Sunday, 15 July 2012

Polish change, Fringe and BACON MARMALADE!

Lots of exciting goodness to share with y'all. Firstly I want to say that I am insanely jealous of my friend. She works for VIA Rail which is the private passenger train that goes across Canada. Right now Skrillex, Grimes, Diplo and some others are on the train for the Full Flex Tour. Jacked from Full Flex Express website check em out at

"The Full Flex Express concept is inspired by The Festival Express tour that took place along a similar route in 1970 featuring Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, and The Band. An assertion of the camaraderie and like-mindedness of the performers, this tour is less about practicality than it is simply enjoying the ride. When asked about the run of dates, Skrillex said "we were really inspired when Mumford and Sons and Edward Sharp and those guys did a train tour. We wanted to do it as well and share this music with people across Canada. Just to do it and have fun". 

So she is "working" while getting to ride privately with all these bad ass DJs. She posted a picture this morning on her FB of a 4am set in the baggage car where they have the decks set up...sick. I am pea green with envy and would love to go to the Winnipeg stop...le sigh.

I snagged this sweet Fabuki Daiko hand flyer from the bakery when I got my brownie the other day. They are this really cool local Japanese drumming group, think Stomp but cooler. Check em out here Fubuki Daiko They put on a really great show and their theme this year Godzilla vs. Led Zepplin seems dope!  I am making it a point to get as many hand fliers for Fringe shows as I can. I smell a future art project.

Dark because I am the most impatient person ever and I hate waiting for the flash when the batteries are at half or less...they can't all be winners but I did change the batteries after this poor shot.

K.P gave me this biking map of the city which is awesome for me to figure out where all the good bikes lanes are awesome paths. She also gave me another health product for review so watch for that hilarity soon.

I switched out the Magda orange for pink. I managed to sneak a this bottle of Xtreme Wear into the cart while grocery shopping. I caught shit when it was discovered...oops! I wanted an insane pink and this is fast becoming my favorite brand.

My nails required a lot of maintenance when the polish came off this time, I had been neglecting them. I never go for manicures but I do get fake nails put on in the winter for a few months. I crazy glued together my nail with the rip in it (crazy glue works soooo go for this and for gluing together split skin (thank you treeplanting!). I cut my cuticles, I also filed my nails a little shorter and also into a more squarish-shape. Supposedly this nail shape is better for my stubby fingers but I usually keep them round out of personal pref. I can square them only if I am wearing polish on them but my nude, natural nails have to be rounded. PINK!

Old lady hands with square-ish nails

I also got another pair of the black shorts that I am wearing to death this summer but this time in grey and a size smaller. I think they are the kind of fabric that is tight right out the dryer but stretches significantly after one wear. I like the comfiness of the looser short but I also wanted a snugger pair to determine if it was a size issue or just the way the fabric is. So far the grey mediums are fitting much more snuggly and not stretching out as much. I wore these under the clingy black hoochie dress yesterday and they were much tighter on my thighs than the large black ones which was what I was hoping for.  I am a medium in pants? Like hell you say! Shorts are wrinkly because I wore them before taking a picture.

I took the above picture whilst husbie was sleeping in the bed (on my side!). The flash woke him. This is his reaction and yes he cut his hair and trimmed down the bush beard to hipster status. I am a little sad but it is hot out and it really is like wearing a sweater on your face. R.I.P bush beard.

Speaking of the Husbie, he is so thoughtful and bought me this bag of Doritos. Now I am not a chips person as a rule (chocolate? get the heff outta my way!) but I do love hot hot spice. He was very proud of himself until I pointed out that he grabbed 1st degree burn, chips suitable for toddlers and the infirm. I like it hawt! I scoffed most of the bag that night happily with no beverage savouring the light heat. Husbie had one chip and his eye watered. He is the biggest spice suck ever.

So the next day I got a text message with a picture of these 2 lovelies he found at a different Sev'. I am saving them because I can't consume that many Doritos in that short a period but I am soooper excited. I want to have literal flames shooting from my mouth like a dragon.

Finally the moment my mother has been waiting for since I bought this like 2 months ago. I was not paid to review this. This is the bacon marmalade from Superstore. It is part of their new black label line which has a lot of frou-frou products like umami paste, specialty fizzy drinks and nuts and spreads (we bought the Quebec blueberry jam and bacon marmalade). I bought roasted garlic baguette thingies that you would use for fancy apps to put the spread on.

Once opened the smell was much sweeter than I had anticipated. Sweet with a smokiness and definite bacon-ness. It had that for sure preserve top to it like a jam.

All stirred up. It was really chunky with bits of bacon and onion.

All set up. I only made a few and the blank ones were chasers.

My poor husband. He isn't food adventurous, hates trying new things and is a texture-phobe. I love him so much for humouring me and my cracked out ideas.

This is his "Wife do I have to do this I don't really want to do this face"

 We decided the "sushi" all in one bite method was the way to go



Choke it down babe

Ok so I know it said that it was bacon marmalade and I know what marmalade is but for some reason in my mind I thought their use of the word "marmalade" was just in place of the word "fancy spread". Half way through my tasting I had to grab the jar to make sure that what I was tasting was indeed what I was tasting. I tasted orange...on top of bacon...and onion. It was chunky, sweet, orangy and bacony. My taste buds were confused but the label didn't lie...I would also really like to know what "grape must" is.

A night time stroll after like 5 beers

The only acceptable stick people to put on your vehicle...BRAINS!

Hahaha cuuuuuute!

These celebrity ones are pretty common. I thought this was supposed to be Hitchcock at first but now I am not sure. I have seen James Dean and Einstein. 

P 'nus'

"Nobody puts baby in a corner" I didn't do this one, but I could have.

I am confused by this, but someone thinks someone needs Jesus


 A shark? I was losing light fast by this point

Another happy note, my dear dear friend will be here in days or possibly is already here now. I am very excited by this and I hear word that she is bringing her bike (and camera!) too...SQUEEEE! I always forget how much I miss her until she gets back. I want to greedily and selfishly monopolize all her time, ride bikes, look for street art and just talk possibly whilst wandering the streets with hobo beers.

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