Saturday, 28 July 2012

Happy Adventures

I dragged my friends and my husband out for a Friday night on the town. With only a few days left of course we were heading to Fringe but first check it out, my MIL has not one, not two but 4 creepy gnomes in her backyard. It's like a creepy gnome scavenger hunt.

Do work son!

We won this shrub at our good friends' social. It had lottery tickets pinned to it, it was the money tree (social = big party before your wedding to fund it. Not tacky here very very common. Everyone just gets drunk together, there is a silent auction, we eats buns and kelbasa and dance to My Sharona...purely a Manitoba thing, if you live here you get it) and since we have lived in apartments our whole entire relationship (basically) we gifted it to her. I haven't seen it in years and it's freaking massive. It was lush and green. I am happy it has a lovely home and lots of space to get massiver which is apparently its plan for backyard domination.

Alright enough about confusing things like backyards which are a foreign concept to me. We were wandering   towards the Fringe in a lazy, mobile drink Friday kinda way.

The light was so incredibly dreamy and reflecting so nicely off all the glass. All planters and flowers are officially in full bloom and lovely.

We happened upon the scene of an accident. There were quite a few emergency services vehicles which was concerning but terribly enough our friend was killed in this exact same location almost 5 years ago. She was a tow truck driver and a drunk driver was going really fast the wrong way down this one way street and hit her as she was getting ready to tow a vehicle.  There is a tiny gold plaque for her on one of the light standards and I always kiss my hand and touch the sign every single time I walk by this spot. R.I.P Mandy you beautiful angel. I hope this accident was no where near as serious.

Husbie's photo suggestion. He is so sweet and doesn't get to wander much but these have been up for about a month and they are everywhere. I do love that he is wandering observantly with me in mind and lots of times he spots stuff I don't.

Really old. I am a very good judge of paper decomposition and these are at least a year old. Stuff doesn't fare well in the winters here...ahhh the "W" word!

I rather bossily insisted that she jump up here and do an impromptu dance. She obliged my demands. I really do have the best friends.

 We were quite fascinated with fire escapes and counter weights this stroll through. There is always something new to look at in this area or a different way to look at something you have already seen.

I love this neighborhood for photography and you can usually see at least one or 2 set up on a nice day (notice the fire escape poking into the shot!)

I walked through here one gorgeous Saturday in May and counted no less than 5 weddings being photographed that day. This was from that day and clever. They all had letters that would spell out things like marry or worry (I am glad I have been randomly taking pictures for like 3 years. I have a massive stash)

We arrived at the square to a totally packed house for the outdoor street performance. All I could see was a man in blue animal print. I had to get closer.

Ummmm ok. I'll admit that I was totally skeptical on this show

But I need not be. We snuck in front of a lot of people but sat down on the ground because Canadians be courteous like that. These guys did an acro routine that was mixed with quite hilarious comedic bits and they were Irish. Easily my favourite street performance of the fest. Also, scope out the cute guy with the sweet camera on the far right. Adorable! and I had camera envy.

Even the husbie was enjoying it although he can get kinda baffled by stuff like this

This was the pre-finale trick. I was too mesmerized to get a picture of the finale which had standing on's head...legit...they were awesome and as always I suck balls and didn't get their name or else I would link to the them on the FB because they are great.

Miss Em felt like brushing up on her skills. She is very skilled at using the urban environment as a workout place. Notice the Cockbot on the box. I have never seen another Cockbot so this makes 2. Look at her strength and balance.

Yeah, she is crazy and crazy buff

We walked through Chinatown, not something I ever do because it is admittedly on the wrong side of downtown but we were heading to the warehouse that had that art show with the free food.

The fucking dream-like quality of the light as it was setting was almost unreal. I love love fucking love this picture, it makes me very happy.

This was pointed out for me as I tend to be uh...bringing up the rear most of the time as I lag behind with the picture taking so sometimes stuff is already waiting with an eager person pointing to it for a picture.

