Thursday, 12 July 2012

Street art overload

MOAR STREET ART! I have been crazy about it lately y'all, crazy I tells ya! Amuck paper and wheat paste. These will be up awhile. Wheat paste is crazy strong not that I would know and easily and cheaply made in your own kitchen...f.y.i

"Your sweater is in the phone boof". The transients leave little messages like this all over the Village to communicate with each other..."phone boof" it.

I don't think this is same blue bike from yesterday but check out those blue rims and tape...saaaweeet

These were all on the baby camera because I am terrible photographer and didn't remember to charge the batteries in the big mama jama PLUS the macro capabilities of the baby camera are faaaaar superior to the big one (believe it or not) and I love shooting just centimeters from something. It was the single biggest learning curve for me when I got the DSLR. I was trying to shoot inches from something and was angry it wouldn't take the picture or the picture was not what I was hoping for. I would keeeeeeeel for a macro lens.

Mmmm English Moccasins toasted with a little butter...Mmmm, wait....

Lilies are in bloom everywhere. They seem to do really well in neglected back lanes and are usually growing together with small wild purple flowers. The hollyhocks also thrive in apparently shite locations.

Husbie pointed this out. I am fairly certain I understand what is going on you?

Another one of these sets of cards.

Another eyeball

"Rowdy campers will not be tolerated" It didn't specifically say on it but I think this probably came from FolkFest and it was sitting right by a Slurpee cup.

Husbie requested this picture

Amuck hand done on a dumpster

Random toy shoved into a hydro support wire. It appeared to have been there awhile and it was at about ear height so I took the picture blind.

Weird mural

I am fairly certain I understand what is going on here, do you? Look closely, take a minute

A turlet or shit bowl whichevs

 Double whammy, a wooden bock and one of those dudes.

More lilies, I am obsessed because they will be gone in a few weeks.

I don't know what this means for the person that did it, but it made me chuckle and that red on blue is so severe.

I grew bored of scoping out dumpsters and decided to do a little chalk art project. I did not approve of this picture of my ass to be takenn.

I asked the husbie what the first one should say and this is what he chose. He was not allowed to pick after this.

I'm at a payphoooone...

Still loving this

Crazy big old tree

I walked away from the tree after taking the above picture when husbie said "aren't you going to get the best part?" The tree had completely grown around part of a wrought iron fence.

Shitty after thought round abouts

I look mad buff here! Thanks husbie!

A storm on the way as I walked Drake over the bridge to meet K.P

My love, he is in need of a bath

Flower parts

I had some time to kill so I farted around with the self-timer option on the camera, it's a work in progress.

Better! Sunglasses are cheapies from the hoochie store and shrug is wet seal via the thrift store. I love that shrug so much. Helmet is a Bern Berkeley (love it!) and my Drake purse is YakPak. Drake is a Marin.

Another crazy heart and a Sayso

I could smell the bedbugs from my safe vantage...and another People Profit on the dumpster

More wooden blocks

The colors caught my eye and we had to stop, K.P is really understanding

Bike lane on the bridge, not my bridge. I really hope the plan is for a bike lane on my bridge. I never ever thought I would care about such things but here I am.

Hehehe looks like a little dude and check out all those gorgeous Elm trees.

We were biking in a ritzy neighbourhood with mansions and drive ways that say keep out so I wasn't expecting to see this, but to be fair it is right near where the ritzy connects with a intersection where people ask you for money from outside your car while you are stopped at a light. This city is very weird in that the very poor and the affluent live surprisingly close together. I love this little message.

 Big wide empty streets

We doubled back through more familiar territory, the hippie area on the other side of the bridge. K.P was nosey and wanted to know what this orange sticker said. Apparently dumpsters will be no more in this neighbourhood very soon.

Trying to get both K.P and I in a shot together proved to be a difficult task.

Blurry panda

Some lady hollered from her porch that she liked our helmets. This is not the first time that we have been hollered at for our helmets which isn't surprising as only 1 out of 10 people wear helmets here. It isn't law yet but apparently it will be soon.

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  1. Mikki....go to and get Macro Filters! I use them on my 50mm 1.8 and they are AMAZING. Check out some of my Macro pics on my photography page on FB.