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Dumpster Art > Raw Food Bar

The world called out to me early this morning... and also I was out of make up pads. I wanted to get them before noon because we are back in a heatwave. I get my cotton make up pads from Dollarama because they are at least a dollar more anywhere else which is ridiculous so I make a special trip for them. Apparently AA wants you to look like you are wearing a high waisted cloth diaper and/or are 80 years old. This store always makes me laugh.

Random flowers in a curb side planter.

FRINGE! Next week baby, check out the link if you are not in the know www.winnipegfringe.com

I passed this, took a moment to process what I had seen then doubled back for the picture (this happens often). James possibly of/formerly of Cloverdale Paint...did you lose your name tag? or did you quit and in an act of defiance throw your name tag in a curb side planter that has had all its flowers ripped out? I had questions, a name tag and no answers.

I made sure to go against my human instinct to follow the same path out of habit and purposely took back lanes I don't normally take...I was rewarded.

I liked the packaging of this what appears to be a milky tea sort of drink based on the ingredients list. The lady on the right is all "Hay girlfrand! Hop in my sports car and we'll go have a milky tea drink. We're so hip and cool. Look at my neck kerchief!"

I have seen this dude before but only on stickers that are usually on the backs of small signs. I have never seen him free handed on to a dumpster but he appears to have been here awhile.

My reward for walking down a blazingly hot and stinky back lane. I am in love with this artist. These are very precise, meticulous, spray painted stencils that have at least 3 layers to them. Dumpster on dumpster was the first one I found about a month ago. This is today's dumpster on dumpster find.

This is my first one that I found. This one is much cleaner and more precise, like the artist had more time on this one and it's true this dumpster is in a much less travelled back lane at the one above. Also notice the color inversion of white and black.

I found this one on a dumpster on the other side of the lane. Has to be the same artist but this is the first one I have seen with words and it had "eh" in it. Same clean and precise layered spray painted stencil technique.

Then there is this one, a fighter jet. I need MORE of these and shall start examining dumpsters more closely than I already do.

Not all graf is art. I consider the above stuff to be art. This, not so much. Same stencil and spray paint idea but no where near the execution or attention to detail. The above artist is also obviously using graf tips for spray cans which give you lots of different effects and control.

Naked headless lady drawn into wet cement and immortalized. This was an accidental shot while I was setting set up for the real on but this one is more interesting than the one of just the lady. She has some serious curves.

Bikes on most of the posts. This is a bike neighbourhood sheerly for the fact that this neighbourhood was built when barely anyone had personal transportation so there are not a lot of parking lots and even fewer road parking spots. Bikes or feet!

K.P's latest gift or "free shit" as she has dubbed it. As always I am not getting paid for any of this but if you would like to pay me, get at me.  This a  raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free "food bar". I do not adhere to any of those food dogmas. I typically like eating things that had a heart beat smothered in bacon but I am open minded.

I was skeptical on the bar when she texted me a picture of it. I was still skeptical after I looked it over until I saw 2 glorious words "coated" and "chocolate". I immediately raised my expectations.

Nutritional break down because that shiz is important y'all! The breakdown in pretty good, high in sugar but it's covered in freakin' chocolate so there's that

Lots of hippie food in here...kale, sprouted chia seeds, kelp and dulse.

The bar unwrapped. It smelled pretty good, almost like real chocolate. I have never had raw chocolate before. The batteries on my flash were dying and taking forever to charge up so these are sans flash and not an accurate representation of the color...looks like a turd. Despite it's turd appearance I was anxious to taste it and didn't wait for the flash to fully charge to get a good shot. I suck balls.

The bite shot. The flash finally charged and this is the more accurate color of the bar, milk chocolately brown not dark chocolate brown.

This is why you NEED an external flash if you are serious about your photography. Even a simple flash and some knowledge of how to improve it (especially outdoors where most people think you don't need a flash) can take your pictures to a whole 'nother level. This is the without the flash crappy shot. I also always try to bounce my flash when I can. I am on a camera gear purchase ban but a flash diffuser is also a really really big help and my next purchase when the ban is lifted.

I made the husband try the bar with me and his reactions sum up the bar perfectly. He was so excited to try it notice the bite out of it, I had already taken a bite and was chewing.

He is a few chews in and starting to get the full ummmm flavour and experience

Fully into the experience now

Past the point of no return

Oh god it's awful

"Fuck off with the picture taking Wifey"

The bar was gross. After 2 bites the chocolate coating that was disguising a very earthy inside gave way and was unable to save the bar. Husbie said (and this is verbatim) "It tasted like dehydrated worms...or rehydrated worms...either way. The smell was alluring but the taste was horrid". It smelled and looked 100 times better than it tasted. It had musky woody notes that hinted at barn or possibly health. The texture wasn't great either. It had a weird stick in your teeth quality to it the way I imagine a dog biscuit would a dog biscuit sticks in your teeth (don't ask!) Luckily the beasts happily and greedily devoured the remaining bar which was the whole thing save for 2 tiny bites. Thanks K.P, this is proving to be rather entertaining. I have another product that I have been meaning to review forever that I hope is going to taste waaaaay better...bacon marmalade...oh that's right bacon marmalade.

Alphabet pretzels at lunch... I am perpetually 14 years old...poop teehee!

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  1. Those pix of Husbie eating the "poop bar" are awesome. You didnt even need verbage. I guess the old adage, a pix is worth a thousand words pretty much sums this up!!