By this point we were a little turned around and were in need of smart phone map action to get us where we needed to be. We had passed it by 2 blocks but I didn't care because there was good picture takin's and I knew we would get there eventually and it was still light out and I was with friends so I wouldn't get thugged.

Paint lids and wooden blocks

We made it! I am almost certain the sign is original to the building but clever artist have hacked it. I had never been to this venue and it was lovely. Open space on bottom floor and I think loft style artists studios up top. My dream would be to have or even share a nice little studio here. I shudder to think what that costs.

Cute signage on their door

Large what appeared to be animal skulls on the fire esacpe

K.P said it was for sure uncouth to take pictures at a show like this but I really really wanted to. We all agreed that one photograph of a lady that had weird hieroglyphics painted on her face and hands after development was bad ass. I was immediately sucked into 4 photographs of a very seedy downtown hotel. I was totally in love with them and I am still thinking about them. There was a spoken word piece going when we got there so we didn't really get to see that. I bumped into my friend who had a video piece in the show and we briefly chatted about life and art until I realized I was being rude. I am soooo bad for that. I never remember to introduce the people I am with to someone I run into. It is a chronic problem for me that I really need to work on because it makes me look like a jackhole. There were very large paintings that I liked and a skull sculpture that caught my eye. We were going to leave but then we realized one of the performance artists was about to start to we grabbed front row seats to watch. It was a dude doing poi but he was wearing a canvas... ummm.... I have no idea what to call it. It totally covered his whole face and head, no mouth holes or eye holes but it was very structured, had a nose and it was sewn out of many piece, easily 10+ hours of work on that. Then it came down over is shoulders and arms and covered his arms, hands and his poi thingies. He danced for about 10-15 minutes to music and I was apprehensive at first not really sure if I was going to get into but the more he danced the more questions and idea swam in my head. Like how your interpretation of art, or certainly mine is very dependent on what the person looks like or at least the fact that I am able to see them. I am a super visual person and I found it interesting that I couldn't see his face.  I had no idea what he looked like and also the shroud masked all the effort going into the performance. Poi is difficult even when you can see and they aren't attached to you via some strange canvas body mask/arm attachments. I and the rest of my crew were very entertained. My husband was the last one of us to get up from his chair and he a very visible look of pondering which is of course what any good art makes you do. I was so fucking happy he went with me and LIKED IT! I was worried because he will go to anything I drag him to and I have some whacked out interests but I can never be sure if he will like something. My babe liked a performance art piece *swoon*. And after all that I was so consumed by the art I didn't eve partake of the free food which was the reason I went there but Miss Em said the salsa was good.

We left on an arty high back to the Fringe which was fully packed with people enjoying its last weekend. Check stop was out and I made sure to tell the cop that I would be that drunk driver which is why I never drink and drive and always walk. He smiled, chuckled and said something like "good job". Never drink and drive kiddehs!

Burr gardens

Red Solo Cup

Holy crappers! I just realized that I am in this picture meaning I didn't take it (duh) and that Miss Em was capturing the high waisted shorts. We had a conversation about the fashion of now and how it's like 5 decades blended together. I personally think that some girls can pull off the batshitcrazy look but moi is not one of them and certainly NEVER high waisted anything.

I was going for the dude's shirt but the woman beside him looks super creepy!

Oh god, I told you to stop me! Forgive me for I have deliciously sinned. This is the chalkboard inside the poutine store...the poutine store...again. Husbie and I shared a small bacon and I think that I did more drunk chatting than eating but I SWEAR that's it! Oh and fries and buttons. I didn't write that but it looks eerily like my all caps writing style.

So then this happened...why there was a stove on the elevator at like 2am I have no fucking clue

Last day of the Fringe is today and I am sad to see it go. I was more active with it this year than any other year and I might even consider some kind of pass for next year. Husbie, K.P and I are going to see "Pretending things are a cock" this afternoon. I wanted to take him to a show that I thought he would like. This show has amazing reviews and like how I will go to anything that has vagina in the title, I think the husbie will like a show that has cock in the title (that came out wrong) aaaaannnndd it's in one of the neatest venues, the planetarium!

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