Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fringe Finale

Are you sick of hearing about Fringe yet? Well it's over and the husbie and  I checked it out one last time. He is appropriately dressed...I guess that is dependent on your views on wife beaters but that is neither here nor there. I was confused about the actual temperature so I wore dark jegging and a short sleeve hoodie. I was fucking roasting by this point and should have really turned back and changed. I didn't. I'm stubborn...and dumb

Tiny boat on the river

I changed my polish. This was the last of the 3 of the Joe polishes to try (the others were white and that weird orange if you recall). The outside light is making it look more greeny than bluey but it's more bluey and I really like the color, easily the best of the 3. It's called lagoon.

The camera was heavy. We brought the big mama jama and I was too hot in my jeggings to camera. Husbie took over and is apparently turning into me taking pictures of his it. The play of light and shadow in this picture is cool.

He wanted to capture his "beard". Well he has some serious mutton chops but no beard.

Coming out of the closed coffee shop he snapped this totally randomly with no thought to composition

Found this then had a total AHA! moment. 2 months of walking and pictures came together when I saw this little sticker. The thing that I have been thinking is a horse is actually a wolf, lonewolf to be exact.

I found this one on Friday but all that remained was the lettering

This picture is from about a month ago. You can see that the lettering is done in the same style. So this is a lonewolf, not a horse as I had originally thought. My appologies to the artist but I do like it when I finally figure something out.

Random hot guido looking dude at the bus stop. I love this shirt...ALL I DO IS WIN! Me wants one.

Feet on an escalator. The camera was going back and forth by this point. Both of our shoes are fit for the bin because they are broken and holey. Check out my hot, long, dark pants. It was over 30 degrees by this point. Mmmm sweltering.

We encountered "only in downtown" a few times most notably a guy had a seizure (we all assumed drug or alcohol related) while we were waiting to get coffee in the coffee shop. He hit his face on the ground and was out. They called 911 and thank goodness the firemen and paramedics came when they did because he had come to and it looked like he was going to become combat with the 2 ladies who worked at the coffee and had helped him. The craziness. We got our coffee and got out. Stuff happens you just keep moving.

En route to the venue to buy tickets. It looked like the statue was taking a poop.

We had time to kill so we were farting around in museum basement where the show was going to be held. Turns out the show was in the planetarium auditorium not the actual planetarium. I now need to take myself to the planetarium soon. Who knew there were towers in a basement? Sounds like some Harry Potter shit to me.

Since we had time to kill we had to find fun where we were at. This sign is the incorrect Americanized spelling of center. It offended our Canadian sensibilities so we decided to change it cuz duh who always has a sharpie and post it notes in her! Much better.

But then after awhile the post it lost sticky and fluttered off the door to the ground, America had won.

WE'RE IN! We got tickets then had more time to kill before we could go in for seats so we off on a handbill collecting mission.

Pretending our tickets to the show are a cock. I was sooooo excited to see this show. Outfit breakdown...white tank top is Joe, Jeggings are AE (highly recommended), bracelette was $0.25 at the thrift store and has roses carved into it, short sleeve hoodie in purse is Roca Wear via the thrift store (I find the coolest shit), yakpak purse and Adidas flip flops which I fixed but could feel slowly coming undone.

Thanks husbie! I have broken most of my silver hoops so I have been rocking the tiny green ones. I am in need of new hoops!

K.P had just previously been talking about wheelie shoes then to prove her balance has gotten better she pulled these shenans. Nice bum, where ya from?

Streetmeat! This was a very tasty, friendly and best of all uber clean streetmeat cart. Smoke'n Bob takes pride and it shows. Husbie got the bison smokie and K.P had a burger. Mmmmm streetmeat.

Lots of topping choices not typically found on a streetmeat cart.

Big wall of posters


Bike lock ups! I snapped this one. It looked like a big potato masher.

I had asked the husband to snap one when we passed it the first time and this is what he gave me.

My shot, making sure my pictures are level is something I really need to work on

Husbie's, his is framed much better, nice straight lines flank the picture but he did not have the advantage of the sun just poking out. He is getting better *tear*

We were going to see this show

I had very high expectations because it had cock in the title and it had super good reviews for it so I thought that I would make this the show I would close Fringe on. Here's his blurb

After critically acclaimed performances to sell-out audiences in festivals around the world AND a legion of Cock fans – Australian comedic artist Jon Bennett brings his Just for Laughs - Best Comedy Award-nominated show of over 300 pretend cocks to the Winnipeg Fringe!

A unique stand-up experience, Pretending Things are a Cock is part photographic exhibition, part pot-holed journey into the idiosyncratic world of Jon Bennett.

I had also specifically picked this show for the husbie. I thought he was going to love this show. I thought I was going to love the show. We sadly did not. It was more of a story-telling journey mostly with him telling stories from when he was little about how he got into pretending things are a cock. The stories were long and   often went 5-7 minutes beyond what I thought they should have but he always brought it back around which gave you that nice full circuituitous feeling. This was not really what I expected and I had to shift gears in my head about 15 minutes into it. It was at this point that I can see my husband start to fidget. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his emotions are very obvious (he is also a terrible liar) he is hating it, or at the very least he is bored stupid. There were a few hahas but the first show I saw had me laughing way more often and harder. I appreciate that he was telling a story and making it funny but I never really got into it. He was nice to look and and his Aussie accent made it entertaining but I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't have to ask him what he thought when it was over I just apologized right away. He actually said that he enjoyed the man who did the poi performance art piece at the free show on Friday better than the cock show. I was totally gobsmacked. I surrendered to the fact that they can't all be winners and maybe this show just wasn't for us but is for a lot of other people given the great reviews he has had globally. K.P felt inspired when we left

I was seeing cocks everywhere after the show

We decided to take the water bus home since husbie didn't get to ride it other day and I was dying in my hot pants once we left the comfort of the cool dark auditorium.


Village Beach. I love this so much. There is a ton of sand and river silt on the riverbank and it is actually more lovely and sandy than it should be for on the river almost right in downtown. I love that someone took the time to spell this out and I hope that it doesn't get wrecked.

Fake slurpee because it was feckin' hot! The green was lime vanilla and was pretty darn good. I have never been so happy to come to an ice cold apartment and I peeled my pants off as I walked in the door.

We ventured out later for some evening/night time strolling. Check out this dude's shoes!

Bathroom graffiti

And the fabulous response

Dinner at Kawaii! Their cooler looked so yummy and colorful

I discovered the gloriousness that is their back post-it note wall. I might have peed myself a little. There was so much sweet goodness. I soaked it in then added about 5 of my own using their notes and ones from my purse. Not that I need an excuse to come in here but I need to check out this wall more often.

Pink tape!

This rather strange cryptic poem was written on a drift wood log. I am not quite yet able to figure it out.

Creepy cute t-shirt


  1. Probably the most enjoyable post yet! There is one pix that is absolutely awesome. Bragging rights it u can guess which one I'm referring to!!

  2. I love that nail polish....I am wearing it on my toes right now ;)