Friday, 20 July 2012

Blast from the Past: Art edition

SORE! Ahhhhh yesterday I woke up feeling like I worked out for 8 hours in the heat with no water...oh wait. I purposely stayed inside to recoup myself and hydrate. Smart move as temps were into the 40s/100s. So glad the show was on Wednesday and not Thursday. These pictures got forgotten about with all the Full Flex Express excitement. On my way to the show I passed these people. I am going to assume that they were rehearsing for a Fringe show. If they weren't rehearsing for a Fringe I have no idea what the actual fuck is going on here.

The river has spilled its banks, only slightly but it has taken over this little circle and there are thingies to block off the Riverwalk if need be. I hope it doesn't get any higher. It has been so nice to use the Riverwalk this year.

It was time to do it. I cut all my nails off. If one breaks they all sadly have to go but it is nice to start fresh and it's so easy to text message when I have short nails.

This yellow is Sally Hansen but not the Xtreme wear stuff. This bottle is old, older than it should be and it's because I am a hoarder.

HEALTH PRODUCT REVIEW! not paid to do this and free shit provided by K.P. Today's item is some weird vitamin powder. I am leary of anything that has to say it "tastes great"

Nutritional profile, more hippie stuff but I think the thing that caught my eye was "tumeric rhizome extract" this label makes my head hurt.

The powder was green, husbie took a whiff and proclaimed "It smells like fish food, oh I am so not looking forward to this"

K.P said I could mix it with juice so I got a water and juice ready...yes mason jars I don't want to hear it

We decided to put half the weird fishy smelling green powder in the water. He's such a good helper/hand model

The floaties were many. I love how he is examining it all mad scientist-like.

Love my EMT kitchen wall art, the solution to everything is always more bacon

He was actually kind of smiling because the fishy smelling drink once mixed with water smelled like peppermint. I am so glad we didn't mix the other half of the powder with the PINEAPPLE juice I had set out, that would have tasted like healthy brushed teeth ass! They really really should have a small print on the front of the package that say "great minty taste" or some horseshit. There is already enough writing on the package what is 3 more words. DOWN THE HATCH!


He approves

And went back for more! He said it tasted like a minty tea

It even got the thumbs up...I am shocked.

This is his glowing endorsement.  I told him he looked kinda creepy but he was ok with me using the picture.

So I was rummaging through some old pictures. I have been in love with graffiti and street art for a long time. I am now presenting part of my collection, some of these pictures are over 3 years old and taken on the first digital camera I ever owned (a Canon, of course). 99% of this stuff does not exist any more. Street art and graf is very cyclical and changes at a rapid pace here compared to the rest of the city, IMO.

"I fell in love cuz your heart was bigger than the world" - I love this <3 and I have a hard copy of this one


I have a hard copy of this one printed out. The toothman and the writing were originally not one piece. The sticker was there first and then someone added to this. This spot currently has KUSH papers on it.

Moustachie! I also have this one in hard copy. It's so simple and so cute.

Wooden blocks.

Love this

This dino has been on this building for a really long time, like years so I assume the owners like it or are ok with it or even commissioned it. He wants you to get a job!

But my polite alien friend who is so stinkin' cute has a job. This alien was added long after the dino and has since been removed while get a job dino man lives on.

Them together...look at the bikes! I took this picture before Drake and I ever found each other and before I cared about such things as biking.

Robot! I am fairly certain it is that same artist at the alien. The robot didn't last long, he was in a very very heavily trafficked area on prime real estate.

Pirate face! This is one of the only ones that still remains up to this day.

The yellow and sword had been on the box for a really long time but then someone added this sweet bunny to it and made it a billion times cuter and cooler.

Art is Luv

Another moustachie, this one is much more recent

"In all my life I've never been this happy & safe I'm yours baby"

Painted stump, a pumpkin wearing a doily hat! ack

Breaking my 2012 Fringe cherry with K.P tonight. I'm stoked. She picked some vagina comedy by a female troupe to go see. I have complete and utter faith and will go see pretty much anything but definitely anything she picks. If it's not too hot I might partake of the deliciousness that is Smoke's. Miss Em snuck over last night to leach my air conditioning and we stayed up late talking, drinking beer and watching a storm. Even just those few hours with her already has my brain going. There are few people I talk to like I do with Miss Em and I miss her dearly but she is here for longer than I expected this time so that is a very very happy surprise for me.

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