Sunday, 8 July 2012

Post-Cabin recap *photo heavy*

Back from our annual trip to the cabin. The weather was very co-operative and the bugs were worse than any year I can remember (horseflies!) My purse...I pack like crap.

The time we actually walked out the door. I was rushed into this shot and it was a "shoot from the hip shot". I have decided that no matter how hard I try it is physically impossible for me to leave before 10am for the cabin...fact. I have been trying for years!

 Mandatory Timmy's run before hand, double doubles!

I missed a clear shot of where we were headed but I kinda like this one too. It was overcast on the drive out but wouldn't stay that way.

Bad ass spider when we stopped for bait. I hopped out to take a few pictures and there this beauty was.

I am glad I brought the Crocs ballet flats. They were super easy to wash off in the lake when they got dirty a million times or after walking through this soupy gravel parking lot.

Bait minnows. I hate them sloshing around in the vehicle.

 Lots of people on bikes on the highway and lots of real cyclists on road bikes or other bikes with lots of gear bags attached like they were going long distances. This guy was kinda sketchy looking, walking his bike and appeared to be carrying empties.

The Canadian Shield starting to poke up out of the ground. You are now leaving the prairies.

I almost got the whole thing. These people's canoe was called "Catch 22 1/2"

Entering Whiteshell Provincial Park

I am pretty sure this sign is a joke, look at the cute crab!!

Loading up the boat. Uncle Hutch commented that it looked like we brought the least amount of stuff this time than we ever have. I was proud. This is just the food portion of our crap.

Docked boat at the marina. The cabin is on a "private" island. There are 7 private residences scattered all over the island and it's a 10 minute boat ride from the marina to island.

Cool bridge on the way out of the marina. I loved all the old stone. This shot was hard to get because half of the top of the boat was on because it had rained earlier and admittedly the cover is kinda ugly (sorry Uncle Hutch!)

Big Pimpin' house boat style. This thing was very new and chic.

A cabin under renos. All the new lumber was very very bright against the green trees.

We arrived and the sun came out.

 A big ass old Pepsi-Cola mirror. The best thing about this cabin is that it's a time capsule and full of so many cool old things.

Like this crazy old bottle I assume washed up on the beach. It had some heft to it. A ginger ale local to the area that isn't produced any more.

Love this one

I feel so lucky to even get the opportunity to come out to this beautiful beautiful place. I love it here a lot. I would want to be here when the zombie appocalypse breaks out with Uncle Hutch, his stash of guns and his home made jerky. Life would be good.

Vintage toys! I love vintage Fisher Price toys with a passion and this cabin is the mother load. Better than any thrift store Uncle Hutch's dad is a hoarder but not in the need a show about you (yet) phase. So there are tons of old toys from my childhood and older. I swear I find something new every single time we go out. Everyone had these FP binos and I actually rescued a pair from the thrift store about 5 years ago (my mom threw out my childhood) and it lives in my collection of vintage FP toys (yes, I have a rather large collection that I might show you some day but then I have never seen them together in one spot before, they are all in different boxes).

Vintage Radio Shack kids metal detector and notice the vintage FP school desk under the chest of drawers. I set none of this is set up, this is as the room an awesome time machine

I had this Playskool phone as a wee one and l-o-v-e-d it. It is still as much fun even with the crazy ass phones now a days.

Bevie on the beach. The cabin has a small but very sandy and lovely private can hate me now.

Groovy beach chair, I love the color and the pattern.

Sunning the gams because they are hard to keep/get brown (photos by Husbie)

The bunk cabin, like a guest house off the main cabin...I don't recall taking these next picture so must have been the husbie

Great unintentional colors, they look all  washed out and pastel and I really like Uncle Hutch's master angler poking his head out the door at the top.

These 2 rope ones are possibly my best pictures of the weekend...method?...yup, just set the camera on the dock, didn't set up anything or look through the eye piece and just snapped....minimalist perfection.

Crayfish...or crawdads or probably a billion other names. I like to call them baby lobsters. This guy was a big fatty. We just dip nets off the dock to catch them.

Treasures found in the lake.

Uncle Hutch brought cacti back from Drumheller and planted them, apparently they can live here...I am no botanist.

 High pony and big hoops at the cabin, so what?

Check out this 1950 Betty Crocker Cookbook just stashed in a corner of the kitchen. What a great cover!

Ahhh too much retro, I LOVE!

Husbie took the baby camera out when he went fishing. This picture is lovely but captures the true essence of why fishing isn't for me and I stay on land...sooooo boring although I am now seeing the potential for sun tanning.

Beer butt chicken

Fresh Walleye caught that day ready for filleting.

Uncle Hutch's master angler he caught when we were out a few years ago...majestically ugly (blaming husband for this picture since it has a lot of "shake" on it)

There were lots of dogs there this weekend that came out with old and new friends. This is Rogue a $6000, 5 year old female lead champion sled dog. She was gorgeous.

This is Ben a Pershie-or-something/Mastiff mix. He's 7 months, a huge monster but a total sweetie boo even though he still has his balls (he's going to be a breeder) and they were HUGE!

Rambo a.k.a "Rumbo" the 3 year old chihuahua/pug mix this is Uncle Hutch's sister's dog and I threatened to steal him away many many times, he is a cuddle bug and just a great great dog. LOOK AT THAT FACE! *smooch*

Rebus and his lady Taylor the 11 year old schnauzer. I think of them as a really old married couple and they totally play the part. Very sweet old dogs.

A tree that was felled whilst there.

The Yatch Club *said in a fancy voice*

Bridge on the way back courtesy of the husbie

Homeward bound...move over rocks the highway is coming through...oh what? you don't want to move? we'll just blast right through you. Progress is progress.

This fool had no idea that the cops were following him with their lights on, speeding no doubt.

The center of Canada, check out our en Francais spelling of "center". I love our weird and wacky French-Canadian/British highbred language with reversed e's ad r's and added U's.

This picture sucks balls for 3 reasons. 1. It's really hard to take a flattering side picture of your own leg without a mirror 2. I look deathly white and I know I am not and 3. It does not even begin to convey the amount of bug bites that I have. The mozzies and the horseflies were really really bad this year. I gave up after a point and I just allowed myself to be the buffet. I now have masses of sexy sexy welts and bites. Luckily one that I thought was a spider bite on my arm does not appear to be.

That's it that's all. I am burnt out and need to decompress in my beautifully cool apartment while I eat all my leftover food that I don't have to cook and drink my "leftover" beers.

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