Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The case of a Monday

Good karma for someone! I went to put my stuff in the dryer this morning and bam! I am thinking it was the old lady who lives next door but still. I need to pass the good karma on a.s.a.p before I drop my phone in the toilet or something equally as ridiculous.

So remember how I wanted to finish that little housewife book (which is actually 4 short essays) by the end of the week? I finished it over lunch. It was such a quick, easy and engaging read. I really really liked that it was all Canadian written by Canadians with Canadian case studies and some of the footnotes reference places here. In fact, I felt so inspired by it that I have decided to conduct my own "Housewife Study" so basically just quizzing my friends about how they feel about their role in their family. I am excited...and a huge nerd. I am doing this purely for "fun" and my own knowledge and the want to capture this on the historical record.

I am physically unable to read a book like this and NOT mark it up textbook style. Plus I made my notes so Miss Em can read them and add to them. Whenever I lend any of my books out I encourage people to underline stuff, write in the margins, highlight a quote. I love seeing what other people are getting out of stuff and what resonates with them.

I have started the E.H Carr book and I am loving it so far. I think I am over my reading hump and that Kerouac novel is next. Drake and I went out for a little after dinner ride. I wounded myself on the way out. Mmmm a flap.

Drake will get his own post one day but he was a gift from the husbie at a time when I really needed him. Drake is also the first brand new, bought for me bike I have ever owned. We like seeing other bikes when we are out. Yes he is a boy, has a name and I refer to him as a real person.

The sky was waaaay darker and scarier in person and I took this shot quick as I was smack in the middle of back lane. 

Creepy heart! This one is geographically further away from the others and their radius is at least a kilometre and a half (yay Canada...miles confuse the shit outta me)

Dream houses all within a 2 minute ride of where I live now.

I stopped for a picture under someone's really vine covered garage. I keep forgetting to put my mini spider-like tripod in my purse when I go out. It's so light, easy to use and perfect for the baby camera.

The same people with the over grown garage have an apple tree that I will be back to visit

Back lane notes...sushi restaurant? "100 pk seaweed"

Community bike lock ups outside an apartment building...love it

Ummm, about that all black thing...

This wins the award for weirdest thing I saw today. Many pardons at the blurry picture but I was riding through and was very confused. It is not yoga as I first thought so if you know what it is let me know.

Handsome old thing

Massive stump, couldn't stand in the middle it was all rotted out. I used to plant stumps waaaay less rotted than this. Planting stumps was my signature yet frowned upon move.

For posterity and since no city folk can ever imagine a cut block, me as a "serious tree planter"...le sigh (taken on a disposable camera that I always had in my planting bag, I kept it in a ziploc baggie in the little front pocket on the right hand side that is meant for flagging tape but no one ever uses because it's a pain in ass and tangles the tape instantly...husbie for the photo credit)

The tree was massive

I had friends, they love lulu as much as me and would not come off

He was a camera whore today and this is a nice manly shot

Sweet panda. I am not pissed off, this my neutral face because my smile is super fake or a "clip art" smile as my mother always called it.

The almost panda and I am just now noticing that crap on my shoulder...wtf?

Not sure who this guy is supposed to be. These are recent too. I was here last week and they weren't here

Accidental shot while playing with the self timer but I love it!

Drake is a boy but belongs to a girl...purse check, purple cell phone holder check, pink water bottle check.

LOVE! And the cyclist in the background was completely unintentional but oh so awesome

The King

Slurpee sticker bike and check out the low-budg' brake

 Slurpee street art sticker. I wonder if it was done by the owner of the bike?

Daddy long legs on the bridge. He was still alive, I poked him. Why he was up there I have no idea.

KUSH and these are 3 of the best ones. I want to know what the top one means for the artist and hipster-proof is obviously my fav


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  1. You got a new bike for Christmas. There is a pix of you riding it in front of Grammie's house!

    heh "clip art" smile.