Thursday, 5 July 2012

Grey skies are gonna clear up

First clouds in days! Tuesday was hot hot hot so I tried to get in all the free outdoor tanning I could and was in or by the pool for over 3 hours. I was totally knackered. I wanted to go out for a bike ride but I went to bed instead. Keep this up and I might need some Geritol and adult diapers...woo fun! Wednesday the bridge crew was out super early like before 6am at this is why....ewww. They were racing against Mother Nature to pour a section of the bridge before the rain came.

Look at them working industriously and check out that long ass hose for the concrete since the truck has to stay on land

Breakfast this morning (eggs) and lunch yesterday (nachos and half a pepper filled with salsa)...Apparently I am on a cheese and green onions kick.

I found this Christmas idea doodle while looking for a blank piece of paper to make a list of crap to take to the cabin. I made the reindeer, gnome, tree, snowman and gingerbread last year. I have no idea where they are are, I hope in my Christmas crap box because I was trying to make a set of 8.

Husband and I were watching our guilty pleasure of the horrid reality show that is "Love In The Wild" (I love Jenny McCarthy!) and they used the word "blossoming" so I challenged the husbie to use that word in a sentence at work with the guys. Apparently he used it, got the stink eye and the response "Ok, so you are going to work on this side of the shop today and I will work on this side" BAHAHAHA...hetero boys. Since we are going to the cabin early Friday morning (expect a mini blogging hiatus but tons of great pictures, the cabin is my most favourite place to take pictures. I will probably take a laptop so I don't have 2500 pictures to upload when I get home.) I have been doing laundry like a boss!

It was a rain day (short day in the construction world) so I got a chance to go for a rare mid-day stop in at the 'Tan. I wore my pink leopard Crocs and leggings that I usually wear to the gym, husband HATES them. They are the kind where you shouldn't bend over because then they become see through and show all my ass crack glory. This couch and chair were in the garbage room on my way out. I think they were brand new and coming in not going out because they looked really clean.

Old lady in some bright pink pants, super cheery given the grey overcast

Love the Vitamin D

Self portraits in the 'Tan mirror. Top is thrifted Old Navy and was waaaaay too hot for how humid it was out. My roots are out of control and make me want to cry but I knew they would be when I went back to blond.

I found this house that matches my minty nail polish (that is coming off a.s.a.p) look how sunny it got by late afternoon, back to the hot hot hot.

Wednesday was also the first day of FolkFest so happy hippie-ing everyone who headed out there, bring a hat because this weekend is going to be a scorcher. Balcony beer to end the day, so nice how the day turned out from the gross overcast morning. One beer, 2 pics. I couldn't decide which one I liked more. The bottom one is obviously better but that sky demanded attenshunz. I know that we are living here for a very finite period and I won't get to behold perfect unobstructed sunsets forever (and break photography "rules" by shooting directly into the sun). Those that have moved away are envious of my prairie sky pictures (Mama and Em!)

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