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LadyBikers and urban design "gardens"

Check out mah workout socks! Adidas ankle socks, I love them. They replaced my holey old colourful ankles socks and they don't migrate down into my shoes. I also never really match my socks ESPECIALLY for the gym

Post workout cool down...if you look cute after working out...YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! It was legs day and I am feeling it today. I got the look of death from Husbie. I'll take it as a good workout if you are limping the next day.

Ooo la legs!

Indoor exercise is sometimes a necessary devil but walking outside, well nothing beats that now does it? Plus BIKE! I love love love coloured rims.

The book store/head shop/clothing store/interesting stuff shop that is now closed. Not sure if it's gone for good or just moved but it's kinda sad as that store was all local and had been there for about 10 years. The retail space is also ridiculously prime so I wonder what is going in there. Lots of change in The Village lately.

yesssssssss! MOAR BIKE RIDES! This shop was also very very pro bike/bike friendly

Feeling a little smashed up myself on this particular stroll all the broken glass that I usually just step around and try to avoid cutting my toes on spoke to me. I showed me it's sparkly broken, inarticulated beauty.

Crushed orange premium lager cans require attention all the broken things!

Tagged signage love

As I rounded the corner out of the back lane I could hear music and this was the music. Just a few people jamming out on the sidewalk.

*click* why yes thank you!

Baked's cute summer graphics

I love this picture and it was tricky to get since it was super sunny out and it's difficult to see the display on the back but it came out exactly as I intended.

I was on FIYAH yesterday

More obligatory leg and feet shots

Pieces of me

Yup, more broken glass

Curbside planter thingy with a cool old metallic wash tub (there is one of these at the cabin and I love bathing the beasts in it)

Back lane glass

But then this happened! Oh my ladybikers!!!! I don't know if she was talking or purposely making a monkey face

Picture us rollin' and this is THE BEST picture of us riding side by side that I have ever got (fiyah I told yous!)

We were out with a specific mission. A design company/non-profit has set up 6 outdoor design/art "gardens" (totally using that term'll see) This was the first installation in front of the Fort Gary...p.s this was all K.P's doing, she found the website then lead the hunt

Bike Besties in some majestic evening sun reflected off a large glass building

Trees and flagging tape. There are different weights of flagging tape...summer and winter, fyi...leftover planter info. Blue flagging is easiest to see and orange is actually the hardest (if it's summer weight... Summer weight is super thin so the orange becomes more translucent than bright orange).

 Flowers all over the place. They have been loving the sunny weather after all the rain. I am too!

These white things always remind me of under water plants

"What species, or genus are you my dear?" This elm is Dutch Elm resistant. All those massive tree stumps I take pictures of? Those are trees that had to be cut down because of DED.

LadyBikers are CanonLovers of course!!

Can you spy my boo? He was being sneaky

Stop for a map check. The online map for the installations was POOR AT BEST!! Thank god we are fucking awesome and know this area like the backs of our hands. The Human Right Monstrosity Museum in the background.

Da SK8 park and while riding by on the way home I got an "I LOVE YOUR BIKE!" screamed in my direction *sigh*

Yup I still wear the big ass hoops while I ride, I just have to loop the helmet strap through them. Problem solved!

I have to have at least one of these shots a summer

This is some weird circle thing that you can stand in and see the positions of certain constellations and what not. I have never really been into this and kinda forget that it's even there.

Ducks enjoying the nice flooded river bank. At the Forks there is still a "level" of stairs under water as well as the river walk, me thinks no river taxi this year (fack!) but APPARENTLY Fringe is doing a free shuttle bus service which is sweet!

We sought out the next "garden". One entire "level" (it's like a series of stepped terraces leading down to the water) was covered with soft beach sand!! Toes in buried in soft beach sand in the middle of downtown is VERY novel. We for sure kicked off our shoes.

Ok and laid out for a bit

The "beach"

K.P was out full force with her camera on this bike ride...I approve! And her camera matches her tank top, you so classy lady.

actual quote: "Taking pictures of ducks is boring, lets take pictures of our feet!!"

 I spy...toes in the sand and a tiny duck head

Dammit woman!

The Forks was packed and bumpin' for after 8pm on a Sunday night. There was a big ass salsa dance party

PRAIRIE DOGS! Like ground squirrels. I was waay too entertained by these guys and this is max zoom they were quick and shy and adorable!

 I couldn't see them but I could for sure hear their high pitched communications to one another informing them of my oafish presence.

"garden" #3! (4 was impossible to find!)

Yup...spray painted grass

 E'splanade Riel...or this penis bridge as K.P and I call it

bridge and greenery


 Super trippy

As seen from the penis bridge...much more symmetry is seen from above. It looks totally different from here than it did from the bottom of the hill. As I took this pictures 2 dudes on bikes asked K.P and I if we knew what this was all about. We said yes, I played coy she gave up the deets.

On bridge selfie with K.P just in the background (fiyah!)

Camera held totally over my head and taken blind, not too bad...and is she sticking out her tongue at me?? saucy wench

"garden" #6 (the fourth one we visited) and the best one...a fucking carousel made of shopping carts and old barricades!!! OMG! LOVE!

Creepy statue while waiting for our turn on the hell we WEREN'T going to hop on and give it a go.

My turn! GO K.P GO!!


you again! now I know what it feels like to be other people around me

Shameless carouselfie (see what I did there??)

K.P's turn


Someone made a cute hat for this bird on a statue from a champagne cork holder thingy. I'm sure it has a real name but I am too lazy for the Googlez right now. Either way he looked dashing.

Repurposed steel as art

The sun setting over downtown...I really do love living here

"Purple loose strife!" Or just a really tall weed gone to flower in the planter (we were stopped to check the map AGAIN)

Not-cabbage-but-it-looked-like-cabbage plant in the planter

"garden" #2 we couldn't find this one the first time and found it on our way back after searching for #4 for forever (ummmm holy for's!) Grass humps!

Totally awesome and strange!

The sod was held on a lump of dirt with bamboo skewers. I think that in a few weeks they will be pretty hairy and cool.

HELMET HAIR and it was tricky to lean on a hump without getting 6 bamboo skewers in the back

Damn my arm looks good here!

Despite what it looks like K.P is not...ummm...mounting the hump. The tested the sturdiness of the humps. standy.

Drake seemed interested in the humps

A full on horse drawn carriage

So here is the breakdown of the design "gardens"

#1. Trees in front of the Fort Gary
#2. Grass humps behind Union Station
#3. Spray painted grass by the Riel bridge
#4. ?????? *supposedly blue sticks behind the Children's Museum...we looked and looked...nadda
#5. Sandy step at the Forks
#6. Shopping cart carousel in St.Boniface

Want to know more? Check it out HERE

What I am listening to lately...tons of Major Lazer! Summer and dance hall just go together. "watch out for this" is his popular song right now but his Flux Pavilion mash up is awesome too (duh, it's Flux Pavilion) and I am OBSESSED with a mash up of him and La Roux with Gucci Mane called "I'm not your lemonade". Preeeeeeetty sure Husbie is sick of hearing it. Add "watch out for this" to your workout playlist... promise it's worth it!

p.s...yee olde bloggy passed 10,000 views yesterday...thanks Mom for being half of those!

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