Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Oh my goodness this Canada Day long weekend was ridiculous. I had so much fun hanging out with people I love the mostest! There was food, drinks, laughs, good times oh and pictures...lots of pictures kicking it off with semi-intoxicated bathroom selfies. I am shameless.

Alright enough of that tomfoolery in pub bathrooms. I had a minor issue on Sunday when my water bottle leaked all over my baby camera. I was upset and for sure thought it was toast but it wasn't so I have to return the shiny new ELPH 330 that I bought to replace it...le sigh. This is the first shot on the baby camera after I decided to fire it up....IT LIVES!!!!

More tomfoolery in an elevator

Handsome old thing is some nice summer light and can you see me right between his eyes?

STREETFEST! Alcohol Prohibited you say...

Taco in a bag you say!

Fringe posters

Dance party poster

A rather interesting nighttime selfie. I am wearing Baby Lips in Pink Punch which has a slight pink tint to it. The other 2 I have are totally sheer. There are 6 total in the line; 3 are sheer and 3 have a slight tint to them.

Please note that picture quality is always relative to alcohol consumption. Whom is that on the wall?

B Money!

And now for 2 awesome nighttime selfies of the Husbie and I. I love our matching snapbacks.

B Money and J.Z making plans, my plan was to eat some food and go home and sleep. Apparently the boys' night got rather ridiculous and considering it wasn't Gatorade in that Gatorade bottle I am not surprised.

I don't know why he is making that face

Anti-Harper group

Ummmm I am totally a repeat offender...repeat offender like visiting Kawaii twice in 48 hours repeat offender. SO GOOOOOD! We tried to wait at the pizza place but it was too hot and their pizza is ok some of the time so Kawaii with a/c was the easy choice

Being inappropriate with the avocado


Fancily dressed couple came in, waited for a few minutes then left

This gentleman was also leaving

Tiny baby party cup

It looks horribly unappetizing in this harsh streetlight but I can assure you that we were both starving and it was fucking amazing! The Osborne Branch with avocado...pretty much the only thing I like from there other than The Uptown for the lemony sauce.

The first dude I saw wearing the flag as a cape

After a shared crepe a shared brownie was in order!

Another flag clad dude

Some interesting drumming and some even more "interesting" dancing

There was a huge crowd watching them


What I was hoping was a cup of beer on the road not some other mystery yellow liquid

 The next morning and the strap is in the picture because well you know, Canon

Husbie with the baby camera while I womaned the big mama jama. I had to change that hat less than a block from home I was sweating so badly in it. Looks cute but is only good for just sitting around and I'm an active bitch!

LOVE THIS ONE! Thanks Husbie!

Interesting jewelry

I kinda liked the cute owl but it's not really my style and I like rings and braclettes over necklaces

 We stand on guard for thee

 Not sure what Sensory is but we bought a shirt that doesn't fit Husbie (I said large, he said medium...the shirt is now for me) I will be asking for help on altering it to make it a sexy top for me

Mmmm Unburger

 A pug in a tutu

Cool local soap

2 persons in a canoe on the river representing the Canada

The Anti-Harper people. I wish I had got a picture of their sign that said "Stop throwing us under the omnibus"

I had to stop this young dude for his shirt

I spy probably a very very good photographer

More $$$ worth of camera gear on him that I could ever dream of owning in a lifetime

Every year there is one lone cloud. Here is this years lone cloud

Last year's lone cloud in case you were wondering...

We were stopped to chat and meet up with people when a lady from the shaved ice truck approach us with this treat and said that someone couldn't pay for it so here it is for free...FREE SHAVED ICE? yes please!

a cool poster

K.P and K.S, it was pretty dang hot by this time thank god for free shaved ice!

Furries! I can't imagine how hot it was in that black get up

I *LOVE* this one of K.S, grump-a-grump

This couples matching t-shirts were too cute not to stop them to ask for picture *mushmush*

*sigh* isn't he dreamy??

 100% accidental and 100% in love with awesome...I don't know any of these feet and legs

I call this "backlane drinking" and they basically said "sick camera" (it's like Drake syndrome all over again) so I quick whipped around and they posed for me just as quick...bonus points for the shirtless dude wearing the flag as a cape!

We escaped the craziness of the streetfest and hit up Indiana's backyard oasis on the way there we saw an art sale in a garage

The ever stylish K.P making the rest of us in cut off jean shorts look bad

She bought MORE new sunglasses, I think she has a problem

Some kind of funny joke and K.S and I share a laugh. Indiana had taken over camera duty at this point

Uncle Hutch and Husbie enjoying the beautiful evening, we couldn't have asked for nicer weather for the whole weekend. It was totally gorgeous.

Long weekending is serious business and requires seriously relaxing

Yet another topless dude clad in the flag

Headed to see the fireworks farting around with camera settings before hand

 Peeps lined up on the bridge

Fireworks pictures by Husbie. He took over 100 and I just picked the best ones

And since it is July now, check out my thing for June on the right side bar, I doubt anyone who has been following will be shocked by my pick.

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