Thursday, 19 July 2012


I have no words...actually I have about a billion to describe the complete awesomeness that was my Wednesday. I realized that I have not had that much fun in a long time and I am not 18 any more...the hell you say! So my name was on a list for the show and I had to go pick up my ticket. I met Indiana with one of her other friend's at the venue which was an outdoor baseball stadium. We had to wait about 5 minutes but we got our tickets and also what would be the best fucking part WE HAD BACKSTAGE PASSES! Are you kidding me? I slapped that little pass on me as fast as I could. I indeed felt like the shiznit.

Of course it was scorching fucking hot with very little shade but at this point it totally didn't matter, I was so happy. Not only did I get to go to the show that I wanted to go to FOR FREE but I also had backstage access. I almost didn't care that I waited in line for 15 minutes for a $6 drink. This was just as the first act Tokimonsta was playing at about 3:30pm. It threatened rain just as the show started but it was just a tease.

The crowd was really young. The girls and I were easily part of the "old" crowd. Skrillex himself is only 24

We decided to be in the pit for Koan Sound. They were fucking amazing (and super cute!). We went hard and it was nice because the pit was still pretty empty with lots of room to move despite absolutely no breeze. Check out these matching douchebags. You can imagine the front all Zoolander looks and LMFAO sunglasses. I truly am almost 30.

Indiana was flying around like crazy taking pictures. She would disappear then reappear out of no where.

Better shot...sick show brah

The boys doing their thing

These ladies were too pretty not to stop and they appeared to fit into my "older" crowd group

Lots and lots and lots of sweaty pretty buff shirtless guys.

Pretty girl had a pretty tattoo

The ladies. I was envious of short hair yesterday. I danced my own hair into a matted, sweat dreadlocked mess by 7pm.

We decided to go back stage for a bit after Koan Sound. Grimes had these cool evil fairy dancers. I love how it looks like they are all peering into that clear ball.

We went back into the pit for Grimes. She was super cute and so friendly (and a little weird but I appreciate that). She's the one in ball cap in case you were not sure.

Entertain us!

Her stage show is very crazy. The dude on the far left just stood there like that for the whole set. There was one on the other side. The guy in the hat was one of her "dancers" I use the term loosely because I think he is just her friend who she lets do whatever.

Another dancer and a shirtless dude who stood there like that the whole time.

More craziness. It was so weird but after meeting her it wasn't pretentious at all. She loves what she does and shares it with her friends. She is here to have fun. She wore a babydoll dress, an animal backpack and chola lipstick.


Behold our crazy!

During her set I noticed a few people turned the opposite direction of the stage which I thought was weird so I scoped it out and looky looky who was on the roof of the stadium, Mr.Headliner himself.

After Grimes we went backstage and who should happen to be off the roof. I shook his hand, told him it was nice to meet him he smiled, shook my hand and said like wise. I sat in the grass and took this terrible candid shot of him.

Then I got a better one! I don't even care that I look like a totally fucking sweaty idiot. Oh what? just hanging out with Skrillex NBD. He really was a sweetie as Indiana said he was. Super friendly and approachable. I can think of at least 3 people who are very jealous of this picture.

The fucking drugged out, uber sweaty insanity that was the pit on the other side. Now maybe I am old but I have never seen a pit like this for electronic music. It was crazy, people crowd surfed. Very much like a rock concert. I can't comment to the pushing and aggressive rowdiness that accompanies a rock pit since I was tucked safely away BACKSTAGE!

Tokimonsta who looked like Yoko Ono would if she was a hipster is taking the picture far left. Grimes in the dress and black leggings and her dancers and friends trying to get one of her stone faced dudes to crack. They were dancing around him, they put a hat on him, put a lit smoke in his mouth, tried to make him drink a beer etc. They guy was unflappable!

This lady was a very good dancer, a good hooper and she could do both fucking amazingly simultaneously.

They put the cat on his head

Oh what? Dancing on stage for Pretty Lights? It was fucking awesome to see everyone in the pit moving their hands to the beat. Like a living thing.

Gorgeous girl with the sweet camera was Lights' lady. Cute, sweet and funny she was.

Pretty lights was sick. He goes hard and whipped the crowd into a fever pitch. He also runs a smoke machine like that for his whole set. Hot crew guy...check, evil fairy...check, hot girl with camera...check, Pretty Lights...check.

Look at all those hands. I couldn't cross the pink line because I wasn't press. But I wish I had a better picture. I was in awe of it.

He is a massive guy at 6'8"

This was the VIP area. Tickets for this were $120. I paid nothing and got MORE! I seriously love Indiana and I am so thankful that she hooked this up. She's a good egg.

Uhhh camera strap!

Our passes meant that we could go on the 4 storey high stage above the sound guys. We wanted to be up there for Skrillex. It was also a touch cooler on the platform than down on the ground. By this time I was in need of some cool air and water which were in short supply.

A blurry picture of a vagina ring that is supposedly modelled after Grimes own vagina...genius idea, love it!

Also love it!

The countdown to the man

Indiana from above


Oh hello adorable young boy from Koan Sound. We danced for a bit

Rasta lasers! The picture is blurry because it's dark, I am zoomed in and the most disturbing part...when I stopped dancing to take some pictures I realized that the whole entire platform was swaying about 6 inches in each direction. Like being on a slightly rocking boat. I was a little concerned but if I kept dancing it was ok. I am sure Skrillex has insurance.

I didn't get a good shot of it but from my vantage point up there I could see the road behind the park and I was shocked when I saw about 500 outside the park. It was a full on massive free dance party. It was all the people who had the idea like I did that I was going to go listen outside if I couldn't get in. I wanted to go check it out before Skrillex ended but by this point I had been in above 30 degree weather since 2:30pm, dancing like a total maniac with no food, limited water while I drank booze. Probably not the best idea. So I took myself off the sketchy platform. By this point I had lost Indiana but it was ok. I slowly walked out people watching, watching people get taken away on stretchers, people very very obvious high on drugs, drunk people, people dancing like their lives depended on it, happy people, people that looked like they were ready to go home. I bought a water from a streetmeat vendor and began what would be a long walk home. I was so tired I felt like I was in Colorado again chasing my friends around a big ass mansion and getting winded after one flight of stairs (I thought I was just a fat ass turns out it was the elevation... ha!) I had to stop twice at little parks to rest and catch my breath. I bet the walk took double the amount of time that it should have. BUT I HAD A FUCKING BLAST! Best thing to happen this summer and in the top 3 for 2012 for sure. Thank you Indiana so much. I am pretty sure I can never gift something as awesome as this to you.

This picture is a great way to end it FULL FLEX EXPRESS TOUR 2012!

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