Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer Luvin'

Husbie and I spent Saturday together since I have been pretty busy this past week and felt like I was neglecting  him. More of the same hot hot hot so we headed out for a walk. You really have to enjoy the summer here because there is so much to do and it goes by so quick. Someone left Ironman in a puddle, husband really likes this picture for some reason.

While we were at the park at my husband decided to pretend that he was a young man again and scale the swing set...look whom is sporting the douchebag shades!

The batteries in my flash were almost dead and could not keep up with his spider monkey abilities. I love my flash but it is a totally beast hog on batteries. I have burned through more since I got it than I care to think about.

So proud of himself

Finally the flash had enough power...he looks like Steve-O here

He also claims to be afraid of heights. I am not afraid of heights and would never do this.

He has pulled similar shenans before. This was almost 2 years ago at a different park.

He's so cool

We had a bbq with the Sister Wife which I have absolutely no pictures of but her warm potato salad was pretty freaking good (I made the warm potato salad last year and it was also pretty good). We also discovered that the douchebag sunglasses look really fab on Husbie. He is an Oakleys snob and doesn't buy cheapies just for fun but here is the gloriousness that ensues when he has some fun with it. I am authorized to post all of these pictures. He doesn't take himself too seriously as you can see. BLUE STEEL!

"Pay for our weiners BIIIIIIIITTTTTTCCCH" (this was overheard at Pride this year and is easily one of the funniest things of 2012 for us and has provided tons of entertainment)

Out of the total blue husband wanted to drink beer. He hasn't drank beer in like 8 years but he picked up Heineken and I got Red Stripe...then we finished those and I got Lucky and he got Keith's mmMmm summer beers.

I am half way through my What is History? book by E.H Carr and I am really enjoying it.
It's wordy and abstract but in a good way, not a terrible way where I feel like I barely grasping and holding on to what I am reading because it's so abstract. I feel this way when I read some seriously intellectual papers or anything to do with philosophy. I started the Kerouac novel and I just cannot get into it. The writing is just so...different to me it seems so alien so I am going to pass it on as I found it. I need to place it in a location where it will be found, picked up and passed on. Sorry American literary genius, I don't like you.

And now for something completely different...a man with a tape recorder up his nose...NO!...a pocket zombie! So cute!