Thursday, 26 July 2012

a 6 pack

6 beers might be my limit. I had an intoxicated, confusing, funny walk with Miss Emily last night and I am not even sure I remember half of it. I remember eating dinner, husband was not home, husband came home, I was in bed, I agreed to go out with Miss Emily but forgot or didn't care as I laid down then was very very confused why the apartment phone buzzer was ringing and my husband wasn't home (he apparently went out to get gas and beer all of this was told to me around the 4-5 beer mark). I had hoped if I just lay in bed the noise which was Miss Emily waiting to be buzzed in would just go didn't...she didn't. I became aware enough I had to get up, answer the phone and let her in AND THEN go for a walk. I was far too intoxicated and half asleep now for this adventure to be anything less than totally confusing. We decided to crash K.P's quiet Wednesday night...fucking Wednesday! This week has dragged on. I thought Tuesday was's been one of those week's. My ghetto dinner

K.P against my better spousely judgement got another cat!! Unofficially named Bitty, I am officially allergic to cats but she was too fucking cute not to touch and rub on my face (be warned, this is a post full of shitty, dark, blurry pictures as a result of drunken night time photography.) K.P exclusively owns manx cats and this is not her first!

Hera has been unimpressed with the Bits so far. Here she is sulking under the ottoman thing.

We were teasing her venus fly trap. K.P won't stick her fingers in there because she's a wuss

The basil has gotten fucking out of control! K.P's bf typically cooks for them but he has been working out of town a lot lately so the basil is piling up!

We bid K.P farewell because she actually has to get up and go to work in the a.m unlike us slackers who are Wednesday drinking. I buy cans for their mobility.

The light in this area at night is really really strange. Very yellow and the old glass domes refract it in a weird way.

Night time architecture

A notice to visitors about using the main entrance

Goal for this shot: Miss Emily, me in the reflection plus the 2 burrs...bonus? Miss Emily's reflection in the mirror in the room just to my right.

Haha I love it!

It was cool enough out that I needed a hoodie! I love wearing a hoodie and shorts.

Posing for blurry ridiculousness on the bridge

This might be my signature night time pose.

Walkin' the streets. I think I was Facebooking on my phone so I was unaware of her taking shots of my ass

Then I became aware so I got klassy with it!

Oh goodness and these are some of the best ones!

I am pondering complex things!

We were on our way to the park to swing but there were some exceedingly sketchy dudes at the park so we did not bother to stop and get our swing on as intended. No rape for us tonight thanks!

Pink Lights. By this point we were back on the main drag and I was starving. My ghetto dinner was no longer holding its own with the beer but I going to be out of luck then totally out of luck. It was just past that time that everything closed, even Burger King (which was where I was headed for nuggets!)

I thought Mc Donalds might have been open...only drive thru.

We became enraptured with the mural

The scandalous couple

Ok so she was blinking for this shot but it kinda captures how I felt whilst walking. She is pointing out the evil cat in the mural

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnd then this happened. Literally at the furthest point away from my house my flip flop broke. Fo' realz? really? Notice Miss Emily's fully functional sandal.

Em took over camera duties at this point. I had given up and was just trying to make it home on one good sandal. She snuck into tea story for a picture. Terribly enough the only place open is a place I dislike (and did not have enough money for)

Getting the serious foot herp. I really had no other choice. I was unable to shuffle with it on my foot so it was just easier to carry the sad broken one and walk with only one shoe on. Thank goodness it was only Wednesday.

Bike lock ups...ok I took this one.

This dude was sitting on the stairs with a notebook and an ear bud in one ear just observing the passings by. We noticed him then Em snuck back for a not so sneaky picture of him...busted!!!

So freaking gorgeous!

My starvation and having less money with me than I thought led us to the Kwikie mart. I was fully prepared to defend myself if questioned about my one shoe but one shoe in this neighborhood doesn't even get you a second glance.

The damage...a dirty hobo foot. I am not freaked out about walking with a barefoot but it was less than ideal and my foot is a little sore on the bottom today. Notice camera strap.

It was a highly confusing night that ended rather lack lustre with the breaking of my sandal. I am going to attempt to fix it somehow with hot glue and contact cement. The moral of the story is...I'm a 6 pack gal...and there is no food to be found in the Village after 11pm on a Wednesday.

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