Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cabin Bound

Oh don't mind me...this is where we are going TO THE CABIN! All photos from previous years and I never Photoshop my pictures, the bottom shot is the "miniature" setting on the baby camera.

I managed to procrastinate most of yesterday as I am really really good at it...and I hate packing...especially for the cabin. I always pack so much! I was at the pool again today. I will be there pretty much any nice day until it closes.

Rainbow YakPak insulated lunch bag thrifted for $2...I love this little lunch kit. Perfect size and in brand new condition...someone's loss.

Very very strange bike racks outside the Thai restaurant. These are new with their recent renos. I am impressed that they understand the community they are in. I am gonna bring K.P down here so we can figure out how to use them and I can take stupid pictures.

Vi-Ann is no more, best believe I will be capturing the new big box Shoppers going up

I started packing. Yes I packed the husbie's clothes not because he's not capable he's just not capable of not mixing plaids and not wearing inappropriate t-shirts. I did not marry him for his fashion sense and I want him in stuff that photographs semi-well considering getting the man to buy clothes for himself is like pulling teeth.

Precious treeplanting block bag. Marmot has seen better days in retrospect I should not have bought such an expensive block bag but it carried/s my shovel! I pack all our clothes in here for the cabin. It is an insane 45Ls and I used to carry this for hours a day full loaded with water, food, clothes and other crap. Yes, I overpacked every single day when I planted too. He looks really bad because on our last day ever it was pouring rain, we were on a totally mud road and he (Marmot is a he) got thrown in the disgusting filthy nasty F.I.S.T. (F.I.S.T = forestry insulated seeding transport...dumbed down...a cab that looks like those campers that can fit on the back of a pick up used to keep baby trees cold). Marmot NEVER rode in the F.I.S.T. I brought him in the truck with me and sacrificed my own leg room to have him on my person at all times, my baby. I'm glad he looks like he was a bad ass block bag. That was really long winded all about a dirty backpack and believe it or not I have more stories about Marmot, one that involves my laziness and squirrel.

BEER! I drink 90% of the beer I will drink for the year in the summer and I drink the "cheap" stuff. When we went to Colorado in January I filled my suitcase with Miller High Life to bring home...Mmmm

Look at the red in his beard! He always denies it this is proof I will catch shit over

While we were procrastinating on the balcony we saw a fire start. I missed getting a shot of the one and only flame that briefly popped over the tree line...dang.

From grey to black

Firemen are on it

White smoke is good

 Ok a few more from the cabin because I can't resist! Have a good weekend y'all!

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