Monday, 2 July 2012

Oh Canada

Happy Canada Day indeed. I think I have decided that Canada Day is one of my favorite holidays. I don't care about new year's but I do get excited for July.1st! True to form it was hot, humid without a cloud in the sky...complete perfection.

The plan for the day was the streetfest but because of the heat the plan was to do it in hour increments and then come back home to cool off and have food and drinks here. First drinks had to be a (fake) slurpee...fake because it came from Mac's not Sev' so it's a "froster" not a true real slurpee...this is the lingo and if you live here you get it and the distinction, although these frosters are very similar to a slurpee. We got there early before they were all used up gross and watery. Mmmm sugar high before noon.

Since Canada Day fell on a Sunday this year nothing was really "going" until noon. There are weird laws about stuff not opening until noon on Sundays here...stupid weird old laws that need to be repealed.


We cruised through the artisan/vendors area. Lots of cute, crafty things....a tasteful nude

Adorable felted soaps

Retro girls trailer that is all cute and done up and they sell thrifted vintage items out of basically my dream job. I really should have paid attention to the name of their company to give proper credit, I suck balls. It was so freakin' cute on the inside! Recognize any of this stuff from childhood, Grandma's, the lake?

I like how you can see the Rasta flags of the vendors next door through the window.

True story, I own this cook book. An older and in much better condition copy. Mine came out of the same antiques store that my vintage coupon books came from. I also scored some 50s notebooks from that same antique store that I use in creating things that I just found out are actually worth some decent money according to the interwebz but I cut them up for art!

Folk Fest! Not going this year :( maybe next year.

KUSH and Amuck which is another common artist I see around here and needed to take more of their stuff. I just love love love the crypticnes of the Kush likey big time.

This dude was passed out in the shade but eventually ended up in the sun

These young dudes were smokin' hot, very very my type (FTR - husbie is a very cool dude who is not threatened at all for my fondness for pointing out attractive persons, yes I point out good looking girls too.) I have a "thing" for coveralls of any type but specifically Carhartt's.

This man was very happy and not 100% "with it"

These 3 pictures courtesy of the husbie who is picking up the camera more and more (tear, proud)

So hungry by this point. I poo-pooed streetmeat in favor of Kawaii the bomb diggity crepe place. Check em out at I had the The Osborne Branch - chicken, bacon, ranch and cheese my favorite. I have never had a sweet crepe before only the savories. I also like The Uptown but I would eat the shit out of any of their crepes. Anthropomorphized food is my weakness...SO CUTE!

It was just past noon by this point and we were wilting so we headed home to cool off and regroup.  made some drinks, checked the weather and changed my phone cover to red...important things.

I tootled out again with my girl so she could shop while the husbie continued his cool off. He was smart to, it was blazingly hot by this point.

A Harper protest, something about him killing democracy. Admittedly by this point it was so hot that I was just trying to stay focused on walking and jackholes not hitting the camera with their lit smokes.

Street goodness. We did one lap and agreed it was too freaking hot, we needed a/c and more beverages so we headed home to collect the husbie and refresh.

This was my third mini trip out and I really can't imagine having stayed out there all day in the gross heat.

I hate seeing people use iPads like phones and cameras I think it looks so freakin' stupid, but this guy was shirtless and fit and I can never fault that.

Beer gardens

Getting hot again, although we managed to score a patch of shade to watch a band for a few songs we were in need of a/c and drinks. On the hardtop it had to have been over 40 degrees. As we headed back home we passed in front of the Toad at the most perfect moment. The brass swing band was playing Oh Canada and was on the last couple bars when we passed in front to the roaring cheers of the crowd. It was the most perfect moment of the day and I am getting misty thinking about it again. K.P and I both looked at each other and we both had goosies. In 40 degree heat the sound of the national anthem and cheers of fellow Canadians gave us the chills. Everyone was so high on nationalism at that moment and everything just seemed so perfect.

By the time we passed this dude again he had some friends and they were sounding pretty bad ass.

The only cloud of the day

Home one more time, then out again. I didn't know that this would be my last time going out. I had planned to go out for crazy night time shenans with the girls but that would ultimately not end up happening. Ummm I don't think that's a legal park job.

It was so hot and by this point we had been coming and going all day. So I left husbie in the hammock like this (yes, his socks are dire) and tootled out for food with K.P since we had scoped out a sweet African food stall. I was so done with carrying the big mama jama all day (it seriously weighs like 5 lbs with the extra battery pack and flash) so I left camera-less (always a bad idea) and we had some interesting adventures like waiting in line at the beer vendor because we got there at shift change.

DINNER! Rice, chicken and fried spinach. It was AH-MAZING! nomnomnom

We headed home and my plan was to cool down, freshen up and head out again like I had been doing all day but my body had other ideas. I texted my girl and she was still about an hour away from being ready to go out so I made the fateful mistake of laying on my bed to rest my eyes. That was it. K.O. I was done. Husbie said that he even tried to wake me with the promise of mini donuts (a Canada day tradition for us as per like 5 years ago when we stood in line for 20 minutes at 2 in the a.m and managed to score the very last bag). So I am kinda sad I didn't get to fulfill my night time plan for Canada Day but I am super pleased with how my day went. I am so proud to live in this beautiful, amazing country where cancer patients can smoke weed without hassle and gay people can get married. Universal health care surely has it's problems but I am really thankful for it.

Final thought..."Heads will roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is on heavy rotation in this house right now.

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