Monday, 9 July 2012

The bike is back

K.P and I were back on bikes today but before that I did stuff. My manly hubsie surprised me this morning by stopping in to say hi on his way to a job site...Mmmm coveralls

My bug bites are apparently sand fly bites that I have an allergic reaction to. Someone husbie works with has a cabin out there too and apparently got eaten as well. I coated myself in witch hazel after my shower. It provided some relief.

The white Joe nail polish. I painted my nails at the cabin because I didn't have time to do it before we left. I have decided it sucks. 

It chipped off almost instantaneously and the coverage was very very spotty. I only ever do 2 coats so it has to be good after 2. This white was not.

The right hand did not fair well. The plus side was that it came off really easily and quickly. The Xtreme wear stuff is a sucka to get off.

I decided to give the orange stuff a go since I am in need of a color/colour pop!

I do not love the color on me. I am too brown. This color is better suited to a much paler person. I like my brights more on the blinding and neon end of the spectrum. I feel this color makes me look like Magda from Something about Mary. The coverage is still kinda sheer but I think it would work on the more albino. Maybe K.P will try it out for me, she is the palest person I know but doesn't wear nail polish. Photo courtesy of husbie.

My dentist wants more of my insurance money.  I need a check up and cleaning.

DRAKE! I wanted very badly to ride my bike when we got home from the cabin but was so tired. I knew we had a date tonight with K.P of course. She passed more "free shit" (as she is calling it) my way so another health product review soon!

White aviators from a mall kiosk and were cheapies. Dress/shirt from cheap-o mall hoochie store almost 5 years ago. I love this dress/shirt, wear it all the time and it has a special name "The Flying Squirrel Dress" I has fabric "flaps" under the arms and I legit look like a flying squirrel.

 K.P patiently waiting for me to take a picture and put my helmet on.

We left my place and baby sprinkles fell on us. They practically evaporated as they hit our skin then the clouds cleared.

I love shots like this and check out K.P's shoes!

First we headed to the Thai restaurant to try the bike lock ups. The place is closed for summer holidays until the weekend so this was a perfect time to fart around with them. Nice arms!


Just hangin' out. A simple, ingenious design and use of space. The U bend supports your tire keeping the bike straight and giving you a place to lock up. Brilliant. We had at least 3 groups of people stop at check out the bike racks and us as we tested them out.

We weren't sure if these were hibiscuses or hollyhocks...anyone?

These 2 are lovers and this is the gym I am neglecting

Cool retro looking bike parked at B.K

Rapid Transit station

We stopped for some graffiti

Speed demons. I love the movement in this shot.

A weird foundation to something

I will bet you a pair of Vibram 5 finger shoes this man was returning from FolkFest

Rocket Ship graffiti just for K.P. She scouted out this location prior.

"make haste slowly" thank you Google. One semester of Latin only got me that that was Latin.

Skaters at the hydro building, we were surprised that they hadn't been kicked out


"happy youngins"

These guys ended up at the Public Safety Building like we did.

Her first set of stairs ever! tear, I am so proud.

I tried to capture the flying squirrel dress. I failed, I look like a crazy bag lady.

Pop Up art gallery in the Exchange. I checked out the link and am strongly considering submitting an application.

We found a little flower garden with lots of lilies it was aptly named Lily's Garden

Drake doesn't do flowers

I snapped this one kinda blind and didn't notice my unintentional guest until I previewed the pictures after I uploaded them, can you see him?

Rusty goodness demanded attention

We each put up a duct tape piece

We counted 11 bunnies on our ride. They were everywhere.

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