Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Make up and a brownie

I am such a pansy when it comes to the heat. I mean really, you can only get so naked. At least in the cold if you are smart and prepared you can be snug as a bug. I chose to be snug as a bug inside on what was possibly the hottest day of the year. Osiris hoodie was an adoptee from a discarded pile of treeplanting clothes at the end of a camp break down. I claimed him as my own. Sweats were a gift from my sister years ago. I later added socks to this ensemble because this was not enough.

This is what I was working with

This is the temperature I keep the apartment. I have had this little thermostat thingy since the end of high school and it's super useful.

So since I was on self-imposed heat house arrest I decided to clean out my make up case. I'm not sure I have ever cleaned this one out.  This Dakine one was a gift from Husbie. I love the plaid and it has little feet on the bottom like old school luggage.

I am admittedly not the neatest person but why is a camera charger in here?

This case has seen better days but I'm handy so I plugged in the glue gun while I started to empty it out.

I see bottom!


The contents minus all eye shadows and most M.A.C stuff. I made piles! Starting with the pencils and going clockwise, mascaras, the "random" pile which included one ear plug, a forever 21 tag despite never having bought anything from that store I think it was Sister Wife's, contacts, a finger light, the cover for a blow dryer I burnt out months ago, then chapsticks are at 6 o'clock, tools, perfume, jewlerey, more tools, lipsticks which were for a costume party...I don't wear lipstick and finally a bronzing palate in the middle....whew!

The random pile. That mini bottle of lotion was empty and the Happy Hooters stuff is anti-sweat boob cream husbie bought me that I am going to review soon. I wear green contacts sometimes to cover my brown eyes.

Eye shadows. I am so embarrassed by the quality of this picture. The 2 on the far right are blushes.

The M.A.C stash, small but sweet and if you made me pick only one thing it would be 213 eye shadow brush. That bitch and I have been though hell and back. The Hello Kitty one is a 297B, a blush brush.

Pink is my go-to dress up eye shadow color and Sushi Flower is a gooder

Everyday essentials. Blush, powder, clear mascara, black mascara, lip chap, pencils, brush, mirror and tweezers for eyebrows. Y'all have never seen me with done up eyebrows. I used to be very very anal about them but I have relaxed in my old age.

Best tweezers ever! I stole these bad boys out of my dad's moustache trimming kit when I was 17. They are perfect in every way. I have 3 other pairs of tweezers but nothing beats these. I have emptied full garbage bags looking these things. My secret to the perfect tweeze.

Cleaned out and put back together. I would consider this neat and organized.

Since I was staying in I went all domestic and got fancy with dinner. Corn for the bbq. Buttered, salted, wrapped in foil.

I am now about to give you the secret for perfect bbq'ed corn every time. The secret is that you need to let it steam. Just like the secret to perfect rice is letting it steam after boiling it, you need to let the cobs steam in the still tightly wrapped foil for about 5 minutes. The kernels should be loose. Thank me later.


Whole wheat pasta with garlic sauce, bbq'ed corn and steamed broccoli. Don't let me deceive you, we eat all over the map. Last night we had hot dogs and fries.

I managed to talk myself into a specific brownie thus needed to walk out and go get it. The things I do for PMS. I thought I might do a little chalk art project on the way but I got distracted and this was the only one I did. I was worried someone was going to open the door full speed while I was squatted down in front of it.

 Blue tires! I notice people on bikes more when I am on foot. I didn't take Drake because I had a beer with dinner, the bakery is only 2 blocks away and I am unsure of the lock up situation outside Baked.

I always wonder about a bike's owner when I see one locked up. I thought this was a cheap bike at first but the Gooch's sticker was a dead give away this baby came from a legit bike shop. This is a boy's bike no doubt, but then again one might assume Drake was a boy's bike.

Sayso another common tagger around here

Fringe poster

I can't wait to see these with the windows

Mr.Chunky Butt scared the crap outta me as he ran along the fence. He was the size of a kitten!

Bike dude in the white almost took me out as he was looking behind him as I rounded a corner and I don't think he fully saw me until he had passed me as he said "oh fuck!". These guys were hardcore with gloves and gear but really should pay more attention.

I don't see a lot of this type of graf but it is probably some of my favorite. Little painted blocks of wood. I actually have a larger painted block of wood with a chicken on it that I insisted husband pry off a hydro pole for me.

Here is the chicken when I first found him. This was when it was installed, now it lives in my living room. I don't make it a point of taking other people's art but I do do it and it is always out of respect and admiration never malice. I only took the top one. I have also removed and took home an entire 6 block radius photography installation of over 100 pictures of varying sizes that took me all day to find. I still have all of the photos, photos that were developed by hand  in a dark room. I love shit like that and figure that it is better off safe and appreciated with me.

I liked the creepy hearts and that red writing looks almost fake or like a bad photoshop.

Eat brains, not faces...too soon?

The case was not as decadent as it usually looks, half the cakes were gone but still! Mmmmm

A band van a long way from home. I have a big ol' soft spot for the South.

The gloriousness that I went out for. It got slightly mangled but that didn't affect it. I think they have changed the base of their brownie and for the better. It is much more dense, fudgey and chewy...less cake-like than I remember it being which is right up my alley and I can taste an ever so slight hint of coconut in it. The best thing about this bakery is it's local, they use real butter in everything, everything is handmade and you can taste it. The only have one flagship store in my hood and it is typically packed night and day. The owner is actually my dad's neighbour and I have loved this bakery since I was a little kid. I am also in love with their graphic designs in the form of their take out boxes and window pieces. I would love to know what company they use. Check em out

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  1. Your dinner made my mouth water. My inner child is now channeling corn...again!!