Wednesday, 25 July 2012

To Fringe or not to Fringe

Daytime Fringing huzzah! 

I pulled out the precious pouf because I had already wore a ponytail once this week so I needed to fancy it up. It looks good if you don't look too closely...don't look too closely!! Said pouf would be squished after the first couple times I propped my sunglasses on my head...not smart.

BUT I had the genius idea (no sarcasm, legit genius idea!) to take the water bus down to the Exchange instead of walking or taking the bus in the broiling heat. It's more expensive than the regular bus obviously but it was a really really lovely ride and worth it. The operator was very nice and not creepy in the least.

The paddle wheel boat which is kind of like a floating bar on Saturdays. I haven't gone in years.

  The skyline and the ball park where Skrillex played is just behind that clump of trees.

Back on dry land and headed to the Fringe

Old hand painted signage

Bahahaha sunny side up. I would not have wanted to be the model who had to pose with fried eggs on her boobies for a Fringe poster. I wonder if they are real or just like stunt eggs that they bought at the party many questions...haha..."Are her eggs real?"

I took more of the sky than I wanted because there was a massive pick up truck parked in the lane

I found this poster the other day so I am sticking it in here with the other posters. Creeeeeeepy!

 This dude was a bit metro for my liking but he had a sweeeeeet Giant bike. We stopped to check out the outdoor stage while we waited for the doors to open to our show. We went and saw a very physical story-telling show that didn't use any real words. I liked it a lot, it was cute and had audience participation. Totally different from Lady Skits but still very enjoyable (air conditioned venue!).

K.P broke down and got the chicken wings from a food truck, the smell from this box was tangy gloriousness. I also refrained from posting a none too flattering picture of K.P eating said wings because I am a sweetie...and I would hope that she would do the same.

Some religious fanatic is using all the Fringe postering as a chance to spread this certain Bible verse. DEUTERONOMY!!

This poster is for a show called "Pretending things are a cock" or something equally as insane and fabulous. This show is playing at a time on Friday that conflicts with that weird random show I am going to for the free food. The cock show has gotten 4.5 stars outta 5.

I like this part of Fringe because it has been going for almost a week and people go back and add reviews to their posters.

The Cadets - whom I always assumed were just like rent-a-cop - pulled over this rather cute bike messenger who had a pretty gnarly black eye. I was unable to figure out why they pulled him over.

SMOKE! I'll admit that I had poutine AGAIN! I couldn't not (but I opted to not eat a gelati afterwards). I am off of poutine for until the snow flies...or until I am intoxicated in the beer gardens on Friday. This time their free sticker basket was full! So I scored a big "Smoke" head and 2 tiny ones.

And in all the wonderful confusion that was yesterday I forgot to leave the Kerouac book somewhere in the Exchange so I will have to do that on Friday. My toe is finally starting to show signs of damage and after being on it all afternoon yesterday it was in no condition to ride. I am pretty sure Drake hates me and is pouting big time.

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