Wednesday, 18 July 2012

On the Train

Dear Universe...Thank you!!! Way to hear my words and align the shiznit. Full Flex Express HERE I COME! My girl Indiana hooked it up and I am so freakin' happy! I really am so shocked that this is happening. I guess I will suspend belief until later today when I am actually in. EXCITEMENT! And the man himself who according to my friend is a total sweetheart.

I am playing with fire in regards to my ripped nail. Crazy glue can no longer save it. It needs to be cut thus ALL of them have to be fucking cut but I am not ready so I am rocking a Hello Kitty band aid because it is one good snag away from ripping below the painful line.

Someone appreciates someone else's views

I am very intrigued by this and am pondering attending just for the free snacks. I am sure I can get Miss Em to come to this.

FRINGE posters up at the theatre by my place. This was just one window, they have 5 to fill and as I took the picture I noticed a girl inside with tape and a huge stack of posters. I will be back to capture the growth. Fringe officially starts today and my plan was to go with K.P to a show to kick it off but the gloriousness has happened so we will be going to a show on Friday.

Scooter-fest outside the martini bar. They were illegally parked and I was standing illegally in the middle of the street at a green light...I snapped it quick.

I met up with Indiana last night to discuss the plan for today but she had precious little time so I walked her back to the train station all the while listening to her glorious tales. She is still in the surreal moment of it all. This is her last stop but she gets to get to the show today. It has been whirlwind and so much fun. I was just happy to listen and hear about her glamorous life.

This wooden house thing...

...was parked outside this very old, very fancy hotel (I adore the spa in here)

"Cross Canada For Farmers"

Very very interesting, visit them here

I always think there is some kind of hidden meaning in this tag, like rearranging the letters will spell out something significant.

Inside the train station and admittedly I don't think I have ever been inside here.

 I am not sure at what time on Tuesday the racks were going to be removed but I walked by with less than 2 hours left in Tuesday and they were still there... and I forgot those shoes hurt my feet with prolonged walking. Good for short trips only.

This dude crossed the side walk in front of me then climbed a downtown! He was just a little baby but I am still surprised when I see wildlife really close to where I am. I saw a deer on the street once only a couple minutes from here.

The drop off spot for the missing Captain is an uber-crunchy veg-vegan restaurant that I have never eaten at but I hear is delicious.

Also I got the deets on a range where I can shoot a Desert Eagle...this bad ass mofo

This may come as a surprise but I like guns, especially hand guns. I have my PAL (firearms license) and I am able to acquire and possess both long guns (rifles) and short guns (hand guns). This place doesn't require you to have a license since you are shooting the range's gun so I want the husband and I to go. The husbie has never shot a gun in his life although now that I say that he may have shot skeets off the dock at the cabin with a rifle a few years ago. But he has certainly never shot a hand gun. I haven't shot a gun in awhile but the feeling of it and power of it is something so totally unique and something I think everyone especially women should experience.

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