Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Monday lovely Monday

Gorgeous daytime strolling was so lovely because it was warm but not disgusting yet. This is a popular dumpster in a very very heavily trafficked area and one side  is literally right on the sidewalk.

Katimavik sticker. Sad that the Harper government killed the program. It was a great French language exchange program.

I purposely waited for this biker to get him in the shot, he looked at me like I was mental.

A bunch of tags on the sign that says cyclists must dismount. I don't know if this is for the bridge or for the path under the bridge because I never dismount and never see anyone else dismount to cross under the bridge.

Inconspicuous man done in marker on a traffic cone. I almost walked right by him.

I am usually biking this path and it is on a decent hill so their isn't much time for pictures when I am coasting or working my arse off to get up a hill on my "fixie". You can see the huge deposits of river silt from all the flooding. Despite the level of the river last year this path wasn't open right away. It took them over a week to clear and clean this section of path because it was completely buried in river silt.

I don't usually venture through this hood at night or on Drake because it is a bit sketchier so I don't like to stop with my bike and camera but during the day it is a hive of activity that I feel perfectly safe in.

Part of this neighborhood is sketchy the other part is the uber uber crunchy hippie neighborhood but both parts are bike friendly. All of the like 6 other hoods that touch or intersect mine are all bike friendly.

Another poster for that weird show that I wanted to go to but had no idea what it was about. Well it appears that I know one of the people in the show and they have removed that cash bar portion of their flier. I am still going to go for the free snacks and it is really close to where the Fringe is held so I can go check that out afterwards.

Same show, different much less informative poster but before the cash bar got cancelled apparently. The snacks still appear to be happening so I am there.

Beasts and I visited the husbie on a job site. He is doing something with the boom, I can say no more because I actually don't know what really goes on.

Not husband's job site but a different one that was all crazy and venting steam. I half expected a ninja turtle to pop out.

A crappy picture of what will be a pumpkin or some kind of gourd. This was growing in a massive pile of compost on the boulevard! Only in the hippie area.

People love these dogs K.P included but I think they are hideous!

The hippie neighbourhood is old so while it is mostly crunchies with houses and yards like the one above it is also peppered with absolutely fucking gorgeous gems like this one which I would give a kidney for. You only need one kidney and I would only need one house. A pared down Canadian Tara right smack in the middle of one of my highly desirable neighbourhoods...le sigh. This house, here, right now if I am correct in assuming the inside matches the out would sell for BARE MINIMUM $350,000 but $400,000 would not surprise me. The housing market here is fucking insane.



I found this on a light post but didn't get to snap it as I found because I was giddy that I could get it off in one piece and gently stuck it to the back of my phone. This is amazing. I think it is written by a dude. The penmanship is a weird mix of under case and capital letters, grammatically correct, IN PENCIL which makes it even dreamier...and then the message...the message, how could I not love that message. It reminded both husband and I of the late great Mr.Bill Hicks...if you don't know, get in the fucking know.

Then as I was making dinner last night I somehow managed to drop a heavy restaurant grade porcelain sauce dish on the toe beside my big toe right at the top between where the nail ends and the top of the toe. I dropped it from a height of a about 4 feet on to my toe while standing on a concrete floor. I essentially smashed the top of my toe. I screamed blood murder, bbq sauce which was in the sauce bowl splattered over a  6 foot trajectory and I apparently hobbled around doing a weird pain dance with bbq all up my one leg. It was totally excruciating and I haven't been in that much pain in a while. It felt like someone was drilling into my toe bone with a power drill through the tip of my toe. I was unable to finish making dinner which fell to a now frantic husband. The offending sauce bowl stolen from a restaurant I used to work at. I actually have 2. They were out of to-go sauce containers when I had their beloved chicken fingers a few times.

It took forever for the pain to ebb away and as it slowly did a sausage toe all tight like a snare drum and hot like a burrito was left. Of course it didn't look nearly as bad as it felt but I couldn't really put pressure on it so my plans of spending time with Drake turned into icing my toe and colonizing the couch with the husbie while watching Love in the Wild. That show is sooooo lame but sadly it is almost over. I'll have to find a new horrible reality show to get sucked into.

My toe today is still bulbous but not as hot or swollen which is great because I have plans that don't involve hobbling and actually require me to be quite mobile. Meeting up with K.P and Miss Em for some daytime Fringing! I am going to take the Kerouac book with me down to the Fringe and leave it to be found. I think I am going to wrap it up or tie a pretty bow around it to make it look appealing.

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