Monday, 16 July 2012

Thrift it good

Forest fires in Western Canada specifically in Alberta near High Level (there are sometimes planting companies that set up camp near there) have been burning. I hope they evacuated everyone they needed to. My thoughts are with the bush firemen fighting it since we know people that do it and it can be very dangerous. The smoke has blown east across Alberta and Sask. and things have been very hazy here.

But then it rained today. All grey and overcast like. We thought we might hit up the mall to attempt to get a new phone charger because we are sharing one between us and it is picky and needs to sit a certain way to charge the joke...straight ghettooooo. With all the rain apparently everyone decided to take their asses to the mall. It was fucking Christmas packed. We did one lap around the massive parking lots and my stress levels immediately shot through roof (I wasn't driving). I hate looking for a parking spot. I take the first one I see. I don't fart around trying to get close or any of that nonsense. My dear husbie said we didn't have to attempt find a spot and go in if I didn't want to. I didn't want to. We left. He is awesome. This ugly rainy business is why I could never live on the west coast...blech.

IKEA! yes don't poke fun, we don't have an Ikea yet but soon bitches soon! Crappy DIY Swedish furniture here we come!

My darling humoured me and calmed my stress by taking me to the thrift store one of my most favourite places on earth. He really does know all about me. Check out this old broad's cans! We always laugh at the tacky tacky tchotchkes. 


 I am regretting not getting this

Pink old lady wind breaker, lululemon capris (from the clearance rack, I have just recently told K.P of the gloriousness that is the lulu clearance rack and she days ago scored a half price scuba...yeah buddy!) and Crocs flats, shoes I wanted to hate but really do love.

Inside of a hat that I wanted to fit me but was too small. I have no problem rolling the bed bugs dice at the thrift store and luckily -pun intended- have never been bitten and have a stash of crazy treasures but I don't go to the movie theatre for the bed bug reason. Some things I can justify, others not.

CHEESE! Vintage F.P camera

I really wanted this brand new with tags Adidas purse for riding but I found a much much more precious treasure that forced me to put this little cutie back. I really really wanted this purse.

We got some books. I kinda go insane when I get in a thrift store and I buzz my through all the sections quickly then go through again and pick closer. Husbie who had probably been in a thrift store once before he met me is now a really sweet asset. He finds great stuff, he sees stuff that I don't because I am all blissed out on thrift store goodness. He is typically successful in the books and he came up with 3 awesome ones this time. The 2 on the right are for me and are really really short so I have set myself a goal of finishing the housewife one this week so I can discuss it with Miss Em. We both live for this kinda shit, we can geek out all academic style with each other and pick each others brains...eeeppp so excited. The middle book is totally my kinda stuff. I was a History major and I love this theoretical crap now that I am not forced to read it then regurg on someone else's time. The Suzuki book is for both of us. We have been called short haired hippies before.

Someone's Red Solo Cup blew on to our balcony

K.P's basil is completely insane and growing like a crazy basil! Hello future pesto.

One of the tops I got from the thrift store. It's Gap and it's not meant to be worn like this but this is the only way it looks good on me. It looks like crap the other way so sezzy off the shoulder it is. Disregard my zombie eyes.

It has a cute little tie detail at the back and it's plum which is still dark but not black. I have gotten shit for wearing too much black. It's super flowy and I can't wait to ride in it.

DINNER! The husbie got a hankering for Greek food on the way home. We used to live like 10 seconds from this Greek restaurant when we lived in our old apartment but we don't have it much any more since we moved. As soon as he said it I was craving a gyro! This place serves Canadianized Greek food which is no problem for me but I love truly authentic Greek food. All this is noms; salad, rice and a lamb gryo. I will eat any and all ethnic food.

Now the piece de resistence, my thrift store score, the reason I put the Adidas purse back... I know most of you will hate it but I FUCKING LOVE IT, it is sooooo me and the second I put it on I knew it was coming home with me. This picture does not even show it's true gloriousness. Faux fur skinned Muppet vest. The colorway is INSANE!

Oh god it's so fucking awesome I can barely stand it. GO ON, HATE!

I know right? You totally hate it and I think it is so bad ass. Don't worry husbie is on your side and tried to boycott its purchase. This fabalasness obvs won. IT HAS POCKETS! *swoon*

I have named it "The Japanese Muppet Vest" in accordance with the tags on the inside. Of course this came from Japan! It is too much for us Westerners.

AAAANNDDD...I am totally not getting my hopes but my gal texted me today asking if she could NO PROMISES but if she could hook it up would I want to go to the Full Flex Express Winnipeg stop on Wednesday. I think peed myself a little, professed my love then said yes of course! Ahhhh! Like I said not getting my hopes up because my plan was to ride Drake down to the venue (the outdoor, open air baseball park) and listen fo' free any ways with all the other people that have the same genius idea.

Dear Universe,

I know you have a Facebook account failblog told me all about and I know that can be a time suck but can you please align whatever it is you need to align to make this happen? Thanks!

Cheers, smoochies and candy


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