Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Day After

The day after the party was a super relax day...as in not move or go anywhere until well after 2pm although the husbie did go out for coffee, what a doll. This was one of the reasons that going out was gonna kinda suck. 40 with the humidex (humidex measures how hot it really feels with the gross ass humidity)

K.P gave me this gum to try the other day. She works at a sweet ass naturopathic doctor's office and said that suppliers come in all the time and give them free shit to try. K.P does not chew gum (or drink any kind of pop) so the gum got passed my way. I think I have to say some bullshit like I am not getting paid to review this product. Ok on to the gum.

Admittedly I don't chew a ton of gum but the husbie does so I forced his ass to try it with me. Apparently this gum (nor any I assume) is not safe for pets...I want to know what friggin' idiots are giving pets gum.

The gum itself come in the standard hard coated "chiclet" in a blister pack. I decided to take a blister pack picture after we had tried it not realizing one of the chiclets had a crack in it thus wrecking my lovely picture idea and making me attempt this wonky one to edit out the crack...fuck Photoshop, I try to get my pictures right the first time I currently do not have time to edit my 6 trillion daily pictures but learning Photoshop is on my to do list...along with starting those 2 books.

The flavour of the gum was ok, very subtle and like real cinnamon not like that insane tongue burning cinnamon of a Trident or Dentyne . The texture of the gum started off more "hard" but after about 5 minutes of chewing softened up (some gum is the opposite, starts off rather liquidy and then hardens...I am not a food scientist I don't know what that shit is called). This is definitely a chewing gum not a bubble gum. The full size of the chewed piece was smaller than a grape...tiny! (not for small persons). The gum also lost flavour really quickly within in 10 minutes. Overall it was ok. I would personally never buy it but I don't buy gum or products of this nature but I thank K.P for passing it along my way. Her job means lots of cool things are passed my way in the form of mini samples of things and I happily oblige.

With the insane heat we decided to go for a little swim. This is my new bathing suit as of this year. some nameless brand via Winners but it's cute and does not make me look overly disgusting. It's a tankini or whatever they call the ones that cover your stomach. I should have paid attention to the straps before I bought it because it is going to give me bitchin' tan lines although not looking overly disgusting >  tan lines and if you know me THAT IS A MAJOR STATEMENT! The wife beater is husband's and it's Joe. I promptly made it my own by staining it pink from my new suit yay!

:( goodbye beer gardens, we'll see you next year

All 3 of these were on the same dumpster...a dumpster is just a blank canvas around here.

As I was composing this shot a woman walking by said "I do that too!" I said that I was glad I was not the only weird person who stops to take pictures of random stuff. It sucks to go anywhere with me, I am always stopping.

Urban Knitting! There was a ton last summer that I failed to capture

Store person getting fresh with a mannequin at AA, husbie spotted this while I was getting the urban knitting.

* I just realized that 2 days in a row I posted a picture of a nude mannequin...moving on

I have been neglecting Drake lately so it was off for a bike date with K.P baby camera in tow. For someone who is concerned about looking fat I sure do have a lot of horizontal stripes. Shirt is Old Navy from years ago and shorts are Joe which you will pretty much see until the end of the summer.

Baby ducks...out of focus because I am taking it one-handed while riding by. I am good but even I have limitations.

Having trouble with my pandas

Esplanade Riel...a.k.a the Penis Bridge

Bike besties!

Drake I love you, you look so magnificent here

Pretending we are not in the city and minutes from downtown

It hadn't really cooled down at all and the cloud cover had disappeared so it was a hot and humid July night and it was so beautiful. My cheeks always have and always will get really red when I am hot.

We practiced my riding on the road skills

This is what my husband works in, this small hole in the ground

Husbie from the bridge on max zoom

Me from the balcony courtesy of husbie. I always walk my bike over the bridge. Drives me insane when cyclist ride on the sidewalk on the bridge ESPECIALLY since this is the only useable side of the bridge right now so any and all foot traffic is forced on to this one side.

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