beautiful simple old one and built this monostrosity. K.P calls it The Borg. I think it's ugly as shit and these Aussie performers called it a cheese grater. The faces can be "peeled" back or around in different ways supposedly making it more dynamic. I hate it. It look like a big spaceship crash landed in a 1920s warehouse district...blech. This show was pretty good. There is one act that K.P cannot stand.

Fancy sparkly chandiler at a frou frou jewlerey store.

Its auster posh store front

I thought this was kinda interesting given the big shiny John Deere I saw earlier.


This was so freaking cute and made me chuckle to myself. You know I love cute, non-offensive/destructive, well placed street art.

This dude was stretching as he was jogging. I was confused but it was very funny to watch. Also check out the helmeted biker on the left.


Old skool nintendo backpack. I bet this dude still lives at home AND is single.

ARGH. I am frustrated by my inability to clearly capture what I was going for here. That man was listening to A WALKMAN! Straight out of the 80s. You can just barely see it there on his hip. Gah! It was so fabulous but he was a very speedy walker on a very busy sidewalk at a very busy time of day. That green box is prime tagging/postering/street art real estate.

DRAKE! I couldn't neglect him a moment longer. My bike boo and I headed out for a quick tootle. Nothing crazy, just enough that he got some air and doesn't hate me.

Polite lady biker. Earlier in the day there was an undercover cop car parked at the base of the bridge. I said to the cop that I hoped he was passing out tickets to bikers who were riding over the bridge. He said just warnings. I made sure to tell him that I dismount to cross all the time and I can't stand when people don't.

Not wearing my helmet...tisk tisk...sometimes it's nice to feel the wind in your hair

Drake was so happy to be out that he even posed with some flowers.

One of the trees along the river that was marked to go has gone :( I hate seeing tree stumps. The hippie in me can't take it, especially knowing there is absolutely no planting plans for the river bank because of the flooding that happens every year.

Tonight we are going to check out that show with the free food which I actually found a Facebook events page for so I got slightly more information. There will be performance art, spoken-word stuff and other goodness which I am actually kind of interested to see.

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