Sunday, 1 July 2012

This perfect life

First day of the long weekend was super awesome. Husbie and I went to the chiro to get adjusted. He hurt himself at work awhile ago and I went because since starting to ride Drake (heehee) I have a bit of pain in my tailbone. Husband has just about the best benefits ever and it covers EVERYTHING...meaning I get to go for free. I have no problem getting my neck adjusted but dear sweet weak stomached husband not only does not allow his neck to be adjusted but doesn't like to watch it being done. He turned green, almost barfed and had to look away. I personally felt great. My back is very healthy and I just get little tunes ups to maintain it.

Persons have their flags out! Oh Canada y'all!

This person had obviously come from the hot yoga place just across the road but it was also sickening hot and sunny.

They has started to close off the streets that feed into the main one that gets closed down for the streetfest. Some old lady was driving the wrong way down a one way. I said we needed to park a.s.a.p and only travel by foot for the next  3 days. Foot is my preferred mode of transportation anyways.

More flag goodness

We had a party to attended for a very special little boy. I put my hair up in this crazy top knot because it was driving me crazy...I totally looked crazy so I went the whole hog and untangled this necklace I made like 4 years ago from my ball of necklaces and rocked the big pink hoops, they are obscene so special occasion only. Dress is from a hoochie store online which had the best customer service EVER...Great Glam...that's what it was called. I ordered a dress and it had a small hole it in so I contacted them and they gave me $45 online store credit and told me to keep the dress (it was a tiny tiny hole near the armpit NBD). Well I forgot about the credit and it expired so when I realized it I contacted them politely stating my case and they reinstated it. Best customer service I have pretty much ever had. So I got this dress then prompted hung it up with tags on it only to discover it last week and I am in love with it. It's clingy without being hot or making me look disgusting. You can wear it as a dress or a shirt and show lots or little cleave. I might get another one just so when I wear this one into the ground I have another.

 When we pulled up to the location I saw lurve

The party was rainbow themed...super fun

Husbie and I <3...he was pink I was blue

But the masterpiece was the cake... Everyone has seen this bitch on Pinterest and my girls!

We realized that the street had finally been closed off for the streetfest so we tootled down there to check it out. The day before Canada Day is typically much more chill that Canada Day itself with the crazy heat (every year without fail it is blazingly hot and sunny) and mad drunks. Patriotic snacks!

Hat from Walmart in the treeplanting years, plaid shirt is Arnold Palmer thrifted years ago and it's sooooo soft and thin like an old man bought it, washed and wore it for 30 years. I love clothes like that. Sunglasses are Spy Elizas from forever ago and so scratched but they were the first pair of 3 digit sunglasses I bought...they are my lovers and will mourn them whenever they go. Normal silver hoops from the cheap accessory store, I burn through them pretty fast.

First dude I saw wrapped in the flag, check out his cool board.

I was having lens errors with the baby camera

 I took a few more then switched the big mama jama

I love the streetfest and it's easily one of the best things about mah so close means escaping home for water, food and a/c and easily getting back out there. All those suburban suckers that drive down here and day trip it.

Battered couch for comfy show viewing outside the music store

Jamming out at the Toad

This is the beer gardens from the other day but fully set up. This is the biggest, drunkest and rowdiest gardens on the street. I used to work at this divey bar and they didn't used to have to have the 6 foot fencing but liquor laws have changed and some seriously bad brawls have made it the way it is. The picture doesn't even get the whole gardens. It takes up almost a full city block. Last year the line was massive at midnight but we scuttled in with my girl who still works there...bitch I don't wait in line.

If you have been on the internet in the past 2 weeks you get this...poster outside the club.

Snarled traffic...I just laughed and it was like mid 30s/mid 90s by this time so people were hot and grouchy...I took pictures from the shade.

Cute little dude on the fence. I took a tip from a photography website to "shoot from the hip" just keep the camera at waist height and shoot. He is the result of that method.

I was having a bad ass hair day after a good blow dry and straighten. Another time I will tell you about  my trash hair product find...seriously awesome. Husbie is ignoring my foolishness and watching whatever he was watching. Everyday is a good hair day when you have a shaved head.

I was not letting good hair go to waste. Hit up my girls and told them to text me when they were crossing the bridge to the streetfest. Baby camera and I headed out. This was just one of a few large groups of people jamming out. I love this hippie vibe fueled by booze and drugs.

The gals wanted to have a few mobile bevies but the cop presence was heavy so we hit up the backlane, we were not the only people with this idea. But Sister Wife works here and it buddy buddy with the pizza guys who let us hang out and gave us ice. Yeah we make drinks on the hood of car, so what! YOLO!

Love this girl

I purposely kept the flash off for descretion

Other groups

Shortly after this picture was taken one of the ladies was busted peeing betwixt the cars by the cops. They were super nice, we appologized, promised to seek out the port-a-loos next time and hover (her justification for the pop-a-squat was gross port-a-loos), smiled and lowered our voices. We were cute and really the least of their concerns that night. Notice camera strap in picture...this is always the dead give away that I have been drinking.

Great day and I will just end by admitted that I LOOOOOVE the new J.B song "As long as you love me"...don't hate...Biebs is a proud Canadian like me!

